Bi Cihui cried as she tightly hug Wu Chengyu in her bosom, the motherly love she emitted towards Wu Chengyu caused him to reminiscences his previous parents, especially the gentle smile of his mothers face.

”How is my parents?. We
e they able to accept my sudden death?, ” Wu Chengyu asked himself.

He felt guilty and regretful living his parents alone. He was their only child, yet he wasn able to say goodbye or settle them before he died.

”I hope, the riches Ive accumulated would be given to them and not be corrupted by those greedy managers, ” Wu Chengyu could only hope in his heart.

But as he thought of these things, when he look up, he saw the crystalline tears of his new mother and the white porcelain like cheeks caused rapid heart beats. Wu Chengyu feel warmed inside his heart and then extended his hands.

”Ahh, its nice to have beautiful mother…, ” Wu Chengyu sighed in happiness.

Seeing Wu Chengyus extended hands, Bai Cihui laughed and grabbed the hemp below her clothes. Wu Chengyu was taken aback, then his eyes turn opened wide.

”Oii Oii, what are you doing?, ” he shouted.

Instead of being shocked, Bai Cihui was only surprised. How can a newly born child properly speak?. Although Wu Chengyu had a mature soul and mentality, his body was of a baby. Furthermore, he wasn used to speaking yet.

”I almost forgot!, I was just a newly born child, and a baby should need his mothers milk. ” Wu Chengyu wasn prepared for this moment and time seemed to slow down.

Bai Cihuis hand slowly lifted her long shirt, ready to expose her ample milky white chest. On the other hand, Wu Chengyu was dying of embarrassment and guilt. Aside from guilt, he also feel expectant and excited. He felt mixed feelings and déjà vu.

”Ive experienced this before, albeit from other woman. But this situation is totally different and bizarre. I don want this!. ” Wu Chengyu tried to speak and waved his hands.

Bai Cihui only smiled and continued to lift her shirt. Theres no stopping it, so Wu Chengyu hurriedly closed his eyes but it was inevitable as he felt that he was slowly rising. Then a soft, smooth and bouncy thing touched his lips. Wu Chengyus body shivered and then his tongue once again felt the taste of milk. Wu Chengyus mind was blank as he sucked her mothers breast for milk. However, eventually he slowly got used to it and erased his dirty thoughts.

He drank like he never tasted water for a million of years. He relished the moment and he felt intoxicated based on the red blush on his cheeks. Bai Cihui slowly detached Wu Chengyu away from her chest and laughingly played his small little hands with her finger.

Wu Chengyu played along and acted like a baby. The mother and son laughingly enjoyed the moment together and the bond between mother and child became strong and unbreakable. Wu Chengyus longing from his previous parents was slowly chipped away by his caring new mother Bai Cihui. Servant Shuie came over as well and chatted with Bai Cihui, they talked about their lives and the problems they had. Although Wu Chengyu can understand their conversations, he was slowly getting acclimated and was whole heartedly listening.

”What are your thoughts about the young master?, ” Servant Shuie asked on a whim. Bai Cihui sighed and shook her head, ”I don know…. I still can read his thoughts. But knowing of a man he is, theres only one thing I am sure. ”

”What is it?, ” Servant Shuie seriously asked.

Bai Cihui displayed a worried and sad face as she said.

”He will abandon us if deemed us useless to him. He is a cold selfish man who only thinks about his own interest. When I married him, it was for my family and not love. I never had a special kind of feelings for that man. ” Bai Cihui sighed.

”Then do you still love that man?, ” Servant Shuie asked in a low tone.

She did not mention the mans name because it was forbidden to speak of it inside the Wu residence. Bai Cihui did not reply, but instead, she took out a peculiar object from the hidden pocket in her cloth.

It was a circular object that looks like a seal and was obsidian in color. Bai Cihui showed affection as she fiddled the object and then stowed hurriedly stowed it away as she sensed someone was coming.

Servant Shuie saw it clearly and obviously knew the moment she took out the object. It signifies that the man she mentioned was still in the heart of her young mistress. The door was suddenly slammed opened, startling the two women.

”Who dares!. ” Servant Shuie shouted angrily.

But then she was stunned when she saw the people coming in. It was actually the current patriarch together with the Wu Lianggui and some haughty looking guards. The patriarch gallantly strode in an asked in a booming voice.

”Where is my newly born grandson!?. ” Servant Shuies expression instantly change into a happy smile and chuckled.

”You don have to shout patriarch. Your grandson won run away. ”

”Hahaha, Im just too excited. Aunt Shuie how are you!? ”

”Fine, fine, thats your grandson. ” Servant Shuie rolled his eyes and step aside.

The patriarch step forward with a wide smile.

”How are you Cihui?. ” Bai Cihui grinned and said, ”I am alright father. ”

Bai Cihui extended her hands and presented the amazed Wu Chengyu towards the patriarch. The patriarchs eyes flashed as he also extended his hand to receive Wu Chengyu. The patriarch was a man of straightforwardness and he values trust and honesty. He could be considered as a one of a kind man that has the courage, strength and upright personality to lead the family. For many years, the patriarch held unshakable authority within the clan. He treats everyone fairly with reason and punish through accord judgement. When the patriarchs soul piercing gaze landed on Wu Chengyus body, Wu Chengyu couldn help but feel intrigued. His eyes flashed with life as he stared back at the patriarch two eyes.

”Interesting brat!….such lively eyes!. ”

The patriarch laughed loudly and fetch out something from his bosom. Bai Cihui and Wu Lianggui were taken aback. Then they stared in disbelief when they saw the object in the patriarchs hand.

”Father, are you sure about giving the second ancestral dagger to Chengyu?. ” There was a slight panic in Wu Liangguis eyes as he stared at the dagger. The second ancestral dagger aside from the main ancestral dagger. The second ancestral dagger symbolizes inheritance and belief that the given heir that shows outstanding result be the next patriarch without the acceptance of the council of elders. Provided with sufficient strength, the heir bestowed with the dagger can interfere and make decisions within the family. What made Wu Lianggui worried was that, if the current patriarch doesn step down and Wu Chengyu becomes an outstanding heir by the time the current patriarch resigns, he feared that his long life dream of becoming the next patriarch would be given to Wu Chengyu.

”Why not!? I believe this child will become a great patriarch and world spirit cultivator someday. ”

The patriarch said with stern expression. Wu Lianggui could only nod his head and went silent. He always feared this father of his. Aside from being strict, he demands higher from his children. Ever since he Wu Lianggui achieved higher accomplishments than his siblings, his fathers expectation from him roused.

Although Wu Lianggui felt pressured, he was also excited because it only entails that his father plans to make him the next successor. Wu Chengyu was a bit puzzled and started to panic when he saw the luxurious dagger in the hands of the patriarch.

”Is he going to kill me!?, ” Wu Chengyu shouted in his heart. His baby face was about to cry because of fear. The patriarch gave a wide smile and slowly handed the dagger to Wu Chengyu. Wu Chengyu tried to stop the dagger out of panic.

”This is interesting.. ” The patriarch laughed and let Wu Chengyu hold the dagger with both hands.

”Ehhhhh!? ” Wu Chengyu was confused.

”Isn he going to kill me?. ”

It was only then, the small weak hands of Wu Chengyu felt the weight of the dagger, he was surprised and could only hug the dagger into his chest. Wu Chengyu look at the patriarch with a stunned eyes. The patriarch found his face amusing and laughed loudly for a long while.

The patriarch stroke, Wu Chengyus head and handed him over to Bai Cihui.

”Take good care of my grandson, Cihui. ”

”Yes father!, ” Bai Cihui immediately replied.

She was very excited and happy for Wu Chengyu because none of his step siblings were able to have such favor from the patriarch. The only thing that lacks is the future performance of his child and it will be smooth for them both in the future.

While Bai Cihui was smiling in happiness because of his childs luck. The other person who was also supposed to be happy for his child had an icy expression. He glance coldly at the mother and son pair and left without saying a word.

Servant Shuie noticed Wu Liangguis attitude and by the time he left, she move closer to Bai Cihui and whispered.

”Young mistress Cihui, it seems that the young master isn happy of Chengyu receiving the patriarchs gift. ”

Bai Cihui nodded and said,

”I long noticed his expression by the time the patriarch brought out the second ancestral dagger. At first, I panicked because he might forcefully intervene but the patriarchs stand against the matter, assured me. ”

”Then the young mistress final hurdle would be the baptism ceremony 10 years from now?. ”

Bai Cihui smiled and nodded, ”That might be the case, lets just hope that little Chengyu will have an excellent result. ”

”The baptism will be the determining factor of little Chengyus future right?. I really hate this kind of rituals but its already a tradition. No one can alter it because its part of the world. ”

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