My Venomous Boyfriend And I

Chapter 3: Goodbye pt 1

Venom POV

I got dressed as l was still sad. My one and only love was leaving me. I have never felt like this before except for when l lost my first love Lora.

God what am l gonna do.

To be honest when she agreed to go home. I just couldn . I went out to the guest room bathroom only to cry my eyes out. She can leave, she just can , l need her but theres nothing l can do.

I sat next to her in silence

”Amm Vee ”she said

”Yeah ” l said

”When you were amm, killing your father. You said something about Jeff. Whos that? ” She asked

”Jeff was my cousin. My father killed him because he was dating one of the keys and he tricked him into bringing her to my father ” l said

”Oh my Ghosh ”she answered

”He was the only one who knew l was an illuminous being ” l said

”Im so sorry ” she said

” You should get some sleep. You leave tomorrow ”l said with a deep voice

She got in bed and l followed. I held her from behind and she fell asleep. I inhaled the scent of her hair knowing that its for the last time. I tightened my grip on her while fighting back tears. I felt my shaft getting harder as l thought of how the love of my life was leaving me

”Your thing is poking my butt ” she said in the sexiest voice to ever exist. It just got harder

”I can help it, lm sorry my Beauty , go to sleep ” l said while holding her.

She fell asleep and l just couldn sleep. I wanted to remember this forever

After a while of feeling her breath in and out she started to mumble some words. She was dreaming. I leaned in closer to hear.

”Vee l lo…ve you too. So much. I hate it. I don wanna leave but l must. I want you so bad. I want to be yours to keep. I wanna be your toy when you
e bored, you mother when you
e sad and be your soul mate forever but l can , lm so sorry, l love you so much ” she mumbled as she cried in her sleep.

Wow. My heart was racing like a ticking time bomb about to explode. I blushed so hard and my shaft also went hard. At list now l won be that sad.

It was morning already and l was still awake embracing my one and only love

She woke up.

”Vee what time is it? ” She asked

”Its four a.m sweetheart. Go to sleep ”l said as l held her tight

”Your thing is still pocking my butt ” she said

”Its been like that all night, thats how bad l need you babygirl ” l said softly

She just giggled which made my boner even worse man this thing hurts like hell. I haven felt like this in a long while.

”What were you dreaming about last night ” l asked

”Am nothing ” she said

”You sure? ”l asked

”Yah ” she answered

I know she was lying but l can call her on it.

She slowly fell asleep and l continued breathing her scent in and out

By A_zee_black

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