There are seven planets and multiple moons in the Umbron system in which the planet Ula
ee resides.

Only Three of the planet have a conducive environment to sustain lives for an extended period. Umbron, Thanen and Panles are the only planets that can sustain lives for longer periods, the rest are resource planets which is to be mined by slaves in rotation. As the planets have different orbits, their day-night cycle is all different. Thanens days are equivalent to 4 mortal days long and the nights are over 2 mortal days long, having an unequal day-night length is common in the six paths.

This night of Thanen would be longer for some group of people as the nobility in azure mountain know that the prophet had sent a memo claiming an attack aimed at #65 Vospan Atariel, the little azure saint and the son of the Nascent soul city lord of the azure mountain city.

As the sun was setting, the curfew was raised, and only cultivators licensed by the city lord were allowed to move about. Any other person without a seal is to be eliminated on sight, the city lord was not taking chances with his only son.

The city patrol would not be sleeping this night.

Unseen was walking from street to street leisurely as his shadows in the night seem to be aiding him. Walking from street to street and alley to alley, he passed by many patrol groups whose spiritual sense scans were unable to detect him and even the overbearing might that descended from the formation sweeping the city seems to not affect him the same as the patrol group.

Stopping for the first time since sunset, he looked at a manor in front of him. The ring on his fingers lit up and covered him with a film of shadows as he passed through the guarding formation of the manor, moving into the manor.

Disregarding the elder sleeping at the entrance and formation, the Unseen went straight for the library in the building. Upon entering the library, he took out a small book and hung it on a shelf before moving to the central pillar of the library fixing a high-grade exploding talisman on it and watching as it blended with the pillar.

Finished with his assignment in this library, he moved to the treasure room where he met another elder sitting at the entrance making the Unseen wonder if these elders are just following novel prototypes or if thats a common habit by these elders.

Shrugging it off, he moved through the slits in the door like a ghost, entering the treasure room. Walking around the treasure room, he saw many treasures he had never known before but were identified by the ring on his hands.

” ”

” ”

”Woah, many good things are present here. ”

Swiping some of them with the ring and placing explosive talismans at strategic locations, he left just as he returned leaving the manor.

”Few more to go. ”

Just like that, he visited a few more places of import in the city and repeated the same actions.

Good thing the ring was already pre-charged by those two old coots.

At the eight hours since sunset, leaving over forty hours left, Unseen had finished his burglary assignment and he appeared in a room in one of the more secure inns in town, setting alarms and traps, he lay on the bed.

”No rush, the night is still young and I need to recuperate from my injuries. ” He muttered, remaining still, unknown if he is asleep or just lying on the bed.

While the Unseen was sleeping, his targets are anything but.

In the city lords manor was a room and in the room were two people drinking tea, their bearings superb. One was serving the other, no one else was with them.

Vospan Atariel, blond with golden eyes that looks to be in his twenties, handsome with a little touch of gentleness. His eyes seem to contain many emotions flickering incessantly. The dream man of many ladies, known to help people of azure mountains, killing bandits and beasts protecting the city. That was how he got known as the Azure Mountain Saint.

But hes serving another man tea, though not subservient, the respect could be seen on his face.

The other man, or avian, as he had jet black hair, wings and pupils that seems to carry bloodlust, pride, indifference and calmness. This is a prime of the Rave family, Ardian Rave, the dark horse that has been disturbing the rankings these days. Sitting there, being covered in death aura like a death god, Vospan thought the character is more impressive than described.

Looking at the man in front of him, Vospan found it hard to conceal his emotions as he had been having a hard time doing that recently especially now that he is being targeted by a lunatic. Not that he is worried about dying to the lunatics blade, theres no way an upstart could pull a fast one on him. The only reason he seems to be cowering like this is that hes starting to lose control of his emotions, worrying him about a possible deviation shortly.

Ardian coming here is probably to pull him into his ambitions by giving him something he can reject, and the best time to mask this meeting is now when news of a lunatic attacking me comes to light.

e both smart people master Vospan. You know why I am here today, what do you think? ” Vospan allowed Ardian to start the conversation, not wanting to look as desperate as he is feeling.

”What do I get by doing this, risking the whole city… what can you offer me? ” Vospan stated, not hiding his inclination to join in on the Raves scheme.

Heh… straight to the point I see. Ardian thought in contempt, not giving any thought to what Vospan might be thinking. Vospan is not the only candidate he has in mind for his ambitions, just that Vospan is the most desperate according to his investigations and had the higher ceiling among his candidates.

Well, if he is going to be direct, I don see why not, being here is boring anyway.

Reaching into his inner pocket he brought out a book, putting it on the table and Vospan was freaked out.

”That is just the first Volume. ” Ardian said simply looking at the book with Emotion Severance Sutra as the title as if it is just a common book.

”What? Just the first volume? How is that Helpful? ” Vospan was very frantic right now, shouting at Ardian with fury and greed brimming in his eyes.

”Do not spit at my kindness, if you don calm yourself down I might put you down before and idiot variable does that. ” Ardian was very calm looking at Vospan, ”Do you think this is a method peddled on the street? This is a divine inheritance. ”

As he was saying that, the death aura on his body increased pressuring Vospan greatly, with a wave of his fingers he sealed the book.

”I only got the first volume by luck and it should suffice until you after you become a saint. I have clues about the second one but your performance will determine how hard I work to get it for you. ”

”Thank you for your lenience, young master Ardian. ” Vospan was cowering now, with sweat flowing out of his face.

How distasteful… It seems his condition was worse than I thought. Ardian frowned before continuing.

”As for the Unseen or what is he called, I look forward to seeing your performance with him too, I will send the method of unsealing when he is confirmed dead. ”

Lets see how he deals with the variable, I should not meddle with the variable unwisely… I should not accumulate too much negative karma.

I am already tainted with too much karma and I don have any leads on who the prophet is.

Their legacy is too much of a wildcard.

With that, he left the building under the guise of a patrol officer, disappearing into the night.

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