”So this is her, ” Delia said as she entered the room, Nova was confused as Irene entered with Damien trailing behind her. Nova hurriedly stood up from the bed and shifted her gaze from Irene to Damien repeatedly.

”Hello Nova, Im Delia, the Epilson of the pack, ” Delia introduced herself with a radiant smile on her face, Nova was taller than her so she had to look up to meet her eyes.

Epsilons are within the highest range of the packs middle ranks. Epsilons tend to be old wolves, as their life experience makes them extremely valuable to the pack, but their age has begun to hold them back. Epilsons give most advices as they would have experienced and explored a lot and would know the best decisions to make in certain circumstances. They tended to have displayed very dominant behavior since birth and are natural fighters. Chances are that young Epsilons will usually make Gamma, Beta or even Alpha later in life. Epsilon is typically reserved for older wolves.

Delia was dark-skinned, she had thick and short black hair and her eyes were brown and twinkling with immense knowledge. Her dark skin was shining and she had the right amount of flesh, not skinny and not fat.

Nova could feel a warm and sweet but fierce vibe coming from Irene and she instantly felt relaxed, not like the dominating and headstrong one she felt from Damien which angered her so much. Nova slightly smiled, which Damien didn help but take note of and his formed a thin line, he was upset that almost everyone except him was making her smile.

”Hello Delia, I am Nova. It is a pleasure to meet you, ” Nova responded, the smile still plastered on her face.

” Ill leave you two, ” Damien stated, he didn want to leave but Ash had information about Nova for him and his rational part could tell that it was better for Delia to be with Nova than him.


” Do you have full information about her now? ” Damien asked as he and Ash got out of the elevator on the ground floor and walked out to the garage, they were both going to work.

” Mostly yes, ” Ash replied as they both got into the back seats of the car, there was a driver who was to do his work in the drivers seat and the car drove off immediately after they got into it. Two other cars were there, one leading and one trailing behind, contained by werewolves that are to protect their Alpha no matter what.

”Nova is a bitten werewolf, I found no traces of werewolves as her parents, only human parents. She was bitten three years ago, and that was when her parents died as well. The reports stated that it was a wild animal that killed them but we both know what that means. She had a younger brother too, but he also died, the question now is how she survived and why she is still alive and who the werewolf who killed her parents and wanted her dead as well is. Since then she has had a difficult life, her parents property was forcefully taken from her by other family members and she stopped her education. From the look of it, she came to our territory to be safer as she probably knew that werewolves from the Crescent pack can always be here. She got Isaac as a friend who had helped her a few times too and now weve found out that she is your mate, ” Ash explained and waited for Damiens reaction. Ash could see that Damiens fists were clenched and his eyes were switching from his normal green to werewolf blood-red eye color at an alarming speed, he looked calm but was on the edge of losing his control. Ash didn say anything as he knew that it was better to let Damien cool off by himself. Ash kept a cool facade and Liam who was sitting in the front passenger seat and was staring at the both of them through the rearview mirror kept his mouth shut as he knew that was not the time to show off his blabbermouth skills. They both waited for Damien like he was a ticking time bomb and after a few minutes, Damien suddenly punched into the car seat he was sitting on with both of his hands, leaving a gaping hole in both of his sides and he dumped a large amount of foam he had just dug out of the seat on the floorboard. Ash remained unfazed as he expected more and Liam only facepalmed himself.

”You have to ask Nova to be sure. That was all Isaac told me but Im sure that there are more and well hear those from Nova. After that, youll decide things with Ian because she is from the pack. How can she belong to the pack if shes not a werewolf by birth, except bitten by an alpha, thats where Ian comes in. Ian plays a big role in all of this but you should rather discuss it with Nova and Irene first, ” Ash added and waited for Damiens response again.

”Alpha Ian has a lot of questions to answer to. Tell everyone to stop their cars, ” He ordered Ash who immediately communicated with the other werewolves through telepathy and they all stopped the cars. They were not in the main city or on busy roads yet, so it was easy for them to make a stop.

”Im going back to the pack house, you all leave the car and go with the others. Bring any important work when you
e coming back or send them through Liam if they
e urgent, ” Damien ordered and got out of the car to go to the drivers seat. They all got out of the car, including the driver, and joined the other werewolves in the other cars. They all drove off, Damien taking a u-turn while the rest continued in the direction they were initially going.


”Isn he supposed to be gone? ” Nova asked with her nose scrunched up, but she didn act as angry as she did before. She was outside of the house, Irene had successfully made her a bit calmer, coming out of the house and walking around with her.

”Nova, don try to act stubborn, ” Delia tried to implore her calmly and Nova glanced at her and nodded her head. Delia had some sort of
atural talent and that was to gain peoples trust and make them warm up easily to her, this worked on Nova too. She waited for Damien to reach where they were standing, she didn try to avoid him or walk away.

Damien didn have the time to park the car in the garage, he parked not far away from where Nova and Irene were standing and he got out, taking large strides of steps toward them.

”We need to talk, ” Damien stated and gently held Novas hand, he led her inside while Delia, who sensed that they needed some time alone decided to take a walk around.

”What is it? ” Nova calmly asked while she trailed behind him but he didn answer. He was slightly surprised that she didn yell at him or growl for him to let her go.

In no time, they reached Damiens room and he immediately locked the door after they stepped in.

e a bitten werewolf, ” Damien stated, it was more or less like a rhetorical question. Nova detached their hands and stared at him, wondering why he was now doing a background check on her.

”Yes, I was bitten, what is it? ” Nova inquired, a bit cautious.

”You might be upset but I had to do a background check on you, ” Damien informed her as his eyes waited and searched for her reaction.

Nova didn react at first, she only stared at him but her expression got harder as seconds passed. ”First you lock me up, now you go digging up things about my past? ” She half-yelled, just when she wanted to make things clear with him and stop being stubborn, he decides to do something she was going to be furious about.

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