”WHAT THE HELL!!!, how can this be happening right now ”. I screamed in shock. But before I could say anything else, My sight was replaced by a total blackout.

”Sara! can you hear me? ”

”Yes mark I am…here, what just happened? ”. I yelled.

”I am in your kitchen, I think its a blackout ”. he answered making his way to me after turning on his phone torch.

”Are you okay? ”.

”Yeah, Im fine its just a blackout ”. he chuckled.

”I will go check outsi… ”.

The power came back on before I could finish my sentence, Mark turned off his torch.

”I wonder why there was a blackout ”.

”Mark… look ”. I said pointing towards the TV.

”Whats wrong? ”.

”I left the television unplugged before going to make a smoothie didn I? or was it my imagination? ” I asked.

”Yeah you did, wait don tell me… ”.

”Yup, someone is definitely messing with our heads ”.

”Could it be your parents playing pranks on you, you don have friends who are close enough to play pranks on you, do you? ”.

”I don have even have friends, people hate me so yes it could be my parents ”. ”Speaking of parents mum should be home by now ”. I added.

”But if it was your parents, there is no one in your house, how? ”. he asked looking confused.

”Unless…you are trying to scare me Sara, is this your way of pranking me? ”. he asked furrowing his eyebrows together.

”Pls Mark, we were in the kitchen together, are you that dumb? ”.

”Yeah but you got out of the kitchen before me, you could had unplugged it yourself hoping to scare me ”.

”Ugh! no need proving anything to you, Ill call mum ”. I said getting irritated, this has to be some sort of planned trick she made to scare me, only she did things like this.

Dad was always busy, no jokes nor family time, ”childs play is nothing but stupidity, all seriousness and dedication to work leads to success ” he would always say if you tried to crack jokes or do something funny. Because of him we hardly got to spend time together like a family. He is the typical definition of a workaholic.

I took my phone wanting to call my mum before Mark cuts me off.

”S..Sara! ”. Mark yelled turning me towards the TV. It displayed a pale grey colour like before but this time, the letters seemed to appear even more clearer than before.

”Ra…Raz…Ra..zenon, what does that mean? ”. I asked.

”No..no look at that ”. he pointed to the unplugged switch, my heart jumped to my mouth seeing the television still working despite being unplugged.

”I don think this is the doing of your parents, lets get out of here ”. he held my wrist and pulled me towards the door.

”AHHH!!! ”. Mark yelled immediately removing his hands from the door handle. I was shocked when he fell to the ground groaning in pain.

”What is it Mark? what is wrong? ”. I asked kneeling close to him to check what might have happened.

”Oh my gosh! ”. I screamed ”what the hell is this ”, Marks right palm was burnt to the extent I could see his raw flesh, his palm looked like he dipped it in acid.

”Help!!! please somebody help us ”. I screamed on top of my voice incase someone close by could hear what was happening.

”C…all 911 or t… the police… ahh ” he managed to speak, I took my phone dialing the number. I was so scared as I have never seen Mark in so much pain.

”This is the police department how may we… ”. I cut the speaker off.

”My friend is badly hurt, I don know what happened, he…um pls just hurry down here someone is here trying to hurt us ”. I Managed to explain.

”Hello…hello? can you hear me ”. I asked as the line went blank.

”We will be right there ”. A different rough voice answered.

”Wait how do you know where…? ”. The voice ended the call before I could even give my home address.

”What happened ”. Mark who was still groaning in much pain managed to ask.

”They are on their way ”. I assured.

”Who? ”.

”The police ”.

”Call your mum, she shouldn come now Sara not in this situation ”.

”Wow Mark, should I pray you get hurt all the time, for the first time you actually make sense ”. I said trying to reduce the tension between us as I reached for my phone to call my mum.

”Sara, not a good time to crack jokes, I am literally dying ”. he whined.

”Oh relax, its just… wait what happened, why is your hand like this all of a sudden ”. I asked confused.

”I don know it happened when I touched the door handle ”. he said squeezing his wrist with his uninjured hand.

”how could that be?, ugh!, mum is not answering her calls ” I stated feeling frustrated.

”Don worry she will be fine ”.

”Look at you, you
e hurt and its because of me, I dragged you into this, I feel so guilty Mark ”.

”Hey, its not your fault I Came here myself although I regret it. I really miss my couch ”.

”hmm, your palm is roasted and you are thinking about your couch, maybe I was wrong when I said you are finally making some sense ”.. I chuckled.

”Haha, how funny Sara ”.

”Wait here Ill go get the first aid kit ”.

”No!, don go Sara we don know what is happening yet we have to stick together ”. he said pulling me back with his left hand.

”Since when did you get so cheesy, I have to treat you so you don get infected ”. I said but he pulled me back again.

”Don leave me Sara ”.

”So thats it, you are scared, don worry I will be gone for just a few seconds, your injury is severe ”.

”Ok so we are going together ”. he said trying standing up.

”Ok kitty, lets go ”.

”Kitty? nope! I don agree, look at me I am a grown man ”.

”Stop whining kitty, or Ill leave you to your wound Mr ”. I teased, my phone rang as I tried to get Mark up, I quickly answered without looking at the caller ID hoping it was my mum.

”Hello, hello…mum? ”. the line was blank.

”Sara ”. Mark whispered to me.

”Someones behind you ”. He whispered again looking terrified.

My eyes bulged as I turned to look behind me.


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