Part time assassin

Haunting Memories

This night blood was about to spill as these people were about to do battle. As time seemed to slow down and silence filled the area. Percy clenches his fist and then takes a step toward his would-be assassinators, suddenly the leader of the assassinators raised his then spoke

”Percy before we begin let us introduce ourselves, ” he said, ” My name is Takara Kenji and Im the lender Pandora ” Takara proudly

Takara was skinny with little muscle, with black hair in an undercut hairstyle. He wore black and white camo pants with a black tee with Pandoras symbol on it in white. His crew stood behind him standing at ease wearing the same uniform, there were two guys with one girl. The two males spoke their names in military fashion

”Toyada Hary second rank crew member ” he yelled

”Alex May third rank crew member, ” he said tiredly

Toyada was built like a bodybuilder, he was 400lb 69 also of Asian descent. Alex had silky pale skin and long straight hair covering one of his eyes. Unlike Alex he wasn muscular, his body looked more feminine than most girls. Percy looked at them and noticed what looked like black and pink capsules on their belts. Percy then locked eyes with the girl in the group. She wore a mask that covered her mouth and she also had pink pigtails. Percy took notice of her ruby eyes, Percy felt like he knew her from somewhere but couldn remember from where.

”So what, you guys stole your name from a rock band? ” Percy asked

”What no, where you get that idea ” Takara annoyed

”Listen you guys are not going to win this fight ” Percy calmly

”Son, stop taking us as a joke ” Toyada irritated

”Another cocky brat again, Im too tired for this ” Alex sleepily

Percy looked so fed up with this whole conversation, then he looked at the girl

”Hey whats your name, ” he asked pointing toward her

She watched him then shrugged then looked away saying nothing. Percy looked at her with anger.

”Hey kid can we get this over with already ” Alex yawned

”Whatever lady ” Percy snapped

”Im a guy ” Alex replied

Percy seemed unaffected by the revelation, he was already in a fighting stance staring them down.

”Finally we can fight ” Toyada screeched

Toyodas body started to grow in size ripping his shirt off, muscles bulging with veins popping. It was amazing to behold but Percy watched as this man grew in size and exhaled.

Alex flew towards Percy throwing a punch which he ducked under, Percy countered with a vicious uppercut. Alex jumped back and then ran back in with a jumping back kick. Percy threw up his guard blocking the kick entirely. Percy was caught off guard and paid the price, A punch from the right slammed into his jaw sending him stumbling to left. Percy looked up to see the girl had punched him. He had no time to recover himself because Toyada rocked him with a huge gut punch causing his feet had left the ground. Percy could feel the air rushing out of his lungs with his eyes rolling to the back of his head. Toyota wasn finished yet, grabbing Percys leg and then smashing him over and over into the dirt. Toyada hold Percy at eye level and then said

”Still think you
e going to win? ” Toyada asked

Percy already bleeding from the head and breathing heavily struggled to say

”Well yeah ” Percy smirked

Then spat in the eye of Toyada, which angered him so much that he threw it across the park. Percy hit the ground with a thud afterwards he didn move not one bit.

”Little shit stain ” Toyada huffed as he wiped off the spit

”I thought he would be stronger than this ” Alex disappointed

Percy lay still on the ground until his body twitched and got up gingerly.

”Thats the best you guys can do ” Percy winded

”You got manhandled just a few moments ago ” Alex tiredly

Percy spat some blood on the ground, looked at the group then cracked his knuckles and then dashed towards them at incredible speeds.

”Really kid wanna die so badly ” Toyada scoffed

Toyada threw a punch straight at Percy but he seemed to disappear into thin air. The sounds of crunching filled the air

”AHHHHHHHHH ” Toyada screamed in pain as Percy dislocated his arm, not waiting a second Alex tried to axe kick him from behind but he kicked Percys after image allowing Percy to kick him in the neck driving him into the dirt. The girl tried to sneak attack Percy but he stepped back grabbing her fist, punching her in the throat then kicking back into the dirt. The young lady struggled to catch her breath as she coughed and gagged.

”So fast, ” a female voice said in the distance

The three members of Pandora got very hurt and also in shock they never could move so fast. Breathing heavily while they tried to formulate a plan Takara stood from afar observing the fight.

”Get up I got homework to do ” Percy bored

Percy is standing in the middle of the members of Pandora, the members standing up then Toyada popped his arm into its socket.

”Don underestimate us boy!! ” Alex yelled

”Give me a reason not to ” Percy coldly

All the members rushed at Percy throwing punches and kicks but none seemed to be landing as Percy leaned and dodged out the way which seemed to be effortless. Alex threw a high kick at his temple, Percy ducked underneath it but Alex immediately transitioned into another axe kick. Percy jumped backwards to dodge. Toyota swung into him with both arms slamming into Percy sending him flying. Percy spun in the air to regaining balance to regain balance then the girl appeared in his face smashing it with a punch, The punch didn have much weight behind it so Percy didn take much damage from the punch so he recovered quickly but not fast enough. She came with a quick right hand bashing Percys jaw. Percy was stunned which the young lady took advantage of, she threw quick jabs and body blows. She grabs Percys head driving her knee right into it. Percy couldn tell where he was as he stumbled around trying to regain his balance. The girl started jumping on the spot then ran straight back into Percy wailing on his body and finishing him off with a jumping spin kick on the jaw driving Percy to the ground.

”Alisa Kyomi first ranked crew member of Pandora, ” She said

The throbbing in Percys head is causing headaches and pain in his midsection is almost unbearable. Alisa is standing over him with confidence, knowing that she could keep up with him.

”Nice to meet you, ” Percy said

Percy struggles to get to his feet after the beating he just took. He eventually does make it to his feet.

”Okay we can fight seriously now ” Percy smirked

”Really now, ” Alisa said

Alisa threw punches at Percy but he just bobbed and weaved them, Alisa tries kicking him in the chest but jumps out of the way.

”Is that all you can do? ” Alisa asked

Percy ran towards her throwing punches as Alisa deflects them away, Percy spun around quickly kicking her in the stomach. Alisa takes a few steps back, Percy punches her in the stomach then hits her again and again in the same spot. Percys punches became faster and faster until Alisa is now off the ground by a few meters, Percy let her drop down a little before smashing her in the stomach into the ground. Alisa spat out blood. Alex and Toyada threw punches at Percy at the same time but caught both of them without looking. The look on their faces was nothing but surprise when Percy caught them. Percy threw them away on one of the park benches. Percy turns away and started walking toward Takara ready to fight.

”Okay your turn ” Percy said

”But my associates aren finished with you yet ” Takara kindly

Toyada grabbed Percy by the neck throwing him backwards, Percy landed on his feet seeing the members can still fight.

”You guys really want to fight still ” Percy tiredly

The members of Pandora pulled out their capsules and then activated them, a bright pink light flashed blinding Percy. After the light subsided all members had weapons. Toyada with a war hammer, Alex with a bow staff and Alisa had gauntlets with pink circles under her knuckles. Alex used his ability Hermes boots so he and his teams ankles sprouted wings.

Percy pulled his short swords out of his sleeves and braced himself, all Percy saw was Toyada in front of him smashing his hammer into him drilling into the ground and like a golf ball, Toyada swung the hammer into Percys jaw sending him flying into the air. Percy felt his jaw bone crack a little while in the air. Alex stomped Percy into the ground surfing him into the dirt. Alex jumped off as Percy came to a stop, as soon as he did that Alisa smashed him to the ground and a huge explosion of dirt shot into the air. The smoke cleared and the creator was huge but there was no Percy at the bottom.

Alisa could have sworn she had hit him and the other two looked in there was only Alisa in the creator.

”Hey mess-ups Im over here ” Percy called

Percy dropped a knee bleeding badly from all the abuse he had taken in this fight.

”Just die already ” Toyada annoyed

Toyada rushed towards going for an overhand hammer drop on Percy but Percy used his sword to block it.

”Im not going to be killed by some third-rate assassins with fourth-rate intellects ” Percy grunted

Percy struggles to keep the weight of the hammer from crushing him.

e kinda cute you know that right ” Alisa says before kicking him away

Percy recovered quickly then Alex came in swinging his staff masterfully. Percy kept up with his movements but barely.

Percy got some separation from Alex

”Alex how does it feel too out sped while having an ability to increase speed ” Percy poked

Alex lost control of his emotions and rushed right into Percy getting caught in his trap. Alex swung his staff right at Percy but he dodged and stabbed him in the chest then using his other blade slashed his throat while simultaneously pulling his sword from his chest.

Toyada was about to jump in but killer intent from Percy froze him in his tracks. Percy was completely done joking around. The pressure given was incredible; it was like a starving lion that was ready to kill its prey. Toyota shook off the fear even though Alexs powers weren working he ran towards Percy. Percy was in direct line of sight of Toyada but he wasn there and Toyada was on his knees. Percy had sliced his tendons in his legs, Toyada blinked and Percy was in front of him. Percy walked by stabbing him between the eyes and as he continued to walk he cut through his face and head. Alisa tried attacking from the front but instantly swung his sword upward cutting off her mask. What he saw shocked him. What Percy saw was his friend from middle school.

”Alisa thats you ” Percy trembling

”Yeah Percy its me I can believe you didn recognise me though ” Alisa pouting

Without the mask, Alisha had freckles and rosy cheeks.

”I can believe you
e alive after what happened ” Percy relieved

”Percy have to you that I—- ” Alisa stuttered

A sword was driven through the back of Alisa and ripped out, Takara holding the bloody sword. Percy caught Alisas body as it fell to the ground.

”Hey Percy its our turn ” Takara excitedly smiled

Percy didn answer

”Come on Percy you were going to kill her anyway right ” Takara laughing

Percy didn answer

”Even though its because of her no one came to investigate our little fight but shes useless now, ” Takara said

Percy didn answer

Percy is holding Alisa in his hands and she pulls him closer then whispers something to him afterwards stops talking and doesn move.

”Come on Percy lose control of your blood lust and attack me ” Takara preached, ”Even though shes dead now and her ability Silent room is offline we can have fun ” Takara laughed hideously

Takara went silent because of what he felt, it felt like gravity doubled where he stood, death was present waiting to collect a soul. Takara was terrified and all the joy he had slipped him and nothing but despair was left.

”A child like you, no you of all people can control your blood lust in this situation ” Takara trembled

Percy didn answer

”Answer me damn it ” Takara frustrated

Suddenly Takara lost feeling in his arms, Then his arms flew up in his face and the realisation of what happened terrified him. Sharp pain in his sides travelled fast throughout his body. He looked down he saw Percy stabbing him in the sides afterwards Percy hacked and cut apart his enemy. Takara tried to scream but just as fast his vocal cords were sliced out. Percy sliced off his legs then drove both blades into the bottom jaw ripping off his head as he did he said

”May your death brings peace to the world ”

Percy walked over to Alisas body and remember her last words which were

”I forgive you ”

Percy stood there feeling empty, were there any more survivors or was it just her? Percy looked at their weapons and decided to take them. Percy walked away from the battlefield.

A few moments after Percy left, a female figure appeared, it was Rita who walked towards Alisa and picked her up and carried her away.

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