Fauna stood there staring outside of her glass dome when someone clears their throat and bowing their head when she turns around to find her fathers advisor here.

” what do you want Rau ” Fauna said walking closer to the man who smirks at her, he pulls out a piece of paper for her to take.

” youll be attending the school in the golden valley that your father worked hard to build and to make allies with other kingdoms…All races will be attending this school so be careful princess and don embarrass your father more than you already have ” Rau said when a door opening makes them both to look seeing Trina exit the room in her work attire, Rau sneers then looks back at Fauna.

” be ready tomorrow you will leave ” Rau said turning around to leave when he hears laughter making him stop walking.

” I would rather marry a beast then you or anyone that you all will choose will not happen my dear friend ” Fauna said with a smile on her face, two more female servants come inside going to pack up Faunas things. Trina walks over kissing Faunas cheek with a smile on her face.

” its only a couple years ” Trina said with a small frown thinking that she won see her mistress for that time when she feels arms wrap around her waist then soft lips on hers and when she moans into the kiss Fauna ups her tongue inside her mouth fighting for dominance with Trinas tongue.

” oh your going with me so pack my personal things and then all of yours as well ” Fauna said pulling out a pants and a shirt with boots just blow her knee, she leaves her tower that has a winding hallway that leads down to the castle as she walks over forty minutes to arrive at where her father is talking to Rau while looking over several maps when she notices a part on the map near a red circle.

( ” The bogs what are they looking for there ”) Fauna thought to herself as her father rolls up some of the maps when she notices a signia of a dark eleven clan who lives near the big.

” so father what plans are you working on now ” Fauna said walking over to his desk slipping some silk papers in her sleeve while they scramble putting things up, she watches where they stick the maps.

” well Trina is going with me or I won go and I really don see why we are working with these other races whose suppose to fear us ” Fauna said acting like a brat since her father always falls for this act, he smiles then nods his head yes.

” well sure I mean shes been with us since she was seven so have her pack everything and let me get back to work I have to send a envoy out in a month so I need to check the routes ” he said shooing his daughter away while he rubbed one of his horns that had the tip broke off from a fight from years ago.

Fauna sighed as she went to the library pulling out copies of all the maps of the surrounding nations also of the bogs, mountains and valleys. Fauna takes them to her room packing them with her things, she seen Trina asleep in the bed so she climbs in after she takes off her clothes and falls to sleep spooning behind her.

Rau was taking to the the demon king who is Faunas father, they point at six different maps and bickering about certain royalty that they needed to either bribe or force them to come to the school.

” send jewels and treasures with an invitation explaining about what this place is and how all royalty from around the continent will be attending. ” the king said looking over the list of names, hes been planning this before Faunas birth and he must have them all here thats on a list.

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