Fauna received a message from her father to take her room mates with her to the twisted forest to meet a Royal with some of her fathers guards taking them there since the girls family would only agree if the demon kings daughter was to come personally to pick up their daughter who is actually a huntress.

Over a century ago their ancestors use to hunt their kind down a long with the other races that they deemed evil, they considered elves of light good while dark elves was considered evil.

When they pick her up theyll make another journey to Ashbraken hills to a witches colony to pick up another then to Aquamarinia to pick up the third then head back home.

They was now traveling with three carriages with two guards and a driver in each one with twelve others on horse back surrounding the first two carriages, which Fauna and Trina was in the first while the other four girls rode in the second one.

When they arrive to a forest that looked like vines that was five to eight feet in width that curved around with large thorns on them, this place was dangerous with the beast that lurked here and even the plant based beast that stay hidden that would eat a horse while if it stepped into their traps. Some would spit poison needles knocking their prey out while they slowly will digest them.

A loud screech was heard before they entered while a fire phoenix lands on the carriages window that Fauna was in, she motions the leader of the guard to come over to her window.

” Ill tell you the next two stops after we pick these girls up, we will also be having their guards follow with a carriage or two that their parents are sending with them ” Fauna said as she shoos him away, a female guard that was riding along side Faunas window has the biggest crush on Fauna and blushes everytime Fauna opens her window looking at her with a smile.

Trina closes the window then straddles Faunas lap as they have a passionate make out while traveling deep into the forest when a scream from Trinas window draws everyones attention.

” you take Trina to the carriage with the other girls and stay inside with them. ” Fauna said as she steps out from the carriage holding Trinas hand while the female guard steps down from her steed unsheathing her sword and pulls Trina along with her then they both get inside the carriage pulling down metal shutters on the windows and the doors.

” you six stay by that carriage and have your bow guns ready along with your swords out where you can easily grab them ” Fauna said walking over to a large puddle of blood where only the horse was now laying dead while the soldiers body is no where to be seen, she seen a few shadows pass through some of the large thorn vines while a couple pass over head using the vines to stay hidden.

” their all around us so watch above you— ” Fauna said when a scream and blood sprayed from one of the three men that was on the first wagon, she clicks her tongue then uses a water spell sending water blades to where the man was still screaming until she watches his body get flung into a nearby vine with the large thorn piercing his chest cavity killing him instantly as blue blood could be seen on the vines above them where she got the beast that carried the man away.

” get down from the top of the carriage and keep your backs up against the carriage while paying attention to your surroundings ” Fauna said as she makes a spear out of purple lightning holding it while closing her eyes and she snapped her head in several different directions when she open her eyes looking straight above her as she throws the spear.

A black cat looking beast that was six ft in Length and seven ft in height falls from above as it barely raise its head when two flaps of skin opens up from its face and head with a bright blue color on the inside while they start shaking.

It spits out a dark blue liquid from its mouth as Fauna side steps the incoming spit that hits one of her mans armor and starts bubbling while he quickly unfastens his chest plate letting it drop as the liquid eats a hole in the metal.

The creature died right after it spit at them, she walks over making another spear from lightning and listens with her eyes closed not even hearing a bug or bird make noise now.

” INCOMING! ”Fauna shouts as she throws a spear at the one that was jumping toward her from the right while others stormed from the sides and above taking out four of her men while the other ones successfully fight them off killing two in the process.

Fauna holds her hand over the ground as a green vine 3/4 in diameter and four and a half foot longs comes out from the ground taking on a bow shape as she makes arrows from a water spell shooting off shaot after shot while three of the black cats drop down from the large tangled vines.

” lets move ” Fauna said as the guards and drivers get on the carriages while Fauna mounts one of their horses as she holds the reigns of the other one handing them over to a guard who ties them to the carriage.

” their on our asses speed up and use your bow guns ” Fauna said shooting off more water arrows as two more of those cat things fall off, one tackles a guard from the carriage when it opens its flaps on its head while hovering above his face as another soldier shoots it in the side of his head.

The blue blood drips down on the mans face as he screams in agony as his flesh melts from his face, Fauna shoots a water arrow killing the man quickly.

” move out ” Fauna said shooting off over ten arrows hitting only three more while sending some of the others to where the guards shot them but only wounding them, they are heading down the road as quick as they can move the carriage.

The other women in the wagon was scared while Trina was scared only for Fauna and not herself or them as she kept wanting to open the window when a loud bang was heard from the top of the carriage and then a scream from one of the soldiers who was with the driver. The wood at the top splintered while the female soldier made all the girls crouch down on the carriage floor, Fauna uses a wind spell making the beast fly off from the carriage as it pierces its lower body on one of the thorns to the vine that it was blown into.

” Quicker ” Fauna said seeing a clearing up ahead where the vines are thinning out as the beast make a yelping bark and quit pursuing them when they come out of the dense vines to a more open part where the vines thinned out and large trees was now in view.

They keep going for another ten miles then take a break after they check the area out, she has the soldiers set up camp since they only have a couple hours of daylight left and mostly to let the them calm down since they lost some of their friends.

Fauna retrieves the women from the carriage and tells the blonde female soldier she is to stay by their sides at all times, she has two tents set up one for her and the other for the four girls including the soldier.

” thats five inside the tent now would you like to have one of the girls stay in our tent ” Trina said, Fauna smiles at the idea and she also knows these tents are magically spacious to fit up to twenty people.

” its up to you Trina but I don want you to pout later if they do ” Fauna said staring over at the four girls who are now sitting around a fire with the guard sitting beside them facing the other way in case something sneaks up on them.

Trina smiles then shrugs her shoulders while hugging Fauna from behind getting her lips close to Faunas ears and gently bites the shell of Faunas ear making her moan. The other four girls was now watching them and wasn taking their eyes from them, Ari was mesmerized by Fauna as well as the other four.

” Len I think she might be my mate ” Ari said causing the other three to look at her with saddened expressions and they cleared their throats and spoke in unison.

” I think the same ” They said together then awkwardly smile at each other while the female guard rolls her eyes.

” I don think she may mate I just would like to spend one night with her if I get the chance ” she said out loud on accident while the other four snap their heads at her and she awkwardly laughs since she said that out loud.

Fauna was looking all four girls over trying to decide who she wanted to take in for the night she first felt as Carra might be to shy and also Ari will be as well.

Ren kept looking over stealing glances and biting her bottom lip, Fauna smiles at her then motions her over with one finger as Ren quickly goes over to her.

” youll be staying with us tonight in a few hours come over after our baths, the soldiers are setting up a temporary large bath that will fit all of us ” Fauna said then kisses her lips as she looks at the other three girls who isn taking their eyes off the of them.

” tell the others and the guard beside you will also take a bath ” Fauna said, Ren nods her head then skips back over to where she was sitting and the other three was staring at her.

” she wants us to take a bath together with her and I guess Ill stay in their tent tonight ” Ren said as the other three pout, a few of the male soldiers heard the discussion then started talking about Faunas activities that she likes to do and the female guard glares at them.

” I should cut you both down right where you stand or maybe the lady should hear what your saying ” she said unsheathed her sword to where the men bow and apologize then quickly leave that area.

” whats your name ” Fauna said stepping outside of her tent staring at the blonde guard, she bows her head putting her sword back.

” Shana my lady ” Shana said with a blushing face making Fauna smile, she looks over to the one in charge who actually was the one who was spreading rumors.

” for now on Shana is in charge you all will answer to her and after the trip she will stay by my side as my personal guard which out ranks even a general from telling her what to do. If one of you do anything or say anything to her Ill kill you myself ” Fauna said with a wide smile making the soldiers go pale by her dark Aura.

” Yes ! my Lady ” they all say then Kneel down keeping their eyes on the ground, she nods her head as another soldier walks over kneeling down.

” your private bath is ready…Ill start dinner while you bathe ” he said flashing a smile at Shana then a thumbs up that she rolls her eyes at, Fauna notices their friendship and can tell that he is not attracted to women she has a very good gaydar.

” Shana youll bathe as well.. Trina will grab you some extra clothes and that man is he trustworthy like yourself ” Fauna said as Shana nods her head yes then looks over at Min then back at Fauna.

” he is really the only one that I do and can trust my Lady ” Shana said with a shy smile as Fauna caresses her cheek.

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