The Void Heaven Tower is a magnificent cylindrical construct with a dark exterior filled with runes and talismans.

The tower itself is a treasure.

This is the sentiment experts have about the tower, the tower is a symbol of authority none of the so-called experts in this system dares disrespect. The tower is a power that transcends the solar system.

The Tower is said to exist across the whole six paths, with multiple celestials among their ranks. To give perspective about how powerful it is, this solar system exists in a mortal galaxy which exists in a cluster exists in a domain which exists in the Mortal Path of the Six Paths which is said to be boundless. To have a branch across the whole Six Paths is an absurd concept to all living in this solar system.

Void Heaven City. All Planets with a tower will have a city named Void heaven City.

The Void Heaven City like the tower is a majestic city with tall walls with a fee for everyone entering the city and another fee for extended stay within the city. As a city hosting the Void Heaven Tower, it is home to nobles, merchants, mercenaries and all occupations from all walks of life. The only thing common to the inhabitants is that theyve shown that they have the strength to live in the city.

As a Duke household, the Cloudes own a manor in the city, a manor abandoned as no one has been able to lay a legitimate claim to it since the duke died and the manor was locked by the Void Heaven Tower. As a result, people who wish to lay claim to it were not few and new ones would be seen every few mortal weeks to which they would be crippled by the guards of the VHT present. This had happened many times it became a sport to guess who sent the frauds and how well their exploits have progressed.

Today was quite different, the fraud does not look to be a fraud, he looks to be a boy, made known by his tunic which opens up his left chest and confirmed his gender.

Two kittens curled on both his shoulders, a black one and a white one, both looking on indifferently at the small crowd at the entrance of the manor.

”Who is he? Ive never seen this one before. ” A spectator whispered his question.

”A new face, hes so handsome, why would he come here to be crippled? ” another replied.

”Little brat, where your mama? ” a bulky man jeered at him.

”Little brother, why don you follow me? I can teach you to become a man. ” A woman catcalled seductively.

”Heh… Someone over-weighs their importance in the big picture. ” Another sounded jealous.

”HALT!! This is the property of the Cloude family, failing the test with result in you being crippled. Do Not Trespass. ” One of the Guards announced, to which Orion just looked at him and replied quietly.

”Yeah, This is the Place. ” Moving forward, he stopped at exactly ten feet from the gate and proclaimed: ”The Roc has come to perch. ”, with fluctuations in energy the spectators find hard to capture.

Lo!!! The gate swings open!!!

”Lets go, Apathe… Pragma… This will be our home for a while. ” Enters with his kittens leaving the spectators slack-jawed at the outcome no one expected.

The first to recover was the guards who quickly brought out their computation cards as they called the tower for confirmation of the absurdity. The spectators recovered a moment later and a ruckus erupted at the gate.

”The Roc is here to perch? The ROC? ” A man screamed in horror before taking off. No one blamed him, being associated with Roc or Cloudes could be said to be a certain death sentence, especially since their family is associated with the void hour. Many of the spectators left too, some left with intention while others were just horrified at the possible catastrophe that might result from them being present.

While some people remained at the gate of the Cloude manor, they were not as chatty as they were before, they knew that whatever happens here might determine how this era turns out. This era might be as dark as the void hour with no end in sight or as bright as the end of the void hour. Everyone at the gate was all victims of the void hour, they do not require another void hour, so they were filled with conviction to see whatever happens and were also fretful about the outcome or whatever comes after that.

”Guys, I am still standing here at the front of the Cloude manor, todays IRL stream just took another turn. We are waiting for the VHT officials to confirm the test and the ambassadors of various powers to see the decision they come to. ” The most eye-catching spectator was a multicoloured winged female with a sharp voice, holding a computation card to the manor seemingly having recorded the whole show and is still recording to an audience. Even her original sharp voice seems to have become blunt as she seems to recognize the effect this could have on her. Her chat was filled now but she seems not to have noticed it.

”Oh… here they come! ” she exclaimed sharply causing everyones attention to focus on the group flying over, at the forefront was a young elf, a dark elf but with two horns on his forehead.

”Oh! its an Ula
ee! ” the streamer commented softly as she bowed in respect.

An Ula
ee, they are quite popular in the sector of the galaxy, the tower master here was also an Ula
ee but he is said to be quite old. Therefore, this must be the progeny of the tower master, the others realized that too as they bowed in respect to a superior bloodline. Behind him were two guards in the VHT uniform and the rest were just representatives from different families in the system present in the city. As they were all flying, this means they are in the nascent soul realm, though some bloodlines grant flight before Nascent Soul this group was comprised mainly of Nascent soul.

The presence of that much Nascent soul brought pressure to those on the floor causing them to kneel in respect.

”To the occupant in the manor, we require you to go through an additional test before we can confirm your legitimacy. Will you please come out? ” The Ula
ee raised his voice with his Qi to reach into the manor.

”Orion. Orion Cloude. How will you test my legitimacy? ” A soft voice resounded similarly to Ula
ee which caused a handful of gasps from the audience which was already growing.

”We need to match your blood with your ancestors, ” Ula
ee responded similarly, not taking offence at the boy.

”Pragma… Go present this to them. ” Orions voice sounded once more but this time it seemed indifferent.

”Match his blood against mine. ” At this point, Pragma, the white cat could be seen purring dissatisfaction with a bottle in its mouth, in it is a purple-coloured liquid. With a twist of its neck, Pragma threw it at those in the air, to which the Ula
ee caught in his hands.

”Are you sure, you can examine that blood? If you have an iota of doubt establish protocol S8T. ” Orions voice sounded indifferent again as if he was talking to a lesser. This time Ula
ees facial expression changed as he looked grim.

”How do you know that? ” His voice sounded hoarse now.

”Of course, he knows that. ” Another voice responded with a light chuckle, as a projection manifested beside him.

The projection kowtowed before the manor.

”Greetings Your Excellency! ”

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