Pitch Black Heart

Chapter One R18

It was a blood moon and a storm was clashing down with only soft candle lights filling certain rooms with the moonlight shining down from two moons and the bright white light from the lightning strikes.

Sin was remembering how a blood moon here is every nine years, she welcomes it since it falls on her birthday that she prefers to be alone where she has a large dome like buildings made with special glass that reflects the moons beams ten fold in her room, that has a large pool of marble built from a rare stone called heavenly ore with gold decorations covering the place.

A tall beautiful woman walked inside the room completely naked walking down the steps into the pool of water that is over twelve ft deep and when she walks into the water she doesn float her feet remain directly on the floor. Her hair was barely floating and violin music plays throughout the room including in the water as she starts dancing gracefully in the water using different poses and throwing in different fighting styles while the red moon rays shown down on her making the area red in color.

A woman in her upper twenties comes inside the room, she has always admired her lady and would always watch her when she comes to this place the water is made from a moon phoenix tears. It makes her body stronger and her magic stronger as well, she trains in it even when the pressure would make a lower being fall flat to the ground even inside of the water.

The woman walks over pulling out a silk robe that has dragons and phoenixes stitched on the back of the red robe, she waits for the younger woman to walk out from the water where she hands a towel to her as she smiles softly blushing when her lady smiles at her.

( ” here I am twenty five years soon to be twenty sixand acting like a school girl over this eighteen year old ”) Trina thought as she stole a few glances of the knowing girl who gives her a sensual flirt pose as she puts on her silk robe.

Trina was tasked to stay with the lady since she was seven years old, so they basically grew up together and also is really close.

Trina was the only person to stay by Faunas side since she can remembers, she actually has ways had a crush on Trina and maybe someone she does have fun with. Of course she loves Trina and will always want her by her side and hers alone, she would make someone suffer just for hurting this girls feelings so of course she loves her.

Fauna walks in front of Trina with a mischievous smile on her face making the older blush as she intertwines their hands then kisses her lips softly then nips her bottom lip before pulling away then presses her front against Trinas.

” come Im ready for bed ” Fauna said while kissing her more passionately this time, walking around her with a playful smile on her face as the other girl quickly walks behind her heading down to the next room down.

Fauna walks in the room straight over to the bed slowly pulling her sash on her robe letting it slide from her shoulders while Trina watched every move that she made and it doesn matter what her lady wishes for she will take on that role just like she does with the romantic affair they have.

Trina is in love with Fauna and also loves her as the only family she has, even if and when Fauna has other lovers she won complain unless they try to separate the two of them from any of their activities. Trina is right behind Fauna in streng

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