Your Excellency?

Everyone was in shock.

Who was this projection that appeared out of nowhere?


”Where is your ancestor? How come I got here before him? ” The Ula
ee was hit by the projection, sending him flying a long distance. Those still kneeling could not comprehend what was happening, even the gossipy streamer was silent, as talking could destroy her and her family.

The magnitude of this case seem to have turned another notch, even the nascent souls behind were also stunned but none of them dared say anything.

”Nautilus? You
e still alive? ” Orions childish voice sounded surprised.

”Not for very long Your Excellency… ” The projection who Orion called Nautilus seemed bitter before he turned and slapped the dazed Ula
ee flying again.

”How did that brats progeny become irredeemably stupid? Fucking Idiot, how many times will I ask you to call your ancestor? ” with another slap, the miserable Ula
ee was sent flying again.

”Are my siblings watching? ” Orion said once more to which Nautiluss middle-aged face became even more bitter.

”It is being recorded. Your Excellency. ”

”Brothers and sister, its been a while. I won be coming back anytime soon. I leave Nautilus to you, hes a good guy and I still have assignments for him. ”

”Hmm…Oh! I named myself Orion Cloude… What else? I can remember now. Bye for now. ” At this point, Orion appeared outside the manor, presenting himself to the world standing on a barrier with a black kitten on his shoulders as he floats beside the white kitten, Pragma, who was still watching everyone with disdain as it climbs the other shoulder of Orion.

”Apathe… ” Orion whispered as he waved the projection of Nautilus away, to which the black kitten disappeared.

”All Disperse. ” the crowd outside the manor quickly excused themselves.

”Lets go back. ”

Asmoranthe Pierrot thought she was quite unlucky today. No one would feel blessed to have their lives at the hands of several eccentric people who could end their lives at any moment, but she promised her followers to not end the IRL stream for the whole planet day or she gets over ten million viewers.

She wasn going to get ten million viewers, only have to complete the days work.

Let me ask the viewers for pointers on a new activity. She thought trying to look at the displays on the card.

”Hey guys, to continue on my- Oh! My! God!! ” She screamed sharply in the middle of the road.

50 million viewers!!!

VHT, as the main developers of the InfiPlex, set it in stages or layers the amount Asmoranthe does not know. Each successive layer comes with an extra benefit and there are many ways to increase privileges on the InfiPlex.

One is to pay the fee, which is exorbitant for even the nobles of the system.

One is to get several followers on one of VHTs platforms like VHTube which Asmoranthe is using.

The last is subscription based.

50 million viewers opened up another layer for Asmoranthe, one very much needed for someone like her.

With a quick realization, she ran back to her apartment, with a deep bow she thanked her viewers profusely before she started asking for her thought on the events that happened today at the Cloude Manor.

”Guys, I just realized that I don understand any of the things that were discussed at the Cloude Manor. So, I want to spend the rest of the time Ive set for the stream on trying to understand this world, planet, solar system. ”

”Ill try to get an interview with… with… was it Orion Cloude? I have decided after seeing the turn-up, Ill shift from lifestyle to more on-board reporting. It will be hard and dangerous but I think Ive found my purpose and Im not letting it go. ”

”We have fifty million heads here, some might have clues about what happened at the manor, Im the only one taking risks here. Please post your understanding about the scenario, Ill restrict the chat to Educational, so bear with it. ” Asmoranthe said seriously and with a tone filled with conviction when she mentioned her plans.

”First question, who is the projection? Nautilus? ” She asked and immediately thousands of messages flooded as even Educational mode would not stop people from spamming the chat but they are all cultivators.

Asmoranthe quickly enabled her star filtering and scanned only those rated four or five stars by the VHTubes Algorithms. Quickly, she identified a group of individuals with sincere responses.

[Nautilus, I checked and found he was one of the earliest sky-folk known in our solar system and probably one of the few known to have been confirmed to have left the solar system after becoming saints. – Assmosimp_069]

[Nautilus along with Diana Thanen were the leaders of the sky-folk of their generation. Nautilus later left the solar system after sanctifying himself while Diana Thanen established the Thanen Kingdom becoming a pioneer of the system. -thicc_specs_]

[I found something amazing when I checked about Nautilus in our archives, He and his peers were the ones who introduced the VHT to our system. We were troglodytes before Nautilus and his peers.]

[This also means Nautilus and peers weren aboriginals and to our system.]

[Oh I also found out that the fourth generation Tower master was the Saint Ula
ee. He was the next known saint after Nautilus and it seems Ula
ee taught him some things before ascending. Saint Ula
ee was Nautiluss junior. Oh! can I be one of your informers? – BB_scientist]

Asmoranthe read the most important comments and realized that, in short, Nautilus was… incredible?

”So this incredible man kowtowed to Orion Cloude? and beat the officiating Ula
ee? ”

At this point, they all realized that this is a case that transcends their system.

”All for that kid, even if hes cute and handsome. Oh, hes Handsome, but who is he? How powerful could he be? I mean, hes a kid? ”

[Their Ancestor? Why else would knowledgeable people come to a barbarian planet? Fleeing from war?]

[It might just be infighting in their family which their branch lost only for them to be banished. His conversation with Nautilus would prove that.]

[Then, Where are they from? How powerful are they?]

[I hope our system doesn become a war ground between saints]

Suddenly, without any warning, a shadow appeared behind Asmoranthe moving a dagger towards her neck very silent that there was no wind movement.

This is the work of a master assassin, probably one very close to the Nascent Soul realm.

Time seem to have stopped as the dagger moved eerily close to her neck while she seem oblivious to that, suddenly an annoyed purring sounded and the illusion of delayed sound seem to have shattered.


Time seemed to resume to normal as Asmoranthe and her chat seem to have realized what happened.

”Fool. Doing something as dangerous as looking into history without protection? ” Before they could react, Orions childish voice sounded in the room.

Startled, Asmoranthe turned around and could find nothing but a pristine white kitten and a pool of blood and clothe it seems to be avoided as if it was the most disgusting thing ever. Asmoranthe bowed in the direction of the Cloude manor.

”Thank you very much, sir. ”

”Thank Pragma. She seems to be your fan, not even Apathe gets that much attention from her. ”

Speak of the devil, the black kitten entered the room from seemingly nowhere and dropped a badge onto Asmoranthes table. A badge that looks to be made of wood but not, black and had a carving of VMG Trainee on it.

Apathe looks resentfully at Pragma who just shrugs after what seems to be a sniff of disdain from her.

”The badge leads to an academy of gossipers like you. I don know when their next recruitment is. Find that yourself. The badge should offer you a layer of protection as those gossipers are very protective of their kind. ”

While still processing the events that just happened now, Orions voice sounded with a farewell tone after which the two kittens dutifully disappeared.


Of course, she was only rewarded with silence.

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