Chapter four .

Vin walked away excitedly with a huge smile on his face .

He got to the shed that was made for the relaxation of the masters that are not yet teaching or that are in need of a quick break before another teaching session .

He met six masters who are taking in the cool breeze and discussing some irrelevant things .

It was time to discuss of thing of high relevancy! Vin thought to himself as he gently approached them . With that smile still on his face .

”Good day masters . I have come before you today to deliver a very sacred and important message .. ” he slowed down and let his words sink in on them .

One of the mentor ,master Victor stood up from where he was seated and walked to where Vin was standing . Vin kept a good distance between himself and the mentors .

Master Victor spoke first

” What is it that you have to say lad ?? . ” He asked in a gentle manner . He was an old man , almost as old as the village head master Liam . He was wrinkling and white hairs sprayed everywhere on his head .

Vin frowned a little . He doesn like it when people refer to him as ”lad ” or ”boy . ” Although its something his master mostly calls him , but hes hoping he can change it .

”My master , the village head has assigned me to the task of informing the mentors of the great changes that is on the way . ” He paused a little , making the mentors rilled with agitation .

”Which event is that ? And now you must be quick to give us the answers we seek . ” The man that sit besides master Victor spoke . He was a blind man but he ”sees ” mostly what they other can .

Ever since the he was born blind , not even a single accident has been made on his account. . He was the mentor in charge of instructing student on visions .

”Yes master. Its about the prophecy. And its going to take place in two days or three at most . ” He spoke with pride and delight . Pride , because he was the one that first saw the vision . Even before his master did .

”The prophecy?? ” Master Victor asked with a suprised voice . He obviously wasn expecting that .

”Yes master . The prophecy . ” He bowed down

”The meeting is to begin at sun set . I shall take my leave if it pleases the masters . ” He bowed his head again and stood in that position for about half a minutes before master Victor released him .

He went out of the school with a tiny hope of catching a glimpse of maree before leaving but has luck would have it .


Vin spread out the bamboo bench in an orderly manner ,in preparation for the meeting that will be taking place in a little less than twenty minutes .

He dusted the old bench and whistled to himself . The fresh air was calming and the crocoo was howling in the distance .

Everywhere was silent except for the occasion howls and the tune whistle that Vin was making .

His mind wandered to the event of the afternoon and a little smile crept up his face .

”Good evening master Vin . ” Maree popped up from somewhere behind the trees and her face was more relaxed and friendly .

Somehow , she managed to look like any other ordinary female with her hair in disarray and her dress slightly ruffled perhaps from the breeze .

She plopped down on one of the benches and was facing Vin . Who was dusting the dirt away

”G…God..good day master maree . ” He stuttered badly as his heart picked up its pace again .

”Hey , you can just call me maree . No need to get awkward. ” She smiled at him again and he felt like he was melting on the insides by the sight of her beautiful and enchanting smile .

”Then I insist you call me Vin . ” He saw the look of doubt in her eyes and he added ” please . ”

”Alright then Vin. Is there anything I can help you with ?? . ” She wiggled her brows at him in a playful manner . She has that aura , simple yet complicated .

Subtle yet outspoken . Mild yet brave . And theres something that always lurk behind her blue Crystal orbs , amidst her smiles and snides ”Mystery . ”

Vin couldn help but notice, she had that mysterious casting about her. It seems like shes a woman of many secrets .

”Nothing that I can handle myself . ” He replied back .

Maree folded her legs on the other and rested her face on her elbows . She was staring at Vin , making the poor dreamchaser forget how to breathe .

”So how are your students coming along? No more accidents I dare hope ? ” He cleared his throat and avoided eye contact as he speak . To lessened the tension between them .

Maree chuckled at his sudden change of subject and nodded .

”Well my students are just that . Students ! Some are willing to learn and the others thinks they
e too young . I certainly don know who made the reasoning of training young dreamchasers as dangerous . Some are brave yet most are cowards . ” She rolled her eyes and clapped dramatically .

”You can just call them cowards . Though you should know that not everyone is this same . Those ”courageous ” students of yours might be the ones thatll know nothing or little and those cowards the brilliant . ” Vin dusted the last piece and sat down on it . Opposite maree

”Why do I sense partiality my master ? Seems like master Vin was also part of the ” cowards . During his learning days . ” ” She finished with a chuckle and Vin shared in her amusement and smiled .

Soon enough, the space began to get crowded and many mentors began to arrive .

Vin and maree had no time for their discussion again as they went about their different ways ..

Master Liam came out last , and the silence became more soundless .

” Masternar milived!! ” Master Liam shouted . It was an old Catyra language that means ”Dear beloved master . ”

”Strealpfh valdd ton ! . ” The small crowds containing a handful of mentors replied .

”I have gathered you here to inform you of the great changes . The time we have been waiting for . The moment the whole race of the dreamchasers had been waiting for . Its finally happening dear people . Or shall I say its going to happen soon ? . ” Master Liam spoke with such a great conviction and authority .

He stroke his beard and observed the face of each and every mentor present .

Vin felt his masters stare on him and he looked back at his master . He smiled because that was what he was feeling ! .

Happy !

But oddly ,he could feel that the stare was to pass a message to him , a very important message . But Vin couldn get it , he read under his masters lips ,the lines in his forehead , the rise of his brows the slight twist of his mouth , but he got nothing .

What could be the message the his master was trying to pass to him ?? . But still , he thought nothing much of it .

Whatever is it that his master was trying to tell him , hell surely say it later or as the meeting goes on .

He caught a glimpse of maree as she too was also staring intently at his master. Was master Liam trying to pass the message individually??

He did not know . But he certainly hope not

He checked the face of the others , nothing.

”As you all know , years ago . We made a vow , a promise that we all plan to keep it with our lives . Did we not ?? . ”

A shout of ” WE DID . ” Went past through the crowd and master Liam nodded in satisfaction .

”Now the time as come , to show our sincerity , to show our loyalty . As you all know Im too old and fragile to embark on a long journey talkless of a brutal fight . So for this reason Ill need a volunteer . ” Master looked through the crowd as if searching for something .

No hands ! . No one of the mentors raised up their hands as they were all too accustomed to peaceful relation and mild judgement rather than harsh weathers and fierce fight .

”We made a promise, did we not ??. ”

Another huge shout of ” WE DID . ” Rose again .

When you did , why not volunteer , ?? Vin thought to himself . He dare not raise his hand , when they were many elderly mentors that were fitted for the role .

”So who will volunteer??. ” Master Liam peered into the crowd again.

It wasn a huge crowd but just a one that contained a few twenties of mentors and their most trusted apprentice .

So why is nobody raising their hands up ?? This was a great matter that involves the lives of many , and the future of many more but why is there no volunteer??

”Now for the last time Ill ask again , who will volunteer??. The stars will align fully by two days and the prophecy would begin to take form , the lives of many would never be the same again . The lives of many would change for the better , and the world would become a better place to live in. Dreamchasers !!! Weve been living in the shadow , making secrets of our existence and remaining as a myth and mystery to everyone else . This is the time of our race ! To show our sincerity ! ” He finished his long speech with his eyes closed .

Vin looked around but saw no hands . Why are the elderly mentors behaving like a coward ? Why is everyone stepping back ?

Disappointment rose in his guts and splash over him like a cold water in the chilly winter . Was everything going to going down the drain because of the cowardice of the dreamchasers??

Many lives depends on this !

He took a deep breath and closed his eyes . If nobody who volunteer, then he will . It has to be him ! .

He raised his hands on sharply and all eyes turned to him . He didn mind it , as long as someone had to do the things that had to be done .

”Very well lad . Very well . Ive always knew you to be a man of knowledge and courage , a man of discipline . Come forward . ” His master pointed his walking stick at him and smirked .

Was that a smirk ? Why was his old master smirking in a situation like this ? Did his master know something??

The sun has westered and everywhere was somehow bright . Even though Vin saw clearly that the moon was up yet , there was still a grey light in the sky .

He rushed out of the space , scrambling amongst legs and chairs . He got outside to where he could clearly see the sky.

Then he saw it .

His heart flew out of his ribcage at the sight of seven stars that were perfectly aligned with each other .

”Finally . Its starting . ”

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