Lin: I forget about that tell me then

[ function are status, mission, shop, sign-in, inventory ]

[ host wants to sign in]

Lin: do it

[ daily sign-in used: reward: 1 gold coin ]

[ monthly sign-in used reward: 10 gold coins ]

[ yearly sign-in used reward: ancient runes summoning script ]

Lin: I know the currency is here coins bronze, silver, gold, white gold but about is this script

[ this script is written in ancient runes to help to summon living beings ]

Lin: you summon beast after awakening

[ yes this rune can be replaced with runes script used in this world ]

Lin: is there a difference

[ yes talent and strong will summon as your slave ]

Lin: Slave why that

[ strong beast has their own will some even will not want to be under someone who makes use of the slave item good against them with runes ]

Lin: got it but it will not be used right now is there anything left

[ there is a novice package ]

Lin: open it

[ novice package opened: reward: 1 white gold coin, Physical booster serum, 1X random weapon token ]

Lin: Is this a real novice coin you know with a white gold coin I can live a very good life

[ yes you can if you do not die ]

Lin: yes I need to be strong and I do not want to be normal again

Lin: well what is this serum

[ it will boost your physical attributes ]

Lin then uses it this body is weak

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