Kane said ”Oh,we know each other Sophia,you don need to introduce us,right Sarah ”.

Sarah said ”Yes Sophia ,sorry I didn tell you because I didn knew that he is your friend ”.

Sophia said ”Better late than never ”.

After that they started enjoying the party….

On the other hand in California while leaving Eliza asked Christina ”Oh,I forgot to ask you ”.

Christina replied ”What? ”.

Eliza asked ”You were talking to your daughter before,Right?? ”.

Christina said ”Yes,I was talking to my princess ”.

Eliza said ”Why don we do some business together? ”.

Christina replied ”Not a bad idea ”.

At the party…..

Lucas said lets play a game..

Sophia said ”Which Game? ”.

Lucas replied ”Treasure Hunt ”.

Oliver said ”Okay lets play but we will give a twist by playing in a team of two ”.

Everyone said ” okay it will be fun ”.

So they made team by removing chits of their names and the teams were as follows-:





5.James -Marie

And last but the least Tom will be hiding the treasure.

So Tom went to hide the treasure and the hints till then others were planning how to find the treasure.

He came back and told everyone to find the treasure .

They all started finding the treasure.

Lucas and Ava got the hint and the others were still finding.

Sophia and John started rushing to find the treasure same with Olivia and Oliver.Everyone was rushing to find the treasure but Sarah and Kane were calm and they thought the places where Tom can hide the treasure and they used their brain and after some time they even got the hint and a puzzle.

Tom said ”Now after solving the puzzle you will come to know where is the treasure Sarah and Kane ”.

Sarah said ”Think Kane ,we can do it ”.

And fortunately Sarah got the half answer and the half was done by Kane and then they got the answer and they went to the lobby and they got the treasure.

Everyone was shocked and happy that they got the treasure.

The treasure was silver keychains..

Sarah said to kane ”We did it and I am so happy ”.

Kane said to her ”Yes,I am glad because you were my partner and we won ”.

Sarah replied ”Me too ”.

The waiter came and called everyone for the dinner.

Everyone went for the dinner and enjoyed the food and after some time of chitchatting it was time to say bye to each other as it was late so everyone though of going home.

Sarah said ”Thank you everyone for organizing a party for me and for being my friends and I am so glad to have you all with me ”.

Everyone replied ”We too ”.

Everyone said Goodbye to each other and went their ways.

The next day in school…..

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