e that stabs Father protected me, instead of me father got stabbed. ” Third Prince said while holding his tears.

”Hahahaha! Now thats your father is gone, I will be the one who will gonna rule the kingdom! ” Tyrant said with full of joy.

”No! My brother is still here! You can be our King! ” The Second Prince said referring to his younger brother.

”Oh yeah, so in that case, the Third Prince should die! ” Tyrant attack the Third Prince but the First Prince uses his ice spear to prevent the spear of Tyrant by hitting his brother.

”Cyreus go now!! ” the First Prince shouted to his brother the Third Prince.

”No! Not without you and second brother! ” Third Prince.

”Don be stubborn Younger Brother! Do what he said! ” the second Prince also shouted while fighting some of the sea monsters.

The Third Prince is confused by what he should do. He looks at the place, there is blood everywhere, a lot of the kingdom warriors are dead. He saw his First Brother fighting one on one of their uncle, and his Second Brother who are fighting a lot of sea monsters but his Second Brother is already surrounded by the sea monsters.

”Why are you still here!!? ” the First Prince shouted at him while dodging the attacks from Tyrant.

”But— ” the Second Prince cut him off.

”The hell! brother!!! Go now!!! Don mind us! Go!! Now!! ” the second Prince shouted too and continue fighting the sea monsters.

Even though the Third Prince doesn want to leave his brothers. He forcibly swim to leave the place.

And said to his mind, Ill come back to you my brothers.

”The Third Prince is escaping, capture him!!! ” Tyrant ordered his sea creatures to follow the Third Prince.

The Third Prince swims as fast as he could but he is not fast enough. Hes now surrounded by the three sea monsters. He summoned his scarlet spear and started to batteling the sea monsters. He successfully killed one but got a lot of injuries after. But there are still two remaining sea monsters.

Im in trouble. He said to his mind while injuring his pain.

He tries to fight them but hes too hurt he has too many injuries, so he just tries his luck, he just dodging their attacks and tricked them to lure them to the Box Jellyfishes. These Box Jellyfishes can paralyze you or can lead you to death because they have the deadliest venom.

He swims there and when he got there, the Box Jellyfish is sleeping they are not yet moving and its a bit of good luck to him because if he disturbs them hell probably be dead by now. The remaining sea monster followed him, the sea monsters suddenly stop when they saw where the Third Prince is because they know that place is where the Box Jellyfishes are resting, but the Third Prince make them pissed off so that they can go to the Box Jellyfishes area.

He successfully lures the sea monsters there, because of their aggressiveness they woke up the Box Jellyfish and started to sting the sea monsters. He swims fast so that he can avoid the jellyfish.

He looks at the sea monsters how they trying to avoid the stingy Box Jellyfish, though they are tiny Jellyfishes but can kill a man or sea creatures easily.

He sighs in relief that hes not dead. He swims to get away from there but while swimming he suddenly feels tired and dizzy.

”Ugh! Whats happening to me? ” but not so long he suddenly lost his consciousness and passed out.

A big wave come and took him to the land and suddenly he became a human that has both pairs of legs and his naked!

A girl is surfing alone on that beach.

”This beach is good for my surfing skills! These big waves are challenging! ” she exclaimed.

But then she stops when he noticed something in the land.

”Huh? Whats that? I should take a closer look. ” She paddles and stops until she reached the land. When she gets a closer look, she said.

”Oh its a man, what happened to him? ” she looks at the body and didn notice earlier that his fully naked, when her eyes lay down to the lower part of the mans body, her face become red like a tomato and she suddenly shouted in surprised.



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