It\'s happening

Chapter two

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Her eyes bulged out. What the hell just happened?? Surely she couldn hallucinating, could she ?

Yes , Catyra used to be a land full of magic and sorts but not now again . Those were thousands of years ago , that was written in the row and stacks of ancient history that laid in the huge learning castle that was in the citys square .

So how did this happen?

The muffled Shacked scream jotted her back to the reality . Madvil was still crying profusely .

Niverea went to get the water that she had fetched earlier the day in readiness for feeding the cows . Now shell have to give it to her boss and giving herself multiple work to do .

Normally, she would have loved if madvil could burn down to half before helping her . But things were never normal .

Not when Niverea is involved .

She groaned as she lifted the clay bucket that was cold to the touch and heavy to carry , it contained the aforementioned water .

She got to where madvil was screaming on the top of her lungs , flapping her short arms about and muttering curses in the old Catyra language .

She splashed the water on her head and face where it was burning the most . Lo and behold madvils face had burn to an unrecognizable extent and her hair had gone !

It was sizzling atop her head like a little hot bun and her scalp had turned red . Niverea was forced to feel sorry for the woman whose ugly teeth was visible in her mouth that smell so bad .

Madvil sat down on the floor , yes in the dirt and took some rapid quick gulps of cold air like a starved man .

Slowly her peeled skin begin to come back to normal and new flesh was growing out of the burnt one .

Madvil was a low class demon so she had at least this much of power to heal herself . As the skin on her scalp begin to grow , Niverea fought the urge to laugh .

Madvil totally look like the Nivereas favorite cow . With the black and white remnants of skin and hair on her head .

Madvils eyes had bulged out and had turned red , her fangs were growing too and all together she looked like a forbidden goat.

Niverea sometimes envy people with powers like madvil and her husband . No matter how little their power is , at least they still had the power to defend themselves .

Slaves like Niverea were allow no such luxury . And Niverea case had been more complicated and different right from when she was found as a baby .

She had no birthmarks instead of the normal triangle or spherical shaped birthmark that tells who or which power you have .

The demons have triangular shaped birthmark . If its on the shoulder then the person belong to the high class demons . Or if its on the back or legs then the person belonged to the lower class demons .

The higher class demons were the ones ruling the whole of Catyra . They are the most powerful and the most feared . The current Lord ruler is a higher class demon.

Then follow by the dark faes and elves . There is often argument and fights between this creature , with each one trying to claim superiority over the other .

There were other creatures too .

Like the vampires , the lycans and the mermaids and even the prophecier . But all these creatures had gone into the state of extinct since the great war that happened thousands years ago . Before the demons became the ruler .

Although rumor has it that some of of these creatures are still alive but are living in some faraway land . So faraway that Niverea doesn need to worry about such things !

Madvils skin had gone back to its normal position , and the usual glare was also back .

Great ! Just great .

”Now ye happy ? Neh ? Ye think I won be able to get back? ” Madvil stood up and grinned wickedly .

She grabbed the broom, this time in a by much firm hold .

”Now Ill whip ye till ye bled to death . Till ye skin shredded away in agony. And Ill take revenge for the laughed you had at the expense of my burning head . ” Madvil words spat out in a sequence that was heavily laid with illiteracy and ignorance .

Though education isn something that everyone has access to , but still by fortunately or unfortunately Niverea had came across the golden chance that was available to the rich and the powerful .

Although she mostly suffer much more for the slight education that she has , because it was considered inappropriate for a slave to be educated .

Niverea moved gently to the bamboo weave and stayed there . By the grace of the spirit , madvil wouldn be intelligent enough to know the reason behind Niverea place of choice.

Niverea had specially took the place because they was a huge chance that the whip wouldn get to her .

She clenched her teeth and bumbum as she had done before and closed her eyes while kneeling close to the ”door . ”

The first slash of the thick broom against her barely covered skin cut the already bruised skin and blood sput out from it . Her head felt woozy by the time the second whip was coming down on her .

But why isn the bamboo weave doing anything?? . How Niverea had wished the fire could once again burn madvil down to her brain.

Burn madvil down to her rotten teeth and brain .

The broom cut into her skin , repeatedly , until the skin was beginning was shred . Just like madvil had predicted .

The cold chilling air wasn making it better , the coldness cramped her blood and her toes in the shoes that weren even her size that she wore . The shoes she had ”once borrowed . ” From the cobbler in the market .

She looked down on her shoes and smiled . It was her only shoe and best friend . It had been weathered so bad and reduced to a thin shred of leather that was even revealing her feet from how thin it is .

”Ye dare to smile ? Neh ? . ” Madvil paced about circling Niverea. The ground was already spinning in Nivereas eyes , no need to keep walking in circles .

Just then build came in sight , staggering and trying to keep is pants from falling from his weight . He was dragging his overweight self and burping so loudly . His huge pot belly was too big for the small shirt that he wore , this could not fully cover it .

He was drunk to the core. He burped again , laughing at himself for how loud his burps sounded .

He stopped in his track when he saw his wife and Niverea in the way .

”What is happening a
oind hererr? Neh ? ” He burped again and his eyes grew huge . He threw up on the ground and some of his stuff landed on Niverea .

Niverea was feeling dizzy already and feeling nuseated on top .

”Wheres my food ?? M ” his words came out in a lazy slur and he was staggering so badly that Niverea feared that he would fall on her . And she couldn let that happen .

She would die if it happened! God only knows when last a drop of water had contacted his skin .

”Get out of my sight !! . ” Madvil waved Niverea off ..

Niverea glanced up at the wretched coupled and shook her head . One day , shell be free from this slave bond .

She wobbled away from their sight and got to the tiny hut that was made for her . She slumped on the bed and sighed .

To matter how many times she has been hit , the pain never lessened .

The blood tickled down her neck and she wiped it away . The bed was made from the stack of Hays that she had gotten from last winter and an old rag that was used as a blanket to cover it .


The silver rays of the moonlight spread across the dark sky like a savior . Its silver lining on the dark cloud look like a dream come true .

Niverea found Herself in a beautiful lush garden . There were rows and rows of flowers but none was glancingbicicus or poison Lily .

They were cute little flowers with great fragrance and beautiful colors . They away gently in the wind creating a soft and persistent Melody .

Butterflies of different colors and texture swarm the whole place as they dipped in unison landing on the flowers . Everything was so picturesque and ethereal that Niverea fell in love with it .

She turned around and saw a big foundation in shape of a black horse . Something about this horse was startling and unnerving .

It eyes were brilliant shade of blue , a very stark contrast with its color . The water poured out of its mouth with unique frequency .

Niverea found herself walking more in to the maze and more towards the horse . Then she saw a huge wings with black feathers that shone in the moonlight , folded behind its back .

She got closer and closer to it , unable to resist the curiosity. But apart from that ,there was a tiny little feeling in the depth of her stomach . It was there .

Vibrating consistently and drawing her closer to the horse . It was like the vibration from her body would complete the one from the horse ..

But as she neared , huge stumps became to rise up , the initial valley of flowers turned to sand . It turned to dry sand and the wind blew it in Nivereas face .

She panicked a little . She could feel the vibration from the horse but it was faint and distant now .

Overcome with the desire to get to the mysterious horse she began to find ways to get over the Stump .

The she saw a creature , no two , no three creatures that she had never seen in her whole life , never had she heard of them . They were approaching her .

She wanted to run , but something was assuring her that she didn need to run . And that they were her allies .

She reached out her hands to them and they helped her up . But then suddenly , the sand was turning into black liquid .

And leg got stuck in the thick liquid and she couldn get out . She was trying so hard to get out of it to no avail .

They creature that were also on the verge of helping her also got dragged into the liquid .

But still she was feeling restless . She had to get to the horse . She knew it .


Her eyes flew open and she gulped in air . Cold sweat broke out of her forehead and confusion crowded her thought .

”What is that ?? . ” She whispered into the night . She gaze out to the window and saw that the moon was still up there .

”Why is everything weird happening to me lately ?? ” She sat upright and wiped the sweat away from her forehead .

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