”Woahhhh! Yeahhh! ”

”Clap, clap, clap ”

Loud shouts could be heard everywhere as thousands of people were cheering loudly below the stage. Today is the unveiling of results of the last weeks tattoo competition. At this time, the emcee who is standing with a wide smile on his face started to speak.

”Ladies and gentlemen especially the world organization of tattoo artist and to our dear guests, please help me welcome our two finalist!. Andrew Gilbuena and Wu Chengyu!. ”

The stage burst with sparks and smokes sprayed everywhere together with the entrance of two people. The crowd burst into cheers and whistles when seeing the two stars of the day.

The emcee nodded in satisfaction and continued by introducing the main characters. ”Everyone! I present to you the two survivors of our Dream star tattoo artist competition. To my right is the famous tattoo artist of Cebu. He won six competitions straight and this would be his seventh competition. He is the burdado of Cebu, introducing Andrew Gilbuena!. While on my left, the young prodigy who consumes his opponents and is known to be the new generations tattoo artist genius. He won ten competitions despite his young age and is famous for his handsome appearance. Ladies and gentlemen, born from a Filipina mother and Chinese foreigner. The handsome boy of Davao!, Wu Chengyu!. ”

The female audience burst into loud cheers and flexing their tattoos to Wu Chengyu while shouting his name.

”Ahhhh ” ”We love you Wu Chengyu!. ”

The Chengyu fans club wildly cheered. They could be said to be girl maniacs due to their intense adoration to Wu Chengyu.

Aside from Wu Chengyus talent, many women at his age fell in love and charmed by his handsome face. Compared to other teenage boys, Wu Chengyu could be rank second in terms of handsomeness and popularity. So whenever he has competitions and events many Chenyu maniacs would attend and push themselves to him.

There was even a time when Wu Chengyu hosted a victory party and a crazy young woman pounced at him, then kissing him all over the face.

Though the woman was drag out by the security guards, some rumors said that she was sent to Wu Chengyus apartment and then after the party she and Wu Chengyu had good night together. Wu Chengyus charm and talent made the young ladies tremble between his legs as they whole heartedly devote themselves to him.

Of course this popularity of Wu Chengyu had also arouse the hatred of some jealous young artist. It could be said that almost half of his friends harbor deep hatred towards him despite their happy smiles when facing him.

”Tsk!, a crowd of whores.. ”

Andrew Gilbuena, Wu Chengyus opponent snorted in disdain after seeing Wu Chengyus fans shouted like crazy. Wu Chengyu display a smile and wave his hand to his loyal supporters.

He was proud on himself and he feel even more confident when facing the crowd of cheers. He was intoxicated by the sounds of praises and confession. At the height of his career, Wu Chengyu have also receive invitations from different industries. He even once accepted a job from a movie industry in U.S and he filmed his first movie within a span of 8 months.

He had also done various activities and movie filming, resulting to his fame to skyrocket. Wu Chengyu gave a disdainful smirk to his opponent and secretly gave a thumbs down. Andrew Gilbuena grew angry upon seeing Wu Chengyus open disdain and mockery.

Since he was a patient guy, Andrew took a deep breath and closed his eyes for a moment, then lowered his head. Deep in his heart, he really wanted to move closer and punch Wu Chengyu in the face.

The anger he felt right now is unimaginable and he is rearing to start a fight if the other party refuse to back down despite his consideration. While the emcee was waiting for the judges to finish reevaluating the scores, Wu Chengyu continued to arouse the crowds cheers.

He glance at Andrew and displayed a victorious smile. However when he saw the other partys lack of response, Wu Chengyu got bored and move closer to his opponent.

He pretended to be virtuous and patted Andrews shoulder saying, ”Are you alright?. You seemed pale. ”

Since Andrews head were lowered and the crowds cheers was too loud, he did not notice Wu Chengyu coming over.

Startled by the sudden pat on his shoulder, he heard Wu Chengyus arrogant tone of voice. Andrews brows creased together as he turn around to face Wu Chengyu. ”What do you want!?, ” Andrew asked in irritated voice.

”Relax…buddy. Don be like that or youll become more ugly if you don control your temper. ” Wu Chengyu said in mocking smile and then he laughed while shaking Andrews shoulder.

Andrew cast a sidelong glance at his shoulder and brushed Wu Chengyus hand off. He knew Wu Chengyu too well ever since he learned the young prodigys achievements and once they were even became friends due to their frequent meetings.

But when he saw Wu Chengyus nasty attitude and bad conduct, he started to avoid him and deemed him as a bad influence.

After that, they rarely had dealings with each other. It was only because of this competition that they were able to converse albeit with tension. Wu Chengyu shake his head and said, ”Its been a long time we got to have a conversation like this my dear buddy. ”

”A conversation like this huh?. ”

Andrew crossed his arms and displayed a cold face. He was like a huge boulder that is difficult to budge. Seeing this, Wu Chengyu slightly smile and said in a low voice that only the two of them could hear.

”I heard that you already had a girlfriend?. ”

”What of it?, ” Andrew raise his brows.

”Someone told me that she is very beautiful. Would you be willing to give her to me?. I really like beautiful women, especially that are sexy and bouncy. ” Wu Chengyu saying this was almost salivating and has a lustful gleam in his eyes.

On the contrary, Andrew had goosebumps and his anger was rising. His body shuddered intensely because anger and he feel that his reasoning was slipping away. Clenching his two hands into fist and was about to step more closer towards Wu Chengyu, ready to punch when suddenly the emcee started to once again address the crowd.

Andrews rising arm was quickly put down and he immediately turned around to face the audience.

Wu Chengyu chuckled and calmly step forward standing beside Andrew. When the emcee was livening the crowd, Wu Chengyu was proclaiming in his thoughts.

”This is to be expected, I am more talented than my opponents. This should be a easy win for me. ”

As expected,

”The masterpiece of the winner will be displayed on the screen!. Are you ready guys!?. Lets count together in 3… 2…. 1….a moment of silence issued then,

”Peng ”.

The crowd went silent for while then one of the Chengyu maniacs screamed in delight.

”Kyaaaaaa! Chengyu won!. ”

It was only then the crowd burst into cheers. Andrew stared at the screen in disbelief and unwillingness to admit defeat could be seen in his eyes, then Wu Chengyu patted his shoulder and whispered jokingly saying

”Too bad..buddy I won. Your girlfriend might come to me on her own initiative if you continue to lose next time. ” Wu Chengyu patted Andrews shoulder two times before coming over to the emcee to receive his reward. Andrew turned to look at Wu Chengyu, then a flash of killing intent appear in his eyes.

”Happy of others suffering huh?, someday you will feel the same. ” Andrews voice though low travel clear towards Wu Chengyus ears. Wu Chengyu was stunned and then he saw Andrew displayed a pitiful smile at him.

Wu Chengyus heart pound after seeing this. Deep inside, he suddenly thought that his actions might have gone too far and this was the first time he thought of this despite his unpleasant behaviors in the past few months. Wu Chengyu wanted to approached Andrew.

But without further delay, Andrew immediately got off the stage and headed back to the lobby.

After the commotion died down, the event was replaced by the special performers. Wu Chengyu, together with his close friends got off the stage and headed back to the lobby as well.

When the event was over and almost all the audience were gone. Wu Chengyu walk out the exit and headed straight towards the parking lot. Humming his favorite tone, he care freely walk towards his car.

Just as he was about to insert the key to his cars keyhole, he suddenly heard a sharp slapping sound. Wu Chengyu instinctively followed the source of the sound and saw two people 10 meters away from him, blocked by a black coated car and only their upper bodies could be seen.

It was a young women with hot tears on her cheeks and a young man. Wu Chengyu squinted his eyes slightly and he was surprised. The young man was actually Andrew Gilbuena, the opponent he defeated. Wu Chengyu wanted to move closer towards them when Andrew grab the young womans arms and started to beg.

”Catherine, please…don leave me!. I swear! I will win next time!. Please. ”

Andrew knelt down as he beg, shaking Catherines arms.

Catherine is Andrews girlfriend. Seeing Andrew knelt down before her, she sighed and forcefully brushed off his hands. She took a deep breath and look at Andrew who was still kneeling and sadly said.

”I thought youve finally understood what I want. But it seems that I was wrong. Do you think I wanted you to win?. What I wanted is your attention and care!. Ever since you started participating in these competitions you started to neglect me. All I wanted was a little of your time…but you never.. ”

The young women Catherine started to sobbed once again. Her shoulders shuddered when she cried and every time the tears flow down from her cheeks, she would sobbed even more.

”I.. I.. ”

Andrew wanted to speak but he can find the words to say. After some time he finally said a word.

”I am sorry. ”

Hearing this, Catherine forcefully held back her tears and immediately wiped it off with the handkerchief in her hand.

Her eyes very red and swollen and after staring at Andrew for awhile she gritted her teeth and decisively said.

”Andrew, I can take this anymore… Im breaking up with you!. ” Catherine words echoed in every direction.

Andrews world suddenly shattered and his ears buzzed as if his eardrums had burst apart.

Even Wu Chengyu who was eavesdropping in the distance was greatly surprise and worried.

Andrews heart almost stop beating and his face paled.

”I… No.. Cath…Plea..please. ”

Andrew stuttered and burst of hot stream of tears flow down his cheeks. He wanted to grab Catherines arms but before he could, Catherine avoided his hands and run away.

Andrew staggered and wanted to chase after her but the shock he felt cause his legs to lose strength and he felt almost all of his body parts were numb. Catherines sudden declaration had greatly shocked Andrew. There was a reason why he had neglected Catherine and he realized that he was at fault but he also firmly believe that what he did was not entirely wrong.

His sacrifice and training in order to win competitions is for him to build a good future for her. Right now he feel regretful that he wasn able to clearly explain his side.

The sudden turns of events happened to fast that caused his head to numb.

Not far away, Wu Chengyu finally felt regret in his heart. The guy who was supposed to be his friend ago, was taunted by him and was bullied by him look pitiful and the main culprit was him.

Wu Chengyu checked himself and reevaluated his actions in the past. His face contorted and he bitterly smiled. After some time, he walk closer to Andrew wanting to apologize to him but before he could do so…

The silent Andrew suddenly pounced towards him like a mad tiger. As it turned out that Andrew had already long knew Wu Chengyus presence or should be said that Andrew intended to murder him all along. But he experience an intense heart break before he could do so.

Wu Chengyu was startled and wasn able to react in time. He was pushed to the floor and then Andrew withdraw a sharp pen from his pocket and madly stab it at Wu Chengyus chest.

Wu Chengyu notice the sharp pen with wide eyes but before he could struggle, the sharp pen is already one inch near his cloths.

”Puchi, ”

the sharp pen punctured Wu Chengyus chest.

Before Wu Chengyu could shout in pain or even groan.

Andrew directly pulled out the sharp pen and madly stab Wu Chengyus chest like a possessed beasts.

”Ahhhh!.. Dieeee.. Arrogant people such like you should die and stay in the yellow spring!. Go repent and suffer in your next life! ”

Andrew stabbed for almost a hundred times until the sharp pen in his hand broke.

Wu Chengyu couldn even groan or speak anymore as mouthfuls of blood were gushing out from his mouth. The floor turned red from his blood and tears could be seen in Wu Chengyus eyes. He was in pain, he felt an intense pain that he never felt before. Wu Chengyu almost lifeless eyes struggled to stare at Andrew who had a reddish eyes also looking at him.

Wu Chengyu feel sad and regretful not only due to his current plight but also to Andrew. He realized that he never wanted Andrew to experience like this and he even planned to turned a new leaf and change for the better after he solve Andrews problem. But he never expected this situation.

Before he could start atoning for the sins he committed, the life he had is now being drag away by the god of death.

The grief and unwillingness Wu Chengyu felt was so intense. He wanted to live but no matter how he struggle to maintain his consciousness, it still continued to slip away.

”Am I really going to die just like this?…. ” Wu Chengyu thought.

The last scene he saw was Andrew being dragged away by the guards,

then his consciousness slowly faded.

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