”Mark hurry up! ” I yelled at my friend who was busy stuffing his face with the chocolate and vanilla ice-cream he bought on our way home from school.

”Well you know if I don have this Id go crazy ” he muffled between a mouthful of ice-cream.

”How can you go crazy when you already are?, stop eating by the road side and hurry up! ”, I said as I grabbed the almost empty plastic cup from him and threw it away, he frowned making his well carved eyebrows almost touching eachother, he was quite good looking, the gym being his second home, he was a well built muscular eighteen year old with an average height, he had sky blue eyes and dark brown irresistible curly hair which made girls lose control everytime he passed by.

His lined jaw sharp enough to cut through steel, he had slightly pink curved lips, which he always braged about. He took most of his mums features giving him a baby-face, the fact being that he was handsome enough to make most of the girls in my school envy me. ”He is just a friend ” I always tried to explain but well god knows why, they just assumed I liked keeping him to myself. Not that I give a damn what they think anyway.

Mark on the other hand as handsome as he was dislikes the sight of girls, except for those he is familiar with, he would always avoid any girl that showed interest in him, he was a peculiar being. He could take the advantage of his looks to mess around with girls but he was never in for it, that was the only thing that mark and I had in common, I don like boys, I could be a friend with a boy but nothing more.

I generally don like getting close to people especially strangers, I loved being alone, mark on the other hand was a peoples person, he loved meeting new people and friends, Totally hated being alone and he loved talking, joking and other stuff that brings people close together. he is my nextdoor neighbour which made us really close, he is always like the annoying brother I never had.

”Mark!, you food maniac lets g… ”

”Ok, ok mum lets go ” he said emphasizing the word mum while cleaning his mouth with the edge of his shirt.

”You are such a baby look how you have stained your shirt ” I pointed at the brown stain on his grey colour shirt.

”You know you will surely make a good mum ”. he smirked while teasing me.

”I should have left you and walked away ”. I said slapping his shoulder.

”But you didn , cause you know you would miss me ”. he replied Trying to clean the stain on his shirt.

”I didn , because I know you are so dumb that you might get lost on your way home ”. I said smacking his head lightly.

”You don want your baby boy to be lost in town, don worry, I get it mum ”. he replied scratching his head.

”You are hopeless, totally hopeless ”

”Sorry to annoy you mum ”. he said as we made a right turn. I could see my house from the corner as we walked towards it, the door was left carelessly open and the street was unusually Quite.

”The door, I am sure my parents locked it before they left ”. I said to mark looking very surprised, my parents were extremely busy people that they always arrived from work late at night, So I normally had the key to the house, my parents each had spear keys but if they would arrive home early, they usually texted me or called.

”Maybe your mum is home already ” . he said as we both walked towards the house.

”I don think so, I don see her car anywhere ”. I said looking confused.

”Well thats your problem Im feeling sleepy, see ya later ”. Mark said waving his hands towards me as he walked towards his house.

”Whatever bird brain ”. I teased him and he smiled at me before getting into his house.

”Mum! are you home ” I said on top of my voice as I got in the house but to my biggest surprise, no one was home. I looked around to see if anything was missing maybe a thief broke in or something, but everything was as intact as I left it in the morning. I checked the doors and found out that the locks were not broken.

My parents were at home before I left for school maybe they forgot to lock the door, I thought to myself as it was the only possible explanation I could think of at that point in time.

I made my way to the fridge to get something to eat. I brought out the leftover porridge from last night and microwaved it, mum always told me to cook something for myself but I was too lazy and hated cooking. I finished eating and headed straight to bed like I always do.

I hated living like an alarm, life was the same every single day for me. SLEEP. EAT. SCHOOL. REPEAT. If not for Mark I would had probably died of being bored. I wanted some adventure, something different, but life just doesn give me much to do.

My parents would apologize everyday like it was an anthem to them or something, they hated leaving me home alone but they had no choice. It took me three years and six months to convince them that I didn need a babysitter, thankfully on my sixteenth birthday they decided to agree on the idea making it the best birthday gift I ever had.

I tucked my self in bed after having a stressful day at school, the gym teacher complained I was lacking in physical activities and focused on me the whole double period. Even walking back home from school was stressful from all the running I experienced today. I looked at the time and it was five minutes to four, I only had two more hours before I have to make dinner, I set my alarm as always and drove my self into the world of dreams.

”Sweetheart don give up, don give up!, you are stronger than you think ”.

”No leave my parents alone, please they have done nothing wrong! ”

”Save yourself while you still can sweetheart, run, run very fast, don let him get to you ”.

”No I can leave you guys, I never will ”.

”Good-bye sweetheart, we couldn protect you but please know that we always loved you, and we always will! ”.

”Nooo ”.

laughs maniacally

”You killed them ”.

”They sacrificed themselves ”.

”Who are you? ”

”The devil, now its time you joined your parents ”.

”No!, please don , please don… ”.


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