It\'s happening

Chapter five

The palace was dark and silent , with only the gyoles parading around with grim faces and sniffing about the unusual smell .

There was no unusual smell though , only that of the ashes that were falling from the dark clouds .

Gyoles were supernatural being that were made from different things . Stone , wood and water . Even air .

Their head contained a satchel that was fused with energy and orders , and that was the only things that they lived for . Energy and orders .

The gyoles were created by the Lord ruler to suit is very own purpose , their mediocre ”brain ”has no thought and rather house only the way of carrying out orders by their master . Most of them are used for security purposes, while the others are used for more vile and sinister reason .

General Lawson stomped ruefully on the ashes that stained the whole floor with their dark grey fluffy powder .

”What in the name of the great spirit are the palace maids doing ? Why aren they sweeping the ashes away yet ? . ” He spoke into the unending darkness as he continue to walk on the staircase made from stone . It leads directly into the Lords chamber or rather the Lord ruler shrine , for nobody knew where he lives . Nobody knew where he stays , only that his presence was everywhere .

Even the Lord ruler son , Cian knew not of his father place of dwelling .

”Careful general and speak no more of ”the so called great spirit . ” Lest you incur the wrath of the Lord ruler . ” The stonegyole that was guarding the entrance of the room told him , in their usual controlled deep voice .

General Lawson nodded to the advice given by the gyole and he removed the small bracelet from his wrist and handed it to the gyole , who checked it to confirm the dark energy before allowing him in .

As soon as he entered the room , cold air came in contact with his face and he shivered . He could feel a suppressing power , much more greater than his, that was pressing his head .

The power , like a huge weather hand , wrapped around his throat pressed on it , and his eyes bulged out of their socket. ”It ”squeezed his mouth and nose together , so much that all means of breathing evaded him .

He knew the Lord ruler was angry . Perhaps the Lord ruler was the one the one inflicting this huge unbearable pain on him .

”How dare you ?? . ”

A ringing voice , shrill and deep at the same time sounded inside his head . He knew the Lord ruler was the one speaking inside his head as this was his usual way of communicating with him.

”Spare me my Lord ! Spare me , for I am stupid and daft . ” The words flew out of his mouth in rapid sounds of agony and uncomfortableness.

A huge force threw him away from his feet and smashed him to the wall , made of ancient iron . His eyes turned black , and his fangs elongated , his nail grew quickly out of his fingers and his head throbbed in pain .

The ashes from the sole of his boot flew around in the air , his fangs retracted and the black ominous energy grew around him quickly, in a protective manner .

But he knew better than to do anything more than that .

”Do not speak of ”any other spirit from me . I am the great spirit! !!! . ” ” The voice thundered inside his brain and his legs trembled badly .

His head was pounding and his eyes was flaunctuating between black and red . Black blood dripped from his nose and his head had several cuts and bruises .

”What have you come for ?? . ” The voice was less daunting this time around .

General Lawson couldn speak , words were a luxury that he couldn afford right now . His right ear had been chapped and the bridge of his nose was badly crooked .

He tried to speak , but the only a few incomprehensible sound came out .

”The ….I…the…ires ” he squeaked . He slumped against the wall as the darkness was enveloping him like a cloak .

”You shall speak to my son from now on . ”

He could hear the voice in his head , a tiny faint sound now .

He blacked out .

The ashes have stopped falling by the time general Lawson woke up . The room wasn as cold as before neither was it as dark. His head felt alright and every bruises and cut was healed .

The last sentence of the Lord ruler kept ringing inside his head .

”Youll speak to my son from now on . ”

His son. Cian

It was much more harder to communicate with him than it is to communicate with a swampyth . Hell simply stare at you till you
e done with a your blabber .

Just a sentence or sometimes a phrase , would be his answer to your ultimate blabber .

Lawson stood up and dusted his body . The pink and purple hue lined the sky in readiness for a new day .

He could make out the features of the room very well now , it was huge and creepy . Even in daylight .

The constant cold often made one wonder if the place was built of ice .

There were no chair , no accessory , no nothing . Just a huge cold space and dragging silence .

Lawson dusted his robe and readjusted his boot , he carried his staff and head outside . He could feel it.

The presence of the Lord ruler has diminished considerably from that of yesterday .

He got out of the room and met the gyole that was guarding the entrance.

He nodded his greeting and it spared him one .

It was time to do the almost impossible. Yes , it was almost impossible to get a conversation going with Lord Cian .


The road to Lord Cian mansion was smooth and devious of any ashes . It must have taken a great deal of effort on the slaves part to make sure that everything was this clean .

General Lawson nodded his head in satisfaction , he continued to walk down the road . He would have loved nothing more than to bring the luxurious carriage with himself when he was coming, but as neat and beautiful as the road was , it wasn passable for any other means of transportation except by foot .

So he trotted on , rummaging about the best way to lay down the matter for Lord Cian understanding .

On second thought , he wanted to return back home to the luxury of an early breakfast and to bury his wick inside a warm wick passage . But all that would have to wait , till he was done relaying the message .

As he approached the huge grey castle, his heart rate sped up . Theres something unnerving about the unnatural silence . The place was beautiful no doubt , with the rows and rows of glancingbicicus and poison ivy .

Its just proved the weirdness of the environment . Although it looked ordinary to the eyes , just like any other mansion of the Lords and influential in Catyra but there was something more .

The purple and pink hue linings gradually have way to the orange rays of the early sun . Large opicug trees grew in abundance and the tiny creepers that stuck their mouth menacingly from the tree as if alive .

General Lawson shook his head in refusal, he could never live in a place like this . Cold wind blew everywhere and petals float in the morning air .

He walked faster and reached the door where three stonegyoles were standing guards . There were different from the ones in the Lord rulers mansion .

Their eyes are tiny , that it looked non-existent unless on a closer inspection . Three twigs grew on their foreheads , and a huge mouth in which their frightening black long tongue slithered in and out of there mouth .

These type of gyoles are very much rare and requires a lot of dark energy to create . A rough skin on their necks shows how big their satchel is . This ones must be intelligent and more wicked . A sinister glint was present in their eyes , and the one in the middle , which Lawson was sure was the leader , had a devious smirk on his lips as he approached them

Faints smell of rotten energy that was gained from death and havoc was wafting from them . They probably just finished consuming a lost soul .

General Lawson wrinkled his nose as smell of death and chaos fills the whole place .

”Who might you be ?? . ”The one in the center asked . Black strand of smoke was coming from his mouth and its confirmed Lawsons theory that they just consumed a dark souls . This particular soul seems to be greedy as he was looking for a way to enter the satchel .

Lawson shook his head in pity for the soul , it would just keep distrangling itself and itll be more delicious for the gyoles to eat .

”Im general Lawson . The security affair official . Inform your master of my arrival . ” He raised his head high and stared directly into their red eyes , lest they get the misconception that he was afraid of them .


Not when hes a demon of higher ranking himself. A demon with black energy

The one in the middle titled his head and his three eyes roamed on Lawsons body . He then tapped the one on the left said and communicated to him in a guttural sound. It was a language that only the gyoles and their master understand .

It disappeared into the black gate . A few minutes later , he emerged and grunted the words out .

”Master said you can come in . ”

He dusted the imaginary specks from his robe and entered the gate . He felt a huge revolting power , swirling around him in a tornado waning .

Lord Cian had indeed put a lot of thought and energy into building this mansion.

A dark cloaked figure was standing by the window side , staring outside the wall. His back was straight and his long black hair cascaded down to his shoulder .

His aura was brooding , dark and chilling .

Lawson could not see his face , but just like his father , he could feel him inside his head . He was searching his mind without his permission , all thought were flooding his mind and he was picking on them .

He did not say anything , he just stood there with his broad shoulders facing him .

”My Lord ? . ” General Lawson probed .

He was pissed ,quite alright but he couldn let his emotions get the best of him. Who knew what Lord Cian was capable of ??

Still he said nothing . Silence stretched out longer and kept making Lawson uncomfortable.

Then a deep baritone voice spoke inside his head , startling him so much that a suprise cry flew out of his mind .

A breezy thick and cultured voice that belonged to no one but Lord Cian . But why won he turn his back ? Why won he speak like any other demon??

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