It took nearly three days for Iris to wake up. Over that time Mickey continued to heal her and her magic ability was regularly checked. Marry and some other maids had washed her up and changed her clothes. While it was noted that her magic was clearing the blockers at a very steady pace. In fact it was clearing more than Mickey was. What Mickey had found turned out to be right. If your magic consumed large amounts of Blockers then your magic could grow without your knowledge.

It was day four when the daily team walked into a room with a very pissed off Princess. Her purple eyes glared at them all from a very large bed. There were other beds around the room. Beds ment for her guard. All of whom had seen it unnecessary to stay in the room and watch an unconscious girl. It was not as if she was in any danger. No one knew who she was. A few staff members had heard that an unknown lady had been staying in one of the spare rooms. Nothing weird about that.

Even if the King had been known to be extremely loyal to his wives and mates. His sons who had neither of which could not say the same. The reason as males they were expected to fight in wars if not one day rule the Kingdom. However, Andri was the Peaceful King. His sons could expect the Heir to decide their fate. She may allow them to stay in the Kingdom, or she may very well marry them off for allies. That was of little concern at the moment though. No, the concern was a very angry Heir. If looks could kill the Hailstorm Villa would lose some good staff that day. She may have physically attacked them if not for the outfits. Maids… All of them. That was their saving grace.

While Iris could not care less about the upper class. She had once had friends that had gone off to join the working class. ”Am I to assume you changed my clothes then? ” It was the first time they had heard her voice and shockingly despite the look in her eyes. Her words were soft spoken. Tired almost. Staying angry took a lot of effort as did yelling. After days without solid food Iris was very tired. She was also unable to go back to bed. The sleeping gown she was dressed in kept tangling with her legs. For the first time that she could remember she wore stockings. The bed, the clothes, and the smells around her made it impossible to go back to sleep. It was too soft. Too comfortable. Her eyes glanced out the window. As she went to get up the gown once again tangled among her legs. With a growl she ripped it. The maids gasped but made no move to stop her.

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