Chapter three

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”Master master master . ” Vin ran to his masters house while shouting on top of his lungs .

The young dreamchasers stared at him with an obvious inquiry on their young face . They were learning the art of reading more meaning into things and that was why their mentor had brought them out to the square to observe things .

Vin was well known for his gentleness and cool nature . He wasn the one to raise his voice unless its absolutely necessary . He often preach against running around their little city unless their was an emergency .

But to see him go against his own Noble preaching was something that shocked them to no extent .

Meanwhile Vin continued to shout on top of his lungs , knowingly or unknowingly attracting the attention of the other dreamchasers who were going about their daily learning ways

The little city of dreamchasers was mostly filled with learning and peaceful activities . It was hidden away from other creatures and they mostly keep to themselves unless of absolute importance .

Long at last he got to the little hut that was meant for his master . It was the first one of the many similar hut that stood side by side made for the dreamchasers mentors

He stormed in , ignoring all the usual practice of knocking or greeting loudly before enter into a hut that belonged to an elderly but the matter at hand required the most urgent attention.

Master Liam was napping on his bed and his eyes was closed shut . He looked tired and weary as the issue of leading the dreamchasers wasn something little . He was also a mentor in the dreamchasers school and Vin often wondered if his master was over working himself .

He stepped fully into the room, taking in its usual tidiness in appearance . A few spell book was placed neatly on the wooden table and another table stood by itself and on it was the potions that they were changing the formulas yesterday .

It was the potion to stop the diarrhea disease that was getting quite rampant in the village .

He got to his masters bed and gently tapped him on his shoulders . Master Liam turned his back and groaned but he went back to his beauty sleep .

He placed both of his tiny stick like hands on his masters and shook him vigorously ,making the poor old man let out a whelp of shock .

”What in the name of the spirit happened ?? . ” He quickly picked up his robe and slippers getting ready to get out of the room , to find a solution . Any solution .

He thought there must have been some situation of an emergency of sorts that required his attention . Maybe some beezeelbulb had located their farms and damaged their crops ??

Or perhaps had the apprentice at the spell learning office has made a spell gone wrong ? All this were his thought as he stood up quickly .

”Master its happening . ” Vin whispered happily to his master , barely controlling himself from jumping up in excitement ! .

”What is happening?? ” Master struggled to maintain his calm in this type of situation . If there is an emergency the least Vin could do is to tell him about it .

”Master I had a vision ! . ” He couldn control his excitement as he held his masters hand and jumped up and down .

Master Liam stared dubiously at his apprentice since thirteen years ago. He hasn seen him behave in such a way before .

Was something perhaps wrong with his apprentices head ?

Having a vision is nothing special in the land of the dreamchasers . Afterall that was their nature as their name translate to the guardian .

The guardian was their name and therefore seeing visions was one of their cores . Even young dreamchasers are thought on how to direct their thought and on how to call the vision out .

But what could be special about this particular vision ?

”In the name of the great spirit would you just tell me what you saw ? Or would you mind getting locked up in the dungeon?? . ” Master spoke warningly and nodded in satisfaction when he saw the light of excitement slowly dimming in vins eyes but not fully black .

”Master I had a vision about the alignment of star and the corellation of the lunar calendar ”

He grinned enthusiastically again

”So it means ?? . ” Master trialed off

”Yes master it means that the prophecy is about to start . ” Vin chimed in

”When did you say would be the new year in Catyra? It would be the year of pentagon right now ? . ” Master turned to Vin and asked him . Traces of excitement slowly appear on his face but he tried to mask it by clearing his throat continuously.

It was time to put an end to the reign of the Slayer . To put an end to the reign of the tryant !

It was time for the Lord ruler downfall . !

”What are the things we need ?? . ” Master Liam paced around his tiny clumped room . He was excited as well as agitated .

It isn going to be easy

”Nothing much but the most important thing is to find the right one . ” A slight frown marr ok vins face .

Yes itll be quite hard to find the right person , to find the chosen one . But that was why they were there . That was why the dreamchasers are assigned to the task of locating and guarding the chosen way through the path of success .

And to save the nation if Catyra .

”Now boy , get up and gathers the mentors for me . We need the hold a very important meeting . ” He stroked his beard and appeared to be in deep thinking .

Vin doesn need to be told twice , he hurried out of the tiny hut and went straight to the dreamchasers school .


He got to the biggest building in the whole of the village and stopped to take a breather . It wasn a long distance from his masters hut but the adrenaline pumping through his bone was making him out of breath .

It still feels surreal , like a dream . The years they had spent training had finally come to an end . It was time for some actions .

For years , the dreamchasers have lived in seclusion . Have lived in the shadows , away from the bustling of any other creatures in preparation for the prophecy.

The prophecy in which only a very few of the plentiful creatures living in Catyra is aware of .

If those who knew about it are not dead yet . Its been such a long time since the last war

The rebellion of the members of the council against the current Lord ruler .

Many lives had been lost to the cause, the bright brilliant place of magic and fertility , that was the homes of the great many soscerers ,and astrologers was no longer what its used to be .

But not now anymore . None of this practice was current in the land of Catyra again . All forgotten and now remembered as an old myth.

Vin stopped by the huge iron door , he placed his index finger on the wall and uttered a spell .

”Opënä meharä. ”

The door creaked open and whiffs of potion and chemicals filled the air . He stepped fully into the compound , where different learning activities was going on .

Some of the young dreamchasers are learning about potion making , vins very favorite aspect of all .

Ever since he was little , he was excellently endowed with knowledge of the potion making and he had been making a good use of it .

He was also hoping to become part of the dreamchasers mentors as it was a job that was respected by most .

A swishing ball of hot flames flew past his long ears , if not for the quick deflection spell that he had uttered right at the critical time , by the great spirit , one of his ears would have turned into a roasted meat .

He turned his head to see where the ball of flames was coming from , no doubt from one of the students . But still he had to know .

But to his suprise , maree was the one that he saw . A dreamchaser female who was admired by many including Vin .

She was slender and tall , like the rest of them but her crystal blue eyes and long black hair was the characteristics that told her apart .

She was known for her great knowledge and bravery . She was also a mentor at the dreamchasers school and about the same age as Vin .

Though agemates , they had barely share a few sentences with each other in the passing years but that doesn decrease the affection in which Vin has for her .

He cleared his throat and scratched his neck.

”Was that your student handiwork?? . ” He looked around and pointed at the ashes of the ball of flames .

”Ahh yes . Sorry master Vin . I was just teaching them how to conjure fire using the energy from water . As you know its quite hard and not so easy afterall . ” She chuckled a little .

A lofty sound that floated through the air like the melody of the spring .

”I see … ” Was the only reply he could think of .

”But what brings you here master Vin ,?? . ” She raised an inquisitive brow at him .

It flatters him that she was calling him master Vin , when shes a master herself .

”Ahh yes . Master Liam asked me to call the mentors for an urgent meetingggm. ” His voice croaked at the end . He lowered his eyes in embarrassment .

When its not like hes going through puberty ! .

But maree doesn seem to have taken note of his croaking voice .

”An urgent meeting ? What for ? If I may ask . ”

”Of course you may ask me anything! I mean .. err .. . So , its about the prophecy! . ” He couldn hide his excitement again !

She looked visibly shocked and intrigued as her eyes shot up .

”The prophecy?? . ” She asked again as if she can believe it to be true.

”Yes . The prophecy. ” He shared in her excitement .

”If so I must not keep you from delivering the message . Ill go back to my students ” she smiled at him and turned to walk away.

”Youll be there won you ? At the meeting I mean ? . ” He asked her with a tinge of hope . Who knows? Their friendship may start from here or even maybe something more than a friendship?

”Of course! Its a meeting for mentors is it not ? Ill surely be there . See you again in a bit . ” She continued walking .

Vin tried so hard to keep his pounding heart under control . She said shell see him again in a bit !

How delightful is that ?

The sound of the ringing bell brought him back to reality . He needs to get the message across .

He walked away with an evident smile on his face .

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