The First Reaper

The Preparations

w onto Hades newly formed ring finger. Hades then cracked his neck as Charon got a good look at him, his hair which was previously dirty blond was now white with sigils floating across it just like Charon. Unlike Charon however, Hades hair was naturally much shorter and was just long enough for it to be slightly styled. Also unlike Charon, Hades iris were still there but now shone as a deep shade of purple. Charon realized the eyes might be proof of his status as the creator, or father, of his new species.

”This is for the lack of warning, Asshole. ” Hades stated before landing a punch on Charons face bringing him out of his thoughts as he was launched out of the dome of black fire made by Hades.

Charon began laughing as he got up but stopped when he and felt something click into place between them. Charon and Hades shared a glance before suddenly receiving a racial memory, Charon receiving it quicker than Hades who also received knowledge of how to turn someone into their race. The headache from the information being shoved into him resolving itself much quicker, with Charons experience from last time helping him recover faster.

”Intriguing, due to our souls becoming a part of our physical bodies, we hold more power over not only our own soul and body, but also over others as well. Any promise made by any one of us, whether it be with one of our own or with another race will chain the souls of those consenting to that promise, with my race being more resistant to the consequences due to our special nature. However, someone not of my race will not be so lucky. With the best case scenario for them being soul damage which will severely weaken them for quite a while. ” As Charon began to fall into
esearcher mode, Hades came back from the vision and could sigh before slapping Charon over the head.

”Charon! Save the research for later. How did we receive racial memories when you are the first of our species and haven discovered much about this race yet? ” Hades showed confusion, a rare emotion to appear on his usually confident and stoic face.

”Hmm? Oh, I think I already know the answer to that. You see, the brain had parts of it that handled breathing, digesting food, minor stuff that you wouldn need to focus on right? ” Charon became excited, like a child who discovered what his parents were planning to get him for his birthday.

”Yeah? But I don see how… Ooooooh. ” Having listened to Charons many rants about his research, Hades saw where Charon was going.

”Exactly, If the soul and the body are split, and the mind is where the two met previously, at least according to Mind-Body duality which so far seems to have been correct. Then that means that the part of our souls which handled those unconscious functions now have nothing to focus on due to our bodies most likely no longer needing the majority of those functions since we are mostly made up of Soul Energy and several types of Mana. So what do those parts do now, at the very least until we can gain control over our whole soul? ” Charon continued his lecture, like a teacher patiently explaining a complex topic like it was common sense.

”Instead, it focuses on merging our consciousness with itself, one of the best ways to do so would be to fully understand what exactly the limits of our new race are. ” Understanding dawned on Hades face as he answered Charons question.

”Exactly! Now because its simply a part of our soul, it can only discover things as the conscious part of our soul does, however, due to its capability to process information much faster than us especially since the conscious portion of our souls are so used to the limitations of a brain that we subconsciously apply that limit even though it is no longer a factor for us. So I believe our current goal would be to combine the subconscious and conscious portions of our souls before we can start truly figuring out how to strengthen our race further. Once our limitations, subconscious or not, are removed we can begin to rapidly improve and understand conceptsat rate never before seen amongst any race ”

Of course, neither Hades nor Charon noticed that over the course of their conversation the two halves of their soul were becoming fused, removing some of the subconscious limitations put on their thinking process. At the end, their souls went from being divided roughly in half between subconscious and conscious to about 30% subconscious and 70% conscious, something they wouldve noticed if both of them didn get sweeped up in Charons innate knowledge hungry nature.

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