the walls had subsided. Ana heard soft footsteps approach her, and saw a tall shadow looming over her body.

With a fresh new wave of terror that she knew was no good for her heart, Ana looked up and saw the last person on the face of the planet she had ever wanted to see aside from maybe her homophobic aunt or the grim reaper.

Clad in a bright orange body suit that was so tight it looked more like a second skin, light blue strips along her shoulders and waist, yellow thigh high tight boots matched with yellow gloves that went all the way to her shoulders, and yellow shorts in the same identical shade of yellow. There was a white collar that cut off her costume and a large blue circle with a brown tornado in the center of her chest. She had an orange mask that covered the top half of her face with two large white circles on either side, and a large yellow T in the center of her tight mask. Everyone in the entire country knew her name for her vile terrorism and gruesome attacks.


Ana stared up at her, trembling, wondering why the universe was set on trying to kill her tonight. She opened her mouth but the only sounds that came out were soft whimpers and squeaks as Twister continued to stare down at her.

”I see you found number fourteen. ” Twister said at last. ”I was beginning to think that one was lost. Quite a unique power, that one is. ”

”So the rumors are true about you- ” Ana rasped, finally finding her voice. ”You really can detect newly transformed supers! ”

Twister stared down at her with a dead eyed stare. Her black sclera and white iris and pupils putting Ana at an intense unease, she looked like a demon from those horror movies her cousins made her watch as a kid to scare her, this time in an orange bodysuit.

Ana gulped as she stared back at her, avoiding her dead eyed gaze. ”So you know about me. ” Twister drawled in a low but commanding monotone voice. ”That means you also know who I work for. ” Ana gulped as she silently nodded, a million thoughts racing through her mind. ”S-so, what do you want? ” Ana whimpered.

Twister let out a low growl that made Ana push herself further into the concrete wall as Twister kneeled down to her level.

”I want you to come with me. ”

Anas eyes widened at she envisioned every different disastrous scenario that would ensue if she went with Twister. Dismemberment, torture, used as bait, human experiment, human super soldier-

”NO! ” Ana exclaimed, still trying to push herself into the wall, her previous pain forgotten. ”Absolutely not! No way no how! You
e gonna kill me! Or- or- make me work for Zalic, or kill other people! Or- ” Twister held up a hand to silence her. ”Im not going to do any of those things. And Im most certainly not going to bring you to Zalic. Nor is she in the state. ” Twister said calmly. ”But- but the articles-! ” Ana spluttered.

”She was at the scene of the abduction but shes not here anymore. Shes looking for something she won find in Texas. ” Twister whispered. Her demeanor now peaked Anas interest. ”How do you know she isn going to find it in Texas? ” She whispered back to her. ”Because I sent her there. ” Twister said, a blaze in her black eyes. ”With false information. A wild goose chase if you will. ”

Ana took a steadying breath as she began to relax a little. Or nod off, at this point Ana couldn really tell. ”And what is she looking for in Texas? ” Ana asked. Twister looked around. ”I can tell you here, but if you come with me, Ill explain everything. ”

”No. ” Ana said, mustering up all the strength she had left in her to put a tone of finality in her voice. ”I don trust you, nor do I even like you. Ive seen the articles, the news outlets, the testimonies! You
e a monster. ” Ana spat.

To her surprise, Twister flinched slightly, an uncomfortable expression on her face at Anas words, and for a brief moment Ana thought the expression was that of hurt.

But how could she hurt over being called a monster, shes done so much evil, hurt so many people, one would think shed be proud of it, gloating at all of the crimes she was responsible for. Ana thought to herself.

”Don believe everything you see in the media. ” Twister said, a fire in her voice, but Ana couldn help but roll her eyes. ”Right, everyones wrong but you, classic. ” She said, unamused. ”Listen, I know it looks bad, and Im not denying any of the crimes that Im responsible for, but trust me when I say the media doesn have the full story. Some of those witnesses gave fake reports to cover for me, and a majority of things Ive been blamed for have been blown disastrously out of proportion. Of course, this is great for my image with Zalic, but its going to be hell for me after everythings been done. ” Twister told her, and Ana swore she heard her get a bit chocked up at the end.

”When whats done.. ” Ana couldn help but query.

Twister took in a deep breath and looked around. ”I want to tell you, and I plan to, but you have to trust me. Zalic cannot find you, under any circumstances. Please, come with me before someone sees us. ” She sounded sincere, but Ana assumed someone as heartless as her was capable of pulling on a few emotions. But.. still.. What if she was telling the truth.

”How can I trust you? And why should I? Youve given me no reason to genuinely believe you other than tell me the media is wrong. ” Ana asked her. ”Megumi Tan. ” Twister said. ”What? ” Ana asked, confused. ”My name is Megumi Tan. The police have been trying to find that out since my first appearance in the public eye. Im 21 years old and I go to JHU, my major is chemistry. I- ” Twister, or Megumi stopped herself and reached into a small pocket on her boot that Ana hadn seen before. She unzipped it and pulled out what looked to be a thin wallet.

Ana stared curiously at her as she pulled a thin card out of the wallet then handed it to her. Ana took it, and it showed an Asian woman with the same name, at the same school Ana went to, but she swore she recognized the face, Ana couldn remember where or when, but she knew she had seen this womans face before.

Twister took it back and put it in the wallet, then put that back in her boot pocket. ”Now do you believe me? ” She asked, slightly desperate. Feeling petty, Ana replied. ”You couldve stolen it, or faked it. ” Twister gave her a flat look and Ana looked down at the ground.

”Now, will you come with me? You
e not exactly in a state to say no, whats the alternative I leave you here? You can barely walk. ”

Ana huffed at her and attempted to stand up, a rush immediately going to her head and knocking her back down, a dozen black spots clouding her vision. Twister continued to give her a flat look. Ana sighed. ”Fine, ” She caved, frustrated. ”Ill come with you. But if you ” Ana pointed a shaky finger at Twister as more and more black spots blocked the super form Anas vision. ”Do ANYTHING I swear Ill- Ill- youll regret it. ” Ana weakly threatened.

She felt herself continue to sway as she slumped on the ground, her eyes feeling unbelievably heavy as she slowly lost consciousness.

”Yeah, ” She heard Twister chortle in her monotone voice, ”Sure. ”

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