My Venomous Boyfriend And I

Chapter 6: I miss him

a gun just in case.

I went into my car and drove off. I found Amanda waiting for me at the entrance of the mall and we shared a hug

”Long time girl ” she said while laughing

”Yah it really has ” l answered

She just kept on laughing and l knew something was wrong. Then she pointed a pistol at me and changed her tone.

”Come with me sweet heart and make this easy for me and you ” she said

”I knew it ” l said as l kicked the pistol off her hand. Her reflexes were not a good as mine so l had the upper hand. The pistol fell to the ground and l took mine and pointed it at her.

”Still flexible l see ” she said as a smile formed on a pretty little face.

”Still dumb l see ” l said

”Too bad you don have back up ” she said as the smile grew

”Too bad you don have a brain ” l said

I hear some large foot steps approaching us fast from behind. I turned around and saw a huge man in a black suit. He was holding a metal rope and he swung it at me. I ducked immediately and it hit Amanda instead. She passed out and l started to run, he started chasing me and l ran even faster out of the mall. I took a sudden turn in an alley and lost him. As l turned back to walk to my car l bumped into someones chest.

”Man, is your chest made of rock or steel? ” I said as l pushed back

”Hello princess ” a male voice spoke

”Ahh l think ld rather be the night instead ” l said annoyingly

He chuckled

e funny ” he said

”Yah well can l go now? ” I said as l pushed him out of the way

”Hold on now. Im not done with you ” he said as he made me sniff in a cloth which made me feel dizzy and it was lights out for me

By A_zee_Black

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