Alexandra woke up but was still drowsy as she pick up the phone on the table near her bed.

”…*yawn*…who is it? ”

”Kyaaaaahhhh Alex!!!! ”

Alexandra quickly gets the cell phone away from her ears. Ugh…early in the morning shes so energetic. ” Whats the problem, Miya? ”

”Huh? Wait, you just woke up? Such a sleepyhead…oh forget about thaaaatt! Alex, oh my gosh, you cannot believe who will be performing later!!! ”

”Oh. Is it Angel and David? ” Alexandra yawn.

”What? You already knew? ”

e only getting hyped up every time they come. ”

”Haha, you are right. But duh, they are your fans as well. Why is the response so flat? ”

”They are still my idol. Its just that, Im tired right now. ”

”Did you stay up too late last night? ”

”No, but…sigh… ” for the last three days those three are stressing me out.


After Spongebob and Dreyfus pass out, I helped Tyler to carry them to the sofa. I didn know why they pass out, but after we just transfer them to the sofa, they suddenly woke up! We shouldn have bothered to carry them in the first place, they
e too heavy! And as they woke up, Tyler suddenly nags at them, every time Tyler scolds Spongebob, Dreyfus is the one who argues with Tyler, he keeps saying don you dare scold his highness You are just a lowly human sigh, I got confused at him, while Tyler and Dreyfus arguing, on the other hand, Spongebob turn ON the TV and watch a cartoon, he doesn really care whats happening around him, right?

The next day, Spongebob doesn want to take a shower but Tyler is planning on dragging him to the bathroom to shower. ”Hey! Do…don just sit and watch TV all day, take…take a shower!! Argh! ” Tyler tried to drag him but Prince Cyrus didn even budge, his just sitting on the couch so focus on watching a Mr. Bean animated series because after that it will be the Spongebob Squarepants. ”Ugh…why are you so heavy…ugh…haaa!! Forget about it! ” Tyler gives up on forcing him since he can drag Cyrus, but as he lets go of Cyrus arm, Dreyfus saw it and was so shocked upon seeing it. How dare he…Dreyfus was giggling in anger wanting to beat Tyler for acting like that to the heir of their Kingdom. And they started arguing again. The days are always like that, theres no other big reason why they keep arguing. The two of them keep arguing, sometimes Cyrus joined to argue with them but most of the time the reason he argues is that he wanted them to keep quiet because he can hear the cartoons he was watching.

Alexandra tried to stop them but they didn listen to her and just throw herself on the couch sighing and looking at them arguing every day.

-End of Flashback-

”Miya, why would Angel and David perform surfing? ”

”Oh, you didn know? Ms. Lin has new students, to welcome them, she invited Angel and David to perform surfing for them. The beach will be crowded again haha. You should go there, Ill wait for you! Bye! ”

”Wait- ” Alexandra just sigh. She wants to go there to see them performing, but shes concerned to leave Prince Cyrus and Dreyfus in the house. Alexandra notice that Dreyfus is like Prince Cyrus in the beginning, he doesn know anything, like how to use human things. Alexandra just thought that they are weird people, but she doesn want them to leave the house yet until she knows where they exactly live. Shes planning to ask them later about where they came from and how they got injured.

Sigh, I want to see Angel and David, Ill just ask Dreyfus and Spongebob when I came back from the beach but let me take a shower first, she thought.

”Urgh! ”

”Hm? Oh my gosh!!! Im sorry, Tyler! ”

As Alexandra get up she forgot that Tyler is sleeping on the floor, and she accidentally stepped on his chest.

”Alex, what the hell…ugh…you
e heavy– ”

”What?! Im not that heavy! ” she suddenly kicks Tyler.

”Ugh…haha sorry, but you don have to kick me so hard. Ah, my waist huhu ”

Alexandra forgot that Tyler is sleeping on the floor of her room. Shes still not used to Tyler sleeping on her floor.


Tyler lends his room to Dreyfus and Prince Cyrus, at first, he doesn want to do it but when Alexandra said that shell be lending her room and shell just sleep on the sofa instead, Tyler immediately runs upstairs to fix his bedroom and called Cyrus and Dreyfus to sleep in his room. Tyler doesn want Alex to sleep on the sofa.

”Ill just use the sofa, ” said Tyler while pouting, he doesn like to sleep on the sofa because its too short for him, and he can stretch his legs. Alexandra knew that he doesn like sleeping on the sofa. I can just lend my room, why did he insist to lend his room to them? She thought.

”Sigh. Just sleep with me in my room. ”

Tyler got surprised upon hearing him and his face suddenly became so red. ”H-huh…? ”

Alex frowned while looking at him. Whats wrong with him? Alex just sigh and drag Tyler to her room.

”A-alex, um…I-Im n-not ready for th-this y-yet! ” said Tyler feeling nervous and panics but his face is still flushed.

”What are you talking about? ” Alex asked innocently while getting her extra bed sheet from her cabinet. ”What are you still doing standing at the door? Ah, do you want to take a shower first? Okay go on, then Ill be getting ready… ”

Re-ready?!! ”Se-seriously… ” Tylers face is even more flushed.

”Ill be getting ready to prepare your bed, you sleep on the floor. ”

Tyler got dumbfounded after hearing her. ”Wh-what? ”

Alex turns her head to Tyler after she gets her extra pillow. ”Do you want to take a shower or not? ” she asked making a poker face look. Why is he acting like that? Is he upset that other people use his room?

”H-ha? Ah! Ill take the shower!! ” Tyler suddenly shouted and run downstairs. Shes just making a bed for me to sleep in? I thought we
e gonna…Ahhh!!! What the hell am I thinking?!! Tyler grab his towel and went inside the shower room feeling disappointed and embarrassed at the same time.


Meanwhile, that night inside Tylers room, Dreyfus and Prince Cyrus talk.

”What should we do now, my lord? ” Dreyfus asked as he sits down on the bed. He thought that the bed is hard so he put a weight when he sit down but he fell backward. He blink two times as he fell, he didn expect that its soft.

Prince Cyrus looks at him with a confused look and thought that maybe hes tired and wants to rest. ”…as the next heir of our Kingdom, I am so useless… ” said Cyrus looking so depressed, as he sits down on a chair.

Dreyfus quickly gets up from the bed and panicky cheers up Cyrus. ”My lord! Don talk like that! You are not useless my lord! You may not know but you helped me a lot! Not just me but that other merfolks as well! So don ever say that again, my lord! ”

Prince Cyrus smiled. ”I know you only say that to make me feel less sad. Where did you say uncle lock my father and my elder brothers? ”

”No, my lord, you helped them a lot… Sigh, when I swim back into our Kingdoms dungeon hoping your family is only locked up in there, but as I get there, I only saw the prisoners we caught from the past. I haven seen your family, but suddenly, an old merman told me that Tyrant imprison them in the Dark Dungeon. He said only Tyrant, can enter that place since powerful sea monsters are guarding there. Also, he said that dungeon is covered with black magic, if you enter there without lifting the spell youll be weaker and sooner will die. ”

”But how did he know all of that?… ” Prince Cyrus thinks that the dungeon sounds familiar. Ah, I think I remember now, I know where that dungeon is, he thought.

”I do not know, but I think rumors are spreading around about that dungeon, so maybe it does exist. What is your plan now? I will do anything for you, my lord. ”

”Thank you, Dreyfus, ” Cyrus said softly. ”I think I know where that dungeon is located, Dreyfus. ”

”My lord? But how did you know? ”

”I think it was the time that I got lost. ”

”You got lost, my lord? Is that the time when you are still a child? ”

Prince Cyrus suddenly feels embarrassed. ”N-no, just recently… ”

”Huh? Where were you heading to, that you got lost? ”

”Uh…father wouldn let me go outside because he wants me to practice my spells…but I got bored and tried to sneak and escape from the palaces guards. But they saw me, when I was trying to escape from them, I accidentally leave the city. I wanted to swim back, but I don know which path leads to the city… ”

”Oh, so the rumors about the youngest Prince that has no sense of direction is true? ” asked Dreyfus innocently.

”…a-ahem…um, so, the time I keep swimming I encountered an octopus– ”

”Octopus?! Do you mean the sea Kraken?! ”

”Ah, no. Its a small octopus… ”

”Huh? ” don tell me…

”I-Im scared of octopuses and squids… ”

”Pftt bwaha–I-I apologize, my lord, I didn mean to l-laugh pft- ” Dreyfus covered his mouth preventing himself not to laugh, he didn expect that the youngest prince of their kingdom is afraid of such things. Prince Cyrus is just embarrassed and clears his throat before he speaks.

”So, I panicked and unconsciously swim far away from the octopus. Thats the time I accidentally found the dark dungeon, I don know that was the dark dungeon, not until now. I thought it was just an old place since it was covered with grasses and tendrils from the vines. But strangely it emits a dark aura, and no fishes are swimming around that place. ”

”So maybe the old merman said was true, maybe Tyrant imprison your family in there. But how can Tyrant enter there, when it is said that dungeon is surrounded by dark magic. ”

”I do not know… But father and elder brothers are in danger. ”

”But what are you going to do now, my lord? ”

”…to be able to take the throne from uncle Tyrant, I need to get stronger. To do that, I need your help, Dreyfus, and my brothers as well, since you guys are good at fighting. ”

”Of course my lord, I will help you! But of course, compared to your brothers I am weak. But how can we release them, my lord? ”

”That is the problem, but Im planning to at least try and go there to release them if they are imprisoned there. ”

”Its dangerous my lord, especially sea monsters are everywhere. ”

”I know but I should try. ”

”Alright. Ill support and protect you the best I can, my lord! ”

”Hm. Thanks. Tomorrow, we will go there. ”

”As you wish, my lord. ”



Uh…Hi!! Thank you for reading this. I have other stories entitled Not an Ordinary Nerd, its already completed. And the other one is Reincarnated as a Demon, still ongoing. I hope you can check them out. Thank you so much.

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