Part time assassin

Lurking in the shadows

In the morning the death of Jack was broadcast to everyone also one of his family members would take over his car dealerships. Percy walking to school and he saw this guy talking to Adrie.

”What the hells going on here ” Percy annoyed

”Percy this is Nagumo Reo ” Adrie sweetly

”Sup man ” Nagumo friendly

”Don sup me ” Percy annoyed

”Whats going on here ” Percy persisted

”Nothing, just asking your friend to work for me and yes were the same age, ” Nagumo said.

”I don care pretty boy and already know who you are and frankly I don trust you ” Percy coldly

”Come on Adrie we
e late ” Percy livid

Now grabbing Adries wrist and pulling her away while watching Nagumo, he was watching Adrie with hungry eyes.

Percy walked quickly thinking something was wrong. The look Nagumo was giving her worried him. They were 10 minutes away from their school. Then very sheepishly Percy heard Adries voice saying

”Percy you can let go now ” Adrie tiredly

Oh yeah, Im sorry Percy released her sighing

”Naw its alright, ” Adrie said

They stood there in awkward silence for a while thinking about what to say to each other after what just happened. Percy stood there thinking about the rumours that had been going around about Nagumo which left him uncomfortable.

Nagumo Reo is CEO of a large technology firm and most of the devices people use are made. Nagumo standing about 64, with light brown skin tone has messy rose-coloured hair and a handsome face.

Adrie just stood there smiling to herself thinking about how Percy came to save her and even snickered a little.

”Hey whats so funny ” Percy curiously

”Nothing ” Adrie embarrassed

Adrie ran toward the school as fast as possible and Percy ran after her wondering what she was thinking.


Nagumo is in his car driving to his company and thinking about Adries body like a pervert.

”Oh, shes perfect ” Nagumo said

”Whos that ” Secretary said

”This 17-year-old high- school girl ” Nagumo hungrily

”Aren you 25 ” Secretary disgusted

”Yes, but she doesn know that ” Nagumo nervously

”Anyway, I want her to find out everything about her ” Nagumo said

”Yes sir ” Secretary reluctantly


Percy sat in class as Adrie was being swarmed by girls in class asking about what happened this morning.

”SO,WHAT HAPPEN THIS MORNING???! ” schoolgirl asked

”Nothing really ” Adrie replied

She turned around and looked at Percy with loving eyes, smiled and turned around.

”Oh crap ” Percy mumble

Only in couple seconds, he was swarmed by all the girls

”GOD DAMN IT ADRIE! ” Percy screamed

Adrie laugh and smiled while she didn notice someone watching them from the outside

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