The kidnapped queen worries and thinks of reasons to escape , since the sun has come up again which means a new day has dawned she wonders what she can do to subside all the rumours if that slips to anyone in the kingdom and how could that even harm the kingdom , she knows the consequences that worries her , all of a sudden the rope creating bruises on her skin becomes free and she could now walk freely , the emphatic flower scent mesmerising her , interesting smell which has a mix of flowers , spices and meat makes her curious , the divine darling moves up front and she pulls the door knob , where she finds guards man and asks them to free her or else theyll be facing consequences , the guard man took out his sword and moved closer to the queen and queen moved away and fell inside the hole which is 200ft deep .

All day long she was trapped in a moving boat which had exquisite interiors and had luxurious food unfortunately the golden rope loses its elasticity and it frees her hand, during lunch , dinner and breakfast when she is unconscious the food comes in at regular intervals to quench the queens hunger . the diet usually consists of grinded nuts mixed alongside with strong and pure cow milk, sleeping pills are added so that she isn active all the time .

The highly guarded secret of the kingdom is now out, Sheera knows the truth. Sheera is alone and wants to capitalise on this information, she knows that she can keep her mouth shut nor can be normal after hearing such big information ,

Minister set up in the kings court room is as such that his wifes family is represented by two minister, three ministers are his cousins and the advisor whose family has been doing this job for the past three generations .

Advisor receives king mothers message and heads directly to Sheeras room , Advisors face is filled with happiness , slight frown and a feeling of joy which has elevated from his heart can be seen in his rosy pink face , the stout man of fifty has finally hit the bucket and plans his ways while going to find out Sheera .he enters the room and ask starts his conversation with Sheera , it gets heated and she finally caves in , he threatens her to share everything what the King shares with her , she gives a positive affirmation .he leaves and enters the court room since it is time for his majesty to grace the financial meeting .

Courtroom his wifes members are on the left side and his cousins are seated towards his right, they all are fifty feet apart and there are thousand three hundred and thirty steps separating his level from those of his ministers , his lean body and pale white skin with blue eyes was never appropriate for those thousand steps but he could deceive anyone And sway everyone off their feet with his impeccable intelligence .

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