This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the authors imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.


The underwater world.

”Your Majesty the leader of the Dark Ocean is declaring a war! ” the guard of the palace said. After the King hears what the guard said he suddenly get worried and angry at the same time.

The King doesn want this to happen but his brother the Leader of the Dark Ocean is greedy he wants the throne, he wants to be the Lord of the Sea.

The Dark Ocean is a part of the underwater world which have a lot of different kinds of sea monsters living there. Theyve been thrown away for the past centuries because they are dangerous, they are wild, they eat humans, mermen, and mermaids.

The Dark Ocean is been sealed by the Lord of the sea, Lord Aquarius. He sealed it with his magic power so that the living sea monster there can swim any other parts of the sea, and can harm anyone. But Tyrant, his selfish brother, becomes the leader of the sea monsters and he let the sea monsters escaped, he lifts the seal and lets the sea monsters roaming around.

One day he declares war, he used his noxious sea creatures to be his warriors.

”My creatures ATTACK!!! ” Tyrant shouted.

The Merman warriors are getting ready to defend their palace.

”Protect the King!! ” one of the guards shouted and they started fighting.

The Merman warriors are outnumbered, there are too many sea monsters.

While the Merman warriors are busy fighting, Lord Aquarius and Tyrant are fighting each other, but Lord Aquarius is injured due to the sea monsters he fought earlier plus the dark spell put on him by Tyrant and he became weaker, and he can barely fight of Tyrant.

”I can show you mercy if you give to me your trident and your throne. ” Tyrant said while pointing his spear to Lord Aquarius.

”Stop this Tyrant! ” Lord Aquarius.

”You can tell me what I should do! If you are not gonna give up your throne, you are gonna end up like your people! ” Lord Aquarius saw a lot of his warriors are already dead. He can give up his throne because he knows his brother, he will just use it for evil purposes.

”No! ” Lord Aquarius shouted.

”You will die then!! ” Tyrant aim his spear at Lord Aquarius but Lord Aquarius just dodged it. He can use his magic power because Tyrant put a dark spell on him that preventing to use his power, if Lord Aquarius forces himself to use his magic power he will die. So he just uses his trident to protect himself from Tyrant and use it to harm his brother. They have a serious fight, one of them doesn give up. But Lord Aquarius is already hurt because of the spell that Tyrant put on him. He became weaker and weaker until his magic power is gone.

”FATHER!! ” his third son shouted.

”What are you doing here? Where are your older brothers? ” he shouted worrying his son would be in danger.

e still fighting the sea monsters. ” his two older brothers also joined the fight.

”Well, well, well the third Prince who will be the next ruler of this Kingdom, but Ill gonna take it from you!! ” Tyrant suddenly rushes towards the Third Prince. The Third Prince summoned his scarlet spear and they started to fight.

The Third Prince is lacking of fighting skills, he can take down Tyrant easily.

”Please stop uncle! This is not you!! ” Third Prince.

”I am not your uncle anymore! ” Tyrant uses another spear to stab the Third Prince. The Third Prince closes his eyes and thought this would be his end, but when he doesn feel anything, he opens his eyes and shock at what he saw. His Father is the one that is being stabbed by the spear of Tyrant!

”No!! Father!! ” he shouted. His two brothers look where the Third Prince shouted and when they saw him, they suddenly swim where he is.

”Father ” The First Prince approaches their Father but their Father is already unconscious.

”What happened? ” The Second Prince asked.

”I-I should be the on

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