My Venomous Boyfriend And I

Chapter 5: l miss her

Venom POV

My jewel is actually leaving. The key to my heart is going. I feel like dying right now.

We arrived in LA her home. I dropped her off at her home town. She stood there in front of me.

”So this is goodbye huh ” l said with a low tone

”Yah, lll miss you so much ” she said

”Me too ”l said as she turned around to leave. She took ten paces as l watched her then she stopped.

She turned around with my smile and ran to me. She came close and stood on her tippy toes, she gave me a kiss and l kissed back, l deepened the kiss and she pulled out but l needed more so l pulled her back in by her waist and we kissed until our lips were sore. Then she pulled out. My shaft had mad a tent in my pants. I need this woman

”You wanna swallow my tongue ” she said

”More than that my ammolite. I wanna swallow you whole ” l said as l bit my lower lip which made her blush. Yah whatever Romeo

And with that she left and l glanced at her as she disappeared in the distance then l went back to my miserable lonely life with nothing but a painful boner and a heavy heart

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