Double trouble

Chapter one

Song recommendation. Ass like that by Victoria monet

Niverea swatted a fly with three eyes on its head away while muttering some curses . The forest path was usually silent by this time of the day , the glancingbicicus stared at her with a lazy uninterested eyes and she scowled at them so much that they glare back at her .

They were flowers with yellow and purple petals that sway in the soft breeze . Everything seems eery , but then everything was always eery .

Flabbinggabs trees flapped their devious and strong branches madly about , trying to look for a prey that theyll ”eat. ” With their suft tentacles that pumped up and down in the middle of the tree . They were huge trees that usually wasn more than one or two in every forest but much more than five in this particular forest . They usually prey on some unknowing animals or some other plants or when luck was sometimes on their side , a willing or unwilling human

So what ??

All this things couldn stop niverea from walking through the silent forest like a man whose wife was about to give birth .

But no

Nivereas problem was greater than that of a man whose wife was about to give birth , infact it was much more worse . She was late !!!

Madvil would unalive her today . Earlier today , madvil had asked her to get some firewood from the market to start getting ready for dinner .

But then she had went to the clubhouse, given that the sun was still up high , grinning wickedly down on the whole of Catyra with its harsh orange rays that scorned her body to no end .

The clothes or if it could be call one , what she was wearing was barely held together by rough stitches and the rough texture always prickle her olive skin adding more to the scars on her body.

Scars from the wacking of the broom on her body , or the ones from the thick leather belt of build when hes drunk and whipping her like a horse .

That was the thing about build , he was always drunk and asking for nonsense . Asking for the impossible

Build was madvils husband and the couple were nothing but mad and unapproachable .

From their yellow stained teeth that they got from years of chewing dáá . A fruit that often made someone high and unreasonable . And their gnarled fingers that was often filled with dirt and dirt .

God only knows how they haven been thrown into everlasting sickness. Because that is exactly what they deserve. Their whole house always reek of cow dungs .

The couple lack children , but how could they not ? The ugly dirtiness that mostly made Niverea wanted to puke was irritating , and there was also their constant state of drunkness was also something that needs to be studied.

Niverea hastened her pace ,careful not to let her skin touch the deadly red rose that filled the whole path and not to let the Sickly thin and no good firewood that she had gotten but not from the market .

Not from the market but from the clubhouse storeroom. The room where they store their cooking materials .

It was one of the reason while she had decided to take this forest path because the clubhouse cool had found out her ” little borrow ” that she claimed and was chasing her .

Cursing her upon her thick throat , she was a woman with a huge build and a very smelly armpit . Her armpits hair were just a little inches away from getting long as the hair on her head .

She spat into the forest , remembering the two minutes that she spent under the womans armpit and large meaty arms .

Gosh ! How Niverea had suffered .

But no , all this suffering was very little if compared to the one waiting for her at home . If the hut that was almost falling away that Niverea was sure would fall apart come next winter , could be called ”house?? ”

It couldn right ??

Lost in her thought , she didn realize that a black long snake had gotten itself stuck up in the flimsy excuse called a firewood and it was slowly crawling up to her back where she placed the woods .

”Ah barka!! . ” Her eyes shot up and grew wide when she felt a slimy cold ”something ” moving round her back .

She fling it away along with the firewood and everything . She saw the long black snake with it equally long black tongue that slithered in and out of its mouth viscously .

She made a fist and pointed it to the snake while glaring at it . She cluck her tongue and moved away from the spot quickly .

She picked up her pace again while muttering to herself and wondering how the snake got to her and she didn even notice .

”Maybe it had some invisible power ??. ” She rolled her eyes and laughed at her own silly theory .

The it occured to her again .

”Wheres my firewood?? . ” She ran her hand harshly down her not so smooth back her her eyes grew the size of the grey saucer that was now used as a tray to dump the remnants of dáá that madvil and her husband leaves when their done .

She had threw the firewood away along with the snake !!!

”Ah barka! Barka and barka again!! . ” She resisted the urge to flings her hands up in the air and start wailing . She could see the tiny roof of the hut now and the large fence that housed the cows !.

She was almost home !! And now the sun was westering and residing little by little . If shes to go back into that horrible forest again , then shell be back when the weather would have turned dark .!

And the ashes would be falling by then !

And not to talk of how she might never make it out of the forest again. There were too many horrible things ! Too many hungry and cruel creature out there

Slaves like her aren allow to be out by the dark when ashes would be falling from the sky !

She dare not go home without the firewoods and she dare not go back into the forest . Then what is it that she dare to do ??

Her shoulder slumped to resign shagginess and her to an unbeatable fate . Because if this is not fate then what is it ??

”The world is not fair !!! . ” She screamed to the forest as soon as she took the last step out of it and cold air hit her face .

The temperature had dropped considerably, adding more to the misery that hung limp on her shoulder like a fashionable shawl.

Her breath caught in her throat she she was nearing the dilapidated building and a nonsensical excuse for a house . Not because of the weather that was chillier than normal, not because of the harsh and painful punishment that was waiting for her , but because of the horrible smell that was wafting from the house .

Goosebumps formed on her neck and arm and she wondered what went wrong ? Were the ashes falling yet ,? No

It was dark but not that dark afterall . Surely she couldn be executed for walking in the dark could she ?

She got to the bamboo straw wooven together to create something that could perhaps be call a blockage? Because it couldn be called a door .

She misses her footing and fall on her butt .

”Barka! . ”

”Yes barka ! ” A chilling voice sounded behind her and she closed her eyes lest she saw the scowl in them .

She hastily stood up not bothering to dust the mucus that was everywhere on her body . Just from a little fall .! Imagine how their whole house looks like ??

Not great .

”Where were you neh ? . ” Madvil snarled and paced angrily up and down . A motion Niverea know that it means superficial anger .

She pointed to the steaming pot of potatoes on the other side of the wall , silently telling Niverea that she had gotten the fire done and she was already cooking .

Her breath stank of dáá , like it always do and her eyes were a little droopy .

She wordlessly reached for the long broom that had a stick attached to its end and Niverea could see her yellow gum flashing in the dark.

Niverea was sure that she was grinning right now .

”Now ye will stand up and move to that side neh !. ” She thundered again.

Niverea was accustomed to everything and what was coming next . Though she hope to differ this time but hope was a good thing .

It keeps your mind positive even when you knew nothing like that would happen .

She braced herself and clenched her bumbum together. This way , the stroke from the broom would be less painful.

She had been hoping that build would be the one to whip her instead . Because most of his whip was always sloppy and missed her critical areas .

But madvil wasn like that . One could she that she enjoys inflicting pain on the girl .

The snarl and smirk was still on her lips and the scowl on Niverea. She was refusing to back down ! .

A core way of making madvil a mad beast with reddened anger and twisted mouth .

”Ye dare to scowl ?? Neh ? You little wench !! . ” She raised the broom up , so high that Niverea wondered if madvil short and snarky arms was that long .

Faiii!! Was the sound of the broom whipping through the air in preparation to whip her body the next .

Niverea closed her eyes and clenched her teeth some more , expecting the inevitable . But nothing came .

Instead Sparks flew everywhere and some got on Niverea rough patches but not enough to make her clothes catch fire .

The smell of something burning filled the air and Niverea didn know whether to smile or laugh .

Cos the situation was hilarious .

Madvil stood rooted there , her frail flabby short arms placed on both side of her , a blob of sweet mashed potatoes streamed down on her head to her neck and her hair was burning .

The hot mixture had poured on her legs too and she wasn able to move .

Niverea gently counted from one to three , waiting to hear the scream of agony from her masters mouth.

”Ahhhhhhhhh!!! . ” She screamed failing her arms around her head , trying to get the hot particle from her head and legs .

Niverea took her sweet time , silently giggling and covering her mouth with her hand to stop herself from laughing too loudly .

”Yee! Get me some water ! Some thing ! . ” She screamed out again. This time wailing loudly and hiccuping .

Niverea pretended to run away so that she could fetch her master some water . She spiral to the bank of the house and burst into uncontrollable laugh .

”Serves her right ! Hhmmpphh. ” She leaned on the wall and waited for three minutes straight while staring at the little ants that were retiring from their tedious day work

”Good night little men ! . ” She bend down and waved at them

”Good night to you too. ”

Her eyes bulged out . What the hell just happened??

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