Planet Thanen, in the midst of nowhere.

Grunts of pain could be heard while a group of women walked in and out of a room in a frenzy.

King Hanix Thanen, a red-haired man with red wings protruding from his back, stood at the entrance of the hall, without concern for the rudeness of the nurses. He waits at the door with a few people who, like Hanix had wings of different colours out on their back and among all the most eye-catching is a younger version of the king, Crown prince Osian Thanen, with his similarly red hair and wings.

Suddenly, there was a brief silence in the room as no grunts were heard for a few seconds before the cry of a baby could be heard echoing from the room. Hanix was about to burst into the room with his people when a frantic step could be heard from the hallway.

Dissatisfied, Hanix was about to rebuke the one who came from the corridor to discover that he was his butler. His butler rushed towards him with joy on his face, forgetting to use his technique of motion.

”Your Majesty! Your Majesty! Look out the window! ” His butler, Reginald, cried before anyone could comment on his vile demeanour.

Hanix was still about to reprimand him when he sensed something with his spiritual sense and with a quick step he entered the room to check the corridor, followed by his entourage, completely forgetting about the newly born baby.

In the outside sky was a phoenix phenomenon that seemed to fly across the nine carefree and proud skies. Watching the phenomenon, Hanix suddenly realized something looking at his baby, his daughter, who was still crying in the nurses hands and his eyes revealed joy.

”Hahaha… This is auspicious! The time has come for the phoenix to fly. ”

It seems like this daughter of his was very blessed and will bring good tidings to their Royal household.

Hanix made a move to fetch her from the nurse while the rest looked at the phenomenon when his daughter suddenly stopped crying as her little eyes began to show fear. A gasp was heard at his back from his entourage watching the phenomenon.

Suddenly, an oppressive force descended, and everyone in the room felt as if they were being watched by their most ferocious predator as they all froze in fear of attracting a calamity.

They all suddenly felt like they were mortal once more.

Everything darkens.

The twin suns became invisible.

The phoenix in the sky was devoured by this darkness.

All the lights on the planet were devoured by the darkness, even the spiritual

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