An end for a beginning


The thunder storm rubbled again ,and the lightning ran up the sky , illuminating the dark circular clouds for a while before the loud almost ear rumbling sounded again .

The rain has be going on and on since three days ago and kelsier was more than tired to put it simply .

He struggled to keep his eyes on the shabby road as his long robe sweep the muddled water . The heavy rainfall splashed on his bald head and tickled directly into his tangled old beard . The road was Stony and bad and made much worse by the unending storm

His toes cracked in stiff coldness in the to cramped shoes in had on since three days ago . His old bone were giving up on him , but he knew better than to give in to them .

The fate of Catyra lies upon his back and the others seven more .

He trotted along , daring to gaze up to black ominous sky . The castle , which was his destination stood hugely in miles ahead and he shook his tiny bald head .

His robe was ragged as it shattled up some dried twigs and leaves that had fallen in the disastrous weather .

The absurdity of their situation seems clearer and clearer with each weak step he took , but his mind was weighing him down and he knew this was the only way to create hope so the people . To create hope for Catyra

He begin to walk swiftly and increase his pace as fast as his ragged robe and heavy beard that was drenched in water would allow .

It was this night ! . It has to be this night .

The castle was getting nearer in sight and he sighed in delight . As least a hot supper was waiting for him at the castle , a warm clothes .

Fallen trees was on each side of him and he gazed at then with compassion . As the wind blew up in a strong force tearing it more away from its root .

He shook his head again , this time in sadness . It was going to take a lot to repair this place . A once vibrant and fertile place that was now nothing but the shadow of its old self

His clanky step got him to the door of a old stone castle , with three stone pillar on each side . He stroked his tangled beard and muttered a spell .

Mivêvón psahan!!

A little glow emitted from his hand and he placed it against the stone door . That opened to reveal a dark swirling murky room .

He snapped his fingers and the low glow grew into a huge fire , illuminating the creepy and cold room . The inscriptions filled the room and it has no way out .

”Who has brought the idea of building this place like this ?? ” He spoke to himself while staring around trying to look for any spell .

The creepiness of the room was looming but it had no effect over kelsier .

”It must be musufas idea to build it like this . ” He mused

He raised his hand up in the air and muttered a spell.

Mirâånktis evarluaoo!!!! .

The huge stone pillar that stood isolated Im the dark silence room split into two , making cracking and deafening noise .

Toolfumi he spat out again and held his ears with his old gnarled palm .

He step into the circular stairs that was hanging mid air . Like a floating circus .

An old knowing smile creep onto his chapped and bruised lips . Definitely mufusas work .

As soon as he laid his cramped feet into the circular stairs , it let off an howling sound , swirvling away and more dust and cold air blew into his flat nose . His already not so good beard was now looking totally abandoned .

Suddenly the swish swash of the cold and unwelcoming air against his head came to a stop and he found himself landing on a pavement three steps higher than the actual floor .

He sighed again . Someone needs to tell musufa to stop with his experiment .

But he knew all those would soon be in the past . This place was built with high service and security in cases of emergencies like this .

Three swampyth were standing by a huge black gate .

Swampyth were animals like birds with two huge wings on their back . And a long snake like tail . They had three little horns on their small stony head and two eyes with different colors .

One blue to see if you
e of good intentions . To verify your energy and the red one to see if you have any bad intentions and to see if you
e of any dark energy .

Both of their eyes turned blue and the large gate creaked open by itself . He strodded towards the gate and spare a nod or two in the direction of the two swampyth .

They didn return his greetings but he knew that they acknowledged him. That was their nature .

Swampyth were very useful creatures and loyal too . They were used as security and data storage . They
e capable of relaying messages of eons ago to whoever needs it . But if course, theres always a condition for anything .

You had to tell it something that it doesn know already . And they already know a lot of things . That was why many people prefer not to have anything to do with them else theyll pay the price .

And the price is not always easy .

He stopped his tattered robe from flowing into the fountain that was in the middle of the softly illuminated room . The room was illumi

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