”I need his address, ” Nova declared loud enough for him to hear, even though she had gone a little far away from her.

Isaac chuckled and turned around to look at her ” And what do you want to go there for??… Threaten him, tell him to take responsibility for his actions?? ”

”Just give me his address, ” Nova replied in a tired tone while clutching the big sealed paper bag tighter to her chest.

Isaac sighed ”I don understand why you can go home, relax and pretend that nothing happened, ”

”His address please, ” Nova requested one more time, Isaac stared at her for a while and he sighed.

”Im sure Im going to die because of this… It could be you who will die but someone will die either way, ” he stated and pulled his phone out of his pocket to send the address to her through text messages.

Nova slightly smiled when she received the message and thanked him before the bar, going on a quest to find Supreme Alpha Damien.

She went to her place first, changed her clothes, took a proper shower, and left for the Supreme Alphas house.

Damien woke up feeling uneasy and he felt a high sense of alert. He didn know why but he was hyperactive, in an aggressively bad way. So far he had broken three vases, almost hit a worker, his claws were out and he had been growling at everybody.

”Damien, please calm down, ” Ash, Damiens beta and friend slightly pleaded as Damien paced restlessly around his study.

Damien raised his head and glared at Ash with his bloodshot eyes that had now changed to blood red. ”Thats Alpha Damien for you, ” He growled and Ash immediately lowered his head as a method of pronouncing submission to his Alpha ”Im sorry, Supreme Alpha, ” he apologized, still confused about why Damien was acting so strange.

Damien kept pacing around the room, perhaps to calm himself down a little which was unsuccessful. He stormed out of the study as his mind and wolf was directing him somewhere else.

He had just walked out of the study when his Gamma, Liam almost bumped into him.

Liam was the type who always gave information to Damien without beating around the bush so he quickly said what he wanted to say before Damien got out of control.

”Alpha, the girl from last night is here. She claims that she has important information for you and that she must see you before she goes. She is still outside… ” Liam didn finish his words before Damien speed-walked out of the presence of his Beta and Gamma.

”What is wrong with him? ” Liam whispered while walking close to Ash.

”I don know, we should follow him, ” Ash replied and immediately trailed behind Damien who must have reached outside by then.

”At least wait for me, ” Liam whined and walked with Ash.

Damien got outside and saw Nova standing with the sealed paper bag he had left for her at the midnight. Five werewolves were standing where she was and on high alert. They would have forcefully chased her out of the house and off the property if not for Liam that ordered them to let her inside and not do anything to her. She was glaring at the werewolves who kept their eyes on her and she looked little compared to the bulky werewolves sizes.

The first thing that came to Damiens head as soon as he saw Nova was ” Mate… ”

He could feel his eyes widen and he subconsciously walked to where she was standing and glaring at people.

”You this…. ” Nova was about to start yelling at him but she hadn said any more than two words when he locked her in an embrace.

”Mate… ” Nova could hear Damien whisper as he hugged her so tightly she thought she would break. He placed his head on her shoulder and sniffed in her scent which brought a refreshing feeling, that of peace in him.

Ash and Liam were stunned to see Damien embracing Nova so tight, they were confused and curious. Liam was already about to ask tons of questions but Ash was quick to give him a glare which shut him up.

e hurting me, ” Nova managed to wheeze when he didn stop hugging her for minutes, he was hugging her too tight which didn allow her to breathe in air.

Ash decided to interfere when Damien still didn let go.

”Alpha, please let her go ” Ash tried to implore the out-of-control Alpha. Asher didn reply, he only stared at Ash and glared at him which Ask took as an immediate warning for him to not interfere.

Nova kept gasping for air before her body went weak, Damien still didn consider this. He continued embracing her, she couldn take it anymore and she finally passed out.

Ash and Liam looked on from the entrance of the room as Damien sat beside Nova who was lying on the bed, his eyes so focused on her sleeping face as if she would disappear the moment he blinked. They were in Damiens room, he had brought her there immediately she passed out and called the doctor.

”If she is his mate, why didn he feel anything when they first met last night? ” Liam whispered in an attempt to ask Ash, who didn reply to him. He heard Damien give a low growl and quickly shut his mouth.

”She just didn breathe in enough air, thats why she passed out. She will wake up in less than an hour, ” the doctor explained and proceeded to leave the room, he didn need to prescribe any medicine as they were werewolves and she wasn injured.

”Why didn she also feel anything? ” Liam asked again and Damien finally averted his gaze from Novas eyes.

”Leave, ” he ordered as he glared at Liam which made Liam feel weak in his knees and he hurriedly bowed before leaving.

”Get someone to prepare food for her to eat and a new set of clothes to wear, ” Damien ordered Ash who was still in the room and he bowed and left as well.

Damien kept staring at Nova, even when food and clothes were brought for her, he didn pay attention or reply to anybody. While staring at her, he brought his hand to her face and started caressing her cheeks, forehead,d, and other features.

Not up to an hour later, Nova woke up as the doctor said. The first thing or person she saw as soon as she opened her eyes was the face of the man she was enraged at. Her eyes immediately became harsh and she say up on the bed.

”You!!!… Where am I? ” She furiously asked while Damien somehow remained as calm as lake water.

”You passed out, ” he replied.

”Thats because you almost suffocated me to death by trapping me in a wolf hug!! ” She yelled again and tried to stand up.

”Why did you come here? ” Damien inquired, even though he was elated that his mate was there.. he was still curious about the reason she came.

”Didn you see the money you left with me?.. I came here to return your money to you. I already told you Im not a whore, I don need your money. I won forgive you for what you tried to do so you can keep your money to yourself, ” She stated while eyeing him with a deadly look.

” Now if youll excuse me, I have a life to get back to, ” she said and stood up to leave, she hadn taken more than two steps away from Damien when he stood up, grabbed her hand, turned her around and pulled her close to him.

”Let me go, ” Nova gritted through her teeth as she struggled to free herself from his grasp.

e my mate, and you
e not going anywhere, ” Damien replied without letting go of her.

”What are you talking about, Im not your mate you crazy Alpha! ” She half-yelled while desperately trying to free herself from him, she felt like crying.

Both Damien and his inner wolf got enraged that she rejected him, he frowned and pushed her against the wall, harshly but carefully so as not to break any of her bones.

”You are my mate, whether you accept it or not… I am not going to let you leave me to go anywhere, ” Damien stated, his hot breath fanning her face while Nova stared at him as well, not with fear but anger in her eyes.

Before she could process what was happening, Damien had let go of her but when she spotted him, he was at the door and he was locking her in.

”What are you doing? ” She yelled as she rushed to the door so as not to allow him to lock it but it was too late as he had already locked her in.

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