The Phantasm of Magic

A Fantastic Guy?

As Lili had wished herself and walked past the gate. She had come to know whom she needed to meet. Her steps were slow and because it was so cold she don know that this country would be this cold.

The fact that MOU was an institution was not clear; only the sign declaring it to be the MO university made her pause. It appeared to be a collection of matching grey-coloured buildings. She couldn tell how big it was at first because there were so many trees and shrubs.

Her uncle had built it so brilliantly that every student wanted to study here anyway. The journey from here seemed quite lengthy, and she could see buildings beginning to appear on her way. She has to go to the first building and the first office.

Where was the institutions vibe? She mused nostalgically. Where had the chain-link fencing and metal detectors gone? She grinned when she realised there were no such things, and after strolling like a pig for a while, she came to a stop in front of the first building, which had a small sign over the door stating front office.

There were no students in her view because it was the first building and the office of the head was present. There were piles of paper so she could tell the building about paperwork such as exams and other sectors.

It wouldn be necessary if her cousin was here, but since there was no appearance of her cousin, she opted to ask for directions inside instead of looping around like an idiot in this chilly weather.

Humming, she moved and opened the door of the office, which created an Eh Uh sound because it was made of glass, and it made a voice suggesting a visitor.

It was brightly lit inside and warmer than she had expected. The workplace was small; a small waiting area with padded folding chairs, brown-flecked commercial carpet, notes and awards adorning the walls, possibly from matches or prizes, and a large clock ticking loudly due to the silence, Plants sprang in enormous plastic pots all throughout the place, as if there wasn enough greenery outside. It appears that her uncle or this lady has a remarkable affection for nature.

Lili approached the counter and noticed three desks behind it, and a red-haired woman wearing eyeglasses. She was dressed in a black silk dress, which made her feel overdressed. Lili wondered whether she was at a funeral or anything because her clothing resembled one. The redhead woman raised her head. ”How may I assist you? ”

”My name is Liliana Ian, ” she introduced herself, and immediate awareness lit her eyes. It was assumed that she had been informed that a new student would be arriving during the semester. The fact that she didn give a damn or thought that the middle of the semester would get her sacked. Nonetheless, she has arrived.

It is not a problem for them to admit a student who has migrated from another state, but if the student has to simply change their institute, they will never accept you, the first thing she noted. Fact!

She is also the niece of the head principal, thus this is a huge opportunity for her. Take note of the sarcasm.

”Of course. I know you will come today. Welcome to the MOU, Ms Ian. ” The attendant said.

Suddenly, a couple of black horns appeared on the ladys head, and her black eyes turned red and black crimson. When Lili glanced at the lady, a startled voice came out of her mouth, followed by another blink of her eyes, the things have gone just like that.

Lili thought she saw the horns, the eye colour, the black dress with the redhead. Lili looked around suspiciously but didn grasp the fact that she was hallucination on her first day.

”Ive got your schedule and a map of this institute right here. ” She brought many pages to the counter to exhibit roe. She acted normal while Lili believed she is indeed very tired.

Lili closed her eyes while holding her hands together. ”Im sure I can do it. ” She mumbled, but the woman heard her and was obliged to look Lilis way.

”Its perfectly Fine. Just take a moment to relax. ” She made the universal stop motion with her hand. ”We
e not in a rush. ”

Lili just smiled awkwardly, Especially since the panic attack she was trying to fend off is only making it harder to breathe. Instead, she nodded and watched as she carried her files to put something on it, one at a time up to find a file of record maybe.

Lili nodded her head, whispering a hank you before turning around and dashing out of the room.

She wondered where her cousin would be. Its been so many years and Lili doesn know what her cousin looks like now. She saw the building start to come her way.

And holy crap—she thought the whole castle thing with its pointed archways and beautiful stonework was daunting from the outside since its a building similar to Harvard, and now that shes seen the inside, shes fairly sure she should be roaming right about now. Or, at the very least, lost and torn because it is. . .just

So big. No way!

Lili is torn between looking at the high ceiling with its exquisite black crystal chandelier and the blazing fireplace that fills the entire right wall of the foyer. She didn feel good about this place. The way it looks so vast and prettiest to her eyes, the more she gets suspicious of this place.

Sighing, because her breath was so irregular that she didn know what to do. This is all happening so early in the morning, and she had her first lesson in about five minutes.

Five minutes.

It caused Lili to come to her senses, and she proceeded to walk her through the classes, noting the best path to each on the map. Building two was easy to find once she got around the west office.

On the east corner, a big black Department of Computer was painted. Lilis breathing became regular as she approached the door. She tried to take deep breaths, As she pulled the door wide.

The classroom could only accommodate 45 students. She noticed the teacher, who appeared to be in his early forties, was staring at her, awaiting her to enter. Lili approached him.

”Good day, Mr Anthony. ” Lili smiled as she greeted him. She gazed at the students who were staring at her with the interest.

”Third-year student? ” When she heard his voice, Lili flinched. His voice is deep and dry, a little different from every other voice, but isn every voice different? she wondered, wanting to laugh at herself. But the main point is not this. Mr Anthony doesn seem to have talked much. This has been noted. She gave a nod.

”Sit at the back. ” Lili turned to face the direction and noticed that only one desk was available. She moved slowly, her attention focused on the end since she didn realise what happened and fell. Knockdown, in front, as if sitting.

She felt as if she stepped on something, tripped and fell forward. What exactly was it? She shifted her gaze to the floor, but nothing caused her to collapse. Thats too on her first day in this weird institute.

There was silence, complete silence and then she looked back at the teacher who had his eyes on her nonchalantly, he shook his head at her in disbelief.

Embarrassment was a brief phrase. Lili wished for the earth to open and swallow her entirely. Seconds turn into minutes as the entire class bursts out laughing.

”Keep silence! ” Mr Anthony shouted. Lili stood immediately and sat on her chair, she put her hair on her face and hang her head low. Turning to look at his wristwatch, Mr Anthony started the class again and then she looked up when she felt someone was looking at her it was from the right.

The blonde hair girl smiled when she saw Lili catch her from staring at her. No offence, Lili thought.

”Whats your name? ” She seemed to be interested in her. Lili wanted to laugh, but she answered by glancing at the front again.

”Liliana Ian. ”

”Hi, My name is Aubrie. Can you be my friend? I really like you. ” Lili laughed, it was weird.

An object sprang out of nowhere and hit her hand, leaving her stunned and perplexed. Did she raise her eyes to Mr Anthony and the thing – a black marker? He didn seem to mind that she was a new student. He shouldn treat her like that, and even though she wouldn say loud anything.

”Silence! ” Just one word and Lili know better than her to keep her pretty mouth shut. She looked to her right and spotted her new friend, who was stunned. She returned Lilis gaze and shook her head before taking her head in her hands. Lili smiled and returned her attention to her reading. Mr Anthony didn seem to like her.

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