My Mystery Husband

My gossip maids

I turned and followed him to the main entryway of the mansion. I stared up at the spiral stairs that were centered around a pole. The stairs formed a perfect circle. Its beautiful architectural design gave the space an elegant feel.

I climbed the stairs slowly as I was not used to circular stairs until we got to a terrace roof. I wished we had used the elevator.

The stylish and elevated rooftop bar has a simple pleasing appearance with flowers in fancy flower vases. Logans bodyguards stood on the four edges of the roof. There was a bottle of wine and two glass cups on one of the recycled jet engine glass tables

My eyes caught sight of his helipad attached to the building and I marveled. It was my first time standing so close to an aircraft, so I was carried away with bewilderment.

I slowly moved to the edge of the terrace roof and was offered a panoramic view of the crystal-clear lake surrounded by beautiful trees that were on the estate. The Sky Lounge offered me a perfect setting to see the whole estate from a new perspective. I was enjoying the panoramic view when a hand grabbed my waist possessively and I shivered, and almost fell off.

His manly scent was quite overpowering, with an exhilarating air of mystery that can sweep the most stubborn woman off her feet. My stomach clenched and I tried to steady my erratic pulse that was also shaking his hand, but all to no avail. He let go of me after a few seconds. I tried to escape, but he halted my escape with a firm hand on my arm.

He led me to the glass table and pointed at one of the chairs. I sat slowly and quietly. My fear increased when his bodyguards began to leave the terrace roof. I turned my face and found his sharp eyes staring piercingly at me.

”I went for a medical check-up and I was supposed to stay for a whole week. When I heard you were coming, I couldn stay one more night, ” he smiled. His voice was quite low and purposely seductive; I found myself falling for it, wanting to hear more.

”We are going to celebrate our marriage tonight, ” he whispered, trying to hold me; I quickly withdrew my hands.

”Good… morning, ” I greeted when I found my voice.

”Are you afraid of me now? ” He smirked. I shook and nodded my head at the same time. His presence and enhanced androsterone were quite powerful, dominating, and irresistibly beckoning and that put a lot of confusion in my head.

His open shirt revealed a muscular chest and crazy six packs covered with crips brown hair. My eyes caught sight of it and I felt a momentary panic, my mind jumped on. A wave of apprehension swept through me and I suddenly became anxious to escape from his disturbing presence.

I noticed he always fixed his gaze on me each time he sees me and I hated it. It made me feel impaled, making my chest feel as though it would burst.

I stood up when I could not stand his piercing gaze and disturbing presence anymore.

”Sit, ” he said, staring at his phone. I sat down coldly and fixed my eyes on him. Logan is the most handsome man I have ever set my eyes on. He has an ingeniously appealing symmetrical face and chiseled jaw.

He relaxed on the chair and crossed his long, sturdy Viking leg. I wondered why a handsome man with an innocent appearance like him chose to be a ruthless drug baron. There are millions of genuine businesses out there, I wondered why he chose illegal businesses. I quickly lowered my gaze when he lifted his gaze.

”I see you made a new friend already, ” he whimpered and narrowed his eyes, sounding a bit jealous. I shook my head and looked away.

”It is good to have a good relationship with your workers, but I think you need to keep a little distance. Give Ethan a wide berth, he is a full-grown man with blood in his veins, ” Logan said as he poured out a drink for me. I could not believe he said that because of the little conversation I had with Ethan. I took the glass of wine from him and dropped it back on the table.

”It seems you don like my company? ” He asked with a lower tone. I kept quiet and continued looking away.

”Do you need anything? ” He asked again. I shook my head, still avoiding his stare.

”How do you see your new environment? ” I kept quiet. There was a short silence.

”This is yours, ” he said and pushed a credit card to my side. ”Take care of your needs. ”

I picked the strange gold color metal card up and couldn say hank you because I never wanted to be partaker of any ill-gotten wealth. He gulped down the wine he poured for himself and stood up.

”Logan, Im sorry, ” I said instead of thanking you. He ignored me and walked towards the edge of the flat roof.

I fixed my eyes on my mysterious husband. Aside from having a classically handsome face, Logan has the most dashing proportional figure and ascetic looks. He has a powerful well-muscled body, full of grace and virility. I fixed my eyes on his well-defined profile and my eyes drank in the sensuality of his appealing physique.

He stared at the lake for some minutes and headed towards the exit.

”Thank you. ” He halted and turned. His eyes were cold and flat. He was obviously unhappy.

”We have a business function to attend tomorrow at noon, ” he said with a calm tone.

”I have nothing to wear, ” I said disappointedly, lowering my gaze.

”I placed some orders a while ago, my personal concierge will be here with our clothes. ”

”Did you know my exact measurement? ” I asked. He looked at the fitted gown I was wearing and walked away.

”Does it mean he is the one that ordered those clothes in my closet? ” I asked blinking rapidly. Who is he talking to? I sat down to wonder. I dated Liam for a year, but he did not know my size. Mom and dad don even know my clothes and shoe size.

”Business function! ” I said aloud. Probably with his rich friends. I felt he wanted to introduce me to his fellow drug moguls. This was not the kind of life I wanted for myself, but I had nowhere to go. I really like Logans appearance, his cute smile, unique and gorgeous eye color, sweet voice, and gait, but I hate his business with passion.

I stood up and began to walk slowly down the stairs as I kept trying to unfurl the contradiction behind his pretentious behavior. He looks and behaves differently from what Liam told me about him.

”Why did he marry me? This is a question I must find an answer to.

”Logan! Where have you been? ”

I heard a female voice; I became curious and walked hurriedly down the stairs to see if he was hugging or kissing her. I was not jealous, but he is my legally married husband you know.

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