The Chaotic Herculean

Void Heaven Reality

Sounds of metal hitting each other resounded throughout the whole space as Barry watched as the one in front of him falls down the tower wall, most likely not going to survive till the end.


Snapping out of his musings as he dodged an arrow aimed at his head hitting some unfortunate background character behind him. Focusing on the one in front of him, he moved to propel himself forward as he appeared in front of the archer who had also prepared his dagger, lunging at him too.

Stabbing at the archer, who blocked it with one of his wings and retaliated with a kick Barry blocked with one of his own and with a swipe of his sabre towards the archers neck he dodged another stab of a sword from another winged behind him. Using the momentum from the missed swipe of the sabre, he beheaded the ambusher from behind while kicking the archer causing his bow to drop.

Barry very quickly picked up the bow and fired about five strands of his Qi as projectiles causing explosions at different parts of the tower he occupied and with a shout, ”ALL ABOVE!! ”

His squad, leaping up the fifty-meter tall tower in two steps joined him on the watchtower he secured for them.

”Nice one cap
. ”

”We captured one first. ”

”Mushroom head squad will get it today. ”

His boys, quickly hailed him as they got their footings on the tower, spreading to expand their advances outward and maybe join other squads and conquer this side of the wall before looting the town downstairs.

As a man who holds himself in high regard, Barry naturally had no interest in the properties of the little people, only the dukes legacy can move him. His instincts tell him his opportunity is here, which is the one reason why he signed up for this expedition or massacre.

Nevertheless, there are some good cultivation techniques in the city, and many families known for marching behind the duke in battles live here, if he could not find the dukes legacy, those would do for him.

”Move. ” He commanded as his team moved towards another tower at the east facing the hordes of foundation-establishing winged men. Holding the rear, he used the bow he seized from the archer, who he didn care for their condition.

Shooting strands of his Qi at the winged men from the rear, exploding multiple projectiles in the crowd coming at him, causing high damage to their enemy and the wall they are standing on.

Halfway through their journey towards the other tower, their allies over there got a foothold on the watchtower and started expanding in their direction.

Suddenly, a bad feeling welled up in Barrys heart and he shouted,


Darkness consumed all.

This feeling of the world engulfed in darkness and shadows still proved hard for Unseen to get used to.

/What were you dreaming about?~~~/

/What a pitiful kid, hes probably having a nightmare./

Unseen woke up to find himself passed out in an alley, looking at the ring on his fingers not minding the voices in his head.

”I have six hours left. ” He mutters to himself. ”The energy from the core seems to have been used up. ”

/No joke, do you know how hard it is to charge the ring for you?/

/Yeah… We wasted a saint core for you./

”Have you taken care of the Nascent in the City? ”

/How dare you…/

/Of course, why would you doubt our ability to do a simple task as such?/

”Its time. ” Not heeding their anger and doubts he proclaimed calmly,

”Angel Rahira, little Vena. This is for you. ”

/Excellent!!! I am starting to see the shine eldest saw in you./

/Hmph… You know he is dying…/

/Thats what is excellent… Calm in face of death/

Shaking himself, adjusting his condition, Unseen moved towards the centre of the city, disappearing into the alley.



”Is he going to come? ”

”I don know but after this is all over, I would request a vacation. ”

”Why do you need a vacation? Simple resting should be enough for you. ”

”I want to take a month to stay with my family. ”

A group of five guards were talking at the rear gate of the mansion, seemingly bored but with alert eyes saying otherwise as they were scouring everywhere around them.

Nevertheless, they were unable to spot the attacker who swooped in ferociously as he stabbed two with a dagger as soon as he appeared. With a back kick at another, he broke the leg eliciting a scream from him.

The remaining were already on him by this time, unfazed by the death of their accomplice as they stabbed their weapons. Dodging the spear, he moved to the side of the one with a broken leg who seem to be standing up and with a kick to the temple, he knocks him out for the day. A sabre appeared by his neck silently, like it was ethereal, trying to behead him but with a quick and calm movement forward he was in front of the sabre wielder and with a flash he stabbed out five times, finishing with the sabre wielder but still taking a spear attack to his back.

The spear wielder, expecting his attack to go through his opponent was left surprised as he felt a huge force coming from the spear in his hands and before he could react, he was thrown back with the spear flying out of his hands.

Before he could get his bearings, he saw what looked like an axe coming down towards his head, with a shocked look, his neck was broken taking him out of action for months.

Unseen, now standing in the middle of the scuffle that took seconds got his bearing and moved into the manor.

As soon as he crossed the manor gate, he felt a wave pass through him, to which he calmly shrugged. Despite not having the ring to support him, he was never trying to enter stealthily, he wanted to break Vospan Atariel.

Quite soon, he sensed a bunch of people coming in his direction, to which he gradually merged into the shadow of a tree beside him. A group of guards gathered but found no one in the garden.

”Split but don lose sight! We have to find him here. ” The one who led them here announced.

”Fifth squad here. Seeking reinforcements. ” He whispered to his badge.

The group promptly split into different corners of the garden searching for Unseen with most of them holding spears.


The sound of bones breaking and a body falling resounded in the garden, alerting all present there of their foe.


Before they could gather themselves, another iteration of the sound echoed but was followed by a wretched scream. Two guards were writhing on the floor with one screaming wretchedly, the screaming one had his spine broken, a career-ending injury for a foundation establishment but not life-threatening. The other one his neck snapped to one side, brutal but not life-threatening for foundation establishment.

”ON ME!! ” The leader called as he moved towards their wounded comrades to find Unseen but found no one in the vicinity.

”Defensive!! Reinforcements are coming. ” Towards the companions gathering towards him, he called. Another wave passed and the group in their defensive formation pulled out their badge on which they found the location of Unseen updated.

With a shout, they all made long-range attacks towards the location, razing the surface but found nothing there.

”Fuck, who is controlling the formation? Why isn it updating live? ” One of them muttered discontentedly as she looked around in suspicion not daring to leave the formation.

”The rest of the group will gather here soon, CALM!! ” Looking at his squad who seem to be on the edge, the leader used a calming spell on them.

”Pull the injured into the formation and stabilize their injuries. They must not get worse. ” He commanded and right after he did that, footsteps were heard from all corners of the garden as the other squadrons enter the scene.

”Last update shows he is here, he couldn have escaped in the short while spread and search. ”

”No… Form a trapping formation and close in on us. Spreading will make individual targets. ” The leader of the fifth team quickly debunked that idea for them as hed already seen what happens as far as splitting up is concerned.

”Heh… Five, there you are, I thought youd be dead by now. ” One of the other leaders made a snide comment.

”Seven, you know we are dealing with one who has a core right? ” Not minding the commentary, the fifth team leader responded.

”Fifth is right but that doesn matter… Split up into groups of three and close in on fifth. ” Someone else responded to their banter with an order.

”Yes… Third Leader. ” Fifth and Seventh responded looking at the man with two sabres, they knew to stop their banter as the normal-looking family guy is also a false core cultivator.

With good efficiency, they sweep towards the fifth squad who still retained their formation while waiting for the next update.

They were not disappointed as the next wave came when the three groups are in a circular formation with the fifth in the centre, and the others at the perimeter of a diameter of about seventy-five meters.

”Yin dragon blast… ”

”Hundred Beast Fist, bear king swipe… ”

”Twin Moon Sabre, first move… ”

The three team leaders all attacked the spot marked on their badges as soon as they got the update. The spot, which points to a tree in the garden, was blown to bits by the attack creating a crater about five meters deep and seven meters wide.

Nothing could be found on the spot, save from rocks and debris. Spreading his spiritual sense, the third team leaders face suddenly changed and he screamed,



Explosions rang out throughout the garden, razing all in the vicinity.

”Fools, as if I have time to waste with you. ” Kilometres away, Unseen muttered as he continued moving towards the centre of the manor.

/Heh… ruthless but you still have a long way to go to reach my level./

/Hmph…Idiot boys…/

Unseen moved a few more kilometres before he stopped. Gazing at his front and seeing the buildings remain the same and they all seem deserted but the depth and feeling don match.

After a few moments of pondering, unseen took that step, bringing him to a different scenery with multiple attacks flying at him. Dodging a few, only to take the rest, Unseen was a bit injured as he takes a look at his surroundings.

He was standing at the audience seat of an amphitheatre as he was surrounded by five individuals in a crescent formation and one at the centre of the amphitheatre looking at him with immense killing intent and hatred.

”You… I studied your methods… ” Vospan said scathingly, ”You seem to deprive cultivators of their long-distance advantage. ”

As he was talking, the five in the crescent formation move nearing Unseen as if measuring their steps and distance.

”You corner them in short range and defeat them before a separation can be made. ”

”I prepared this formation for you. ”

”I don intend to play this game with you and your supporters. You will be dying here whether you want to or not. ”

Gazing at Vospan, Unseen was calm, no sign of agitation could be seen outwardly. Pulling out a gun from his ring he aimed at Vospan, confirming the injuries he suffered had been healed.

”I was never playing games with you. ”



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