Lin: well today is 2 January and after 2 days is the final exam of school on the next day is a talent awakening ceremony conducted by the school, please do not tell me there is something in a ceremony done by nobles

[ In awakening there is nothing as all the nobles also used the same awakener stone ]

Lin: then good I have two days what should I do

[ new mission: practice dagger in two days

Reward: one random full art of technique of dagger knowledge ]

Lin: what is this

[ technique can be called moves of dagger which can help in fighting ]

Lin: where I will find basics daggers

[ Basic dagger knowledge 50 silver coins(yes/no) ]

Lin: buy it then

as I said knowledge of basic dagger comes to in mind

Lin: let go then to the backyard

as reaching the backyard talking out Runed dagger I start to swing with it and make moves with my body to synchronize with the dagger movement as the time goes with practice and I woke up the next day

Lin: sign-in

[ daily sign-in used reward: 1 gold coin ]

after doing bathing and eating I wait for some time and start practicing with a dagger-like maniac for a full day at the coming night I stop it

[ congratulation for completing the mission practice basic of daggers

reward: Radomnizing….. Knowledge of full technique of A level Swura Dagger arts ]

[ the Swura Dagger art knowledge package is there want to extract? ]

Lin: extract it

after saying new knowledge comes into my mind as after seeing the knowledge I can say

Lin: this art is good using one dagger to fight against the enemy and attacking weak points but this is Asian type defense power is low, well anyway it is fine for now

[ new mission unlock: get first position school tournament

Reward: one random slave servant with S rank talent ]

Lin: as much I know in tournament weapons are allowed but I cannot use Runed Dagger in front of everyone

[ normal Dagger price100 bronze coins? ]

Lin: buy it

as such I see fine looking dagger and I store i

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