Everyone was settling down in their tents after the bath Ren, Trina and Fauna was getting ready to settle down in the bed when Fauna kept hearing a bird whistle that was a couple dozen miles away from them and a couple minutes later the bird song was now a couple of miles away.

” Trina both of you do not exit the tent, I mean it and if someone attacks the camp and Im gonna send the other girls over to be with the both of you ” Fauna said as she pulls out two swords shoving them into the floor of the tent beside the two.

Fauna walks over to the tent next to hers walking in seeing the girls sitting in a circle having girl talk, when they notice Fauna Shana stands quickly.

” don worry about that when its only us girls Shana, I need all of you to go to my tent and none of you are to leave no matter what you hear…if you all are strong in defensive magic help Trina set up a barrier on the tent until I return…go now ” Fauna said watching the girls run out only for Ari to grab a shoulder bag, she stops beside Fauna then turns kissing her on the lips quickly then runs into the tent. Fauna was somewhat surprised when Ari done that since she thought that the girl was shy.

Trina sets up a barrier to protect them with the other girls reinforcing the barrier making it quite strong that Fauna raises one of her eyebrows at the strength of it, Fauna turns toward the trees that was easy away from where they entered and she gets the soldiers attention.

” prepare for an attack ” Fauna said as the men wake the others up getting in position while she waves over the guy who is friends with Shana, she points to the tent.

” watch the tent and stay hidden… your only job is to protect them, captain he has his orders now you all protect the camp ” Fauna said as Min runs over to the tents and kneels in between them with his back to the ones the girls are in.

Fauna takes off her robe only wearing a black lace underwear set when a tail and wings come out a long with something else that she wasn worried if the others seen the bulge or not she flies off toward where she heard the birdsong landing a mile away from the camp.

A few minutes pass then she hears a woman singing a song that was soft and a very seductive voice, she looks around as her black tribal signs finish marking her body when shes looking toward where the song is coming from when she sees a clearing with a small pond with a few large rocks around it.

” come to the garden and dance by the willow tree

come dance with me and let me help you see how perfect we can be…Come to the willow tree then stand next to me and sing a song next to the willow tree…Come with me lets go on a magical ride then make love to me. ”

the woman who was now sitting on the rock staring down at the pond then she slowly stands up turning to face Fauna, she was fully naked with a chestnut brown hair that ends above her butt. The woman was carrying a sword that had a curved blade at the end as she swung the sword carelessly at her side while still singing but she was now laughing in between each verse with a smile.

Fauna loved hearing her voice as she tilted her head watching the woman now skipping closer to her, she stopped singing and was now laughing. The woman was beautiful when she gets closer Fauna watches the woman look her over then smiles sweetly at her but then swings her sword upward almost hitting Fauna who manages to make a dagger with her blood letting to quickly deflect the hit.

The woman pouts then starts swinging her sword trying to hit her then she hums while smiling, Fauna manages to grab her wrist then pulls her back to Faunas front holding her arms.

The woman leans her head back on Faunas shoulder then grinds her butt against Fauna while humming happily, she then headbutts Fauna causing her to let go and stumble backwards and the woman kicks her in the chest sending her to the ground.

The woman drops the sword than quickly straddles Fauna holding her wrist above her head, she kicks the side of her face then hums as she licks her lips.

” MMMM I like you so I won kill you Ill just keep you ” The woman said with a smile as she leans down to where their noses was touching and she hungrily kisses Fauna while grinding against her.

At the camp the soldiers was looking around while holding their bow guns when they seen dozen of glowing green eyes coming from the tree line all around them, a couple soldiers started shooting off arrows then hear chuckling coming from the shadows.

” hold your fire…wait for them to show don waste ammo ” captain said while sweeping his eyes across different areas, he then seen the long grass close to their right barely moving and he pulls out his sword when a green goblin jumps out with a rusty sword.

He chopped it in half when dozens started running in front three sides, the soldiers started releasing arrows making head and chest hits taking down over a dozen while other soldiers was cutting other ones down.

Min stepped out in front of the tent shooting ones down as he has his sword in the ground to quickly grab cutting more down when he had to reload the bow gun.

Shana nervously watched hundreds coming out of the tree line, she pulls her sword out then looks at Trina.

” they won survive we need to open the barrier to let them in until Fauna returns or let me out to help ” Shana said with a pleading tone in her voice while watching Min getting tired slicing down dozens of the goblins while three of their soldiers was overwhelmed by the goblins as they was stabbed to death by the green scum.

Trina nods her head then focuses on just the tent entrance to open a small area for the soldiers to enter while Ren and Len grab the swords out from the ground, Ren pulls Carra behind her and Ari pulls out a sword that she found in one of the buildings they raided before that was all silver that looked as if light was being swallowed by the sword as it was glowing.

” tell them to run this way ” Trina said as she prepared herself to open up a way in for the men, Shana walks over to the tent flap and looked over at Min.

” ALL IF YOU RUN THIS WAY NOW ” Shana said as the captain looks over at Min then nods his head at the tent, he grabs a younger soldier then pushes him toward the tent while a few others ran that way. Four of the others stood next to the captain as they continued to fight while the rest ran into the tent, Shana was a out to go out when Min stopped her.

” he won come and he knows we won make it far without the horses and carriages ” Min said as they watch the five men going up against over fifty goblins, Ren runs out taking Lens sword as she uses both swords cutting down go lin after goblin when she watched one of the five go down she uses a few fire ball spells hitting the large group of goblins setting almost a dozen on fire. Ren smirks then uses a fire wall spell to surround the horses and carriages from being attacked when she felt a sharp pain in her upper thigh as she stabs her sword down in a goblins head.

The captain seen what happened as they run over to Ren helping her over to the tent as they all get inside while Trina seals the barrier again, Carra runs over pointing to the bed as the men lays Ren down. Trina walks over then pulls out the dagger seeing a green liquid coated on the blood stained dagger and her face goes pale as she looks at Shana.

Carra tried to heal Rens leg but it wouldn heal it only got worse, Trina knows in a few minutes that Rens mana will weaken so she makes a fire dome over the horse and carriages.

” don try to heal her again…in the next hour if Fauna is t back Ill need you all to go find her, here in a half hour after you rest will use our spells to wipe them out ” Trina said concentrating on both the barriers she was keeping up, while the others was healing the soldiers and one of the four men that came in with Ren was cut with a dagger earlier that will not heal.

” hes dying ” Len whispered in Trinas ear and the woman nodded knowing she need to try to make a antidote quickly but she can keep the two barriers up and do alchemy at the same time plus the ingredients shell need to find around here that the goblins locally use.

” Shana ten more minutes we will rush out using weapons and the girls will use spells to kill these things off and check their bodies for any items that might be the poison or antidote as she watched the man struggling to breathe and she knows his wound was from the beginning of the attack.

” Carra youll stay here with Shana and Ari while the rest of us will get rid of the goblins. ” Trina said as they all get ready to go outside, Trina stands by the tent entrance sending out waves of flames to keep the goblins from storming in while the others dash out and cut down any goblins that was still coming forward.

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