The read-headed teacher lead the pair through school halls to the main training grounds where all the older students were practising.

”These are the main training grounds, ”

(Name) told Gojo as they gazed at vast lush grass plains.

”Prof. (Name)! ” Its so good to see you again! ” One of the older teens walked towards them. She had short black hair and was wearing the training gear like every other student.

”Hello, Ave. ” Simeon turns to Gojo, ”this is Ave, she is a senior here— ”

”—class representative and a remarkable sorceress. ” (Name) finished.

”Aww, you are hyping me too much. ” The young girl laughed, ”but I still gotta do a lot if I wish to surpass you. ”

(Name) laughed, ”of course, and this is Satoru Gojo. ”

The girl examined him from head to toe, ”ah the great Satoru Gojo, Ive heard a lot about you. Are you seriously stronger than (Name)? ”

Gojo couldn help but grin, ”Aye, I am. ”

”I gotta surpass you too. ”

”I give you my blessings. ”

”How are your preparations for finals taking off? ”

”little pain in our butts the preparations are, ” the girl groaned, ”teachers here are only concerned with theories rather than practical implications of what we learn. ”

Simeon cleared his throat, ”except for Prof.Simeon here, he is a little bit agreeable. ”

(Name) ruffled her hair gently, ”Don worry you got all your life to imply your knowledge. ”

Simeon stretched his arms over his head, ”You know what, (name), how about you train them for an hour? ”

”You just want an hour of nap? Don you. ” (Name) retorted.

”No, I was planning on drinking tea and reading the book I started a month ago. ” He smiled brightly, ”but nap also sounds fun. ”

”Yeah, it is certainly not a bad idea ” Gojo voiced his agreement, he just wanted to see his fiancee in action.

”Okay, how about we play tag? ” Gojo glanced at her and was astonished to see her smirking, it didn look half as bad.

Ave called over her class and nodded, ”okay, what are the rules. ”

”You all have thirty minutes to catch me if you can the game will proceed to the next round. ” (Name) explained.

”What happens in the next round? ” One of them asked.

”Ill hunt you all down, ” there was a sound of approval, ”but youll get ten minutes of head start. Is it clear? ”

”Yes! ” The class that consists of at least a dozen students cheered.

She turns to face Gojo, ”youll be sitting right here observing, ”

”Okay, Mam. ” He winked but she couldn see as he was wearing glasses.

Simeon jumped with excitement, ”Im gonna order some snacks. ”

(Name) stretched her limbs, jumping slightly in her position. Her hair is now tied up in a loose ponytail/bun.

”Hey, pass me the training staff, will you? ”

”Is it all you are taking? ” Gojo, who has been observing her, handed her the feeble weapon.

”Yeah, ” she nodded in affirmation.

He gave her a thumbs up, ”Well, good luck. ”

”The ones who need good luck are these kids, ” she smiles slightly, ”but thanks. ”

”(Name), dont go too hard on these kids! ” Simeon yelled from a distance as he was setting up their snack table.

She yelled back, ”Not making any promises! ”

”Are you kids ready? ” (Name) was standing a few feet away.

”Yes, ” and then the play begins…

(Name) walked through the tree as if a cat, with such light feet and agility that it seemed she was walking on air.

”Can you see her? ” A student shouted to others.

”Hey, stop shouting! ” The other scolded, ”I can not believe it took her five minutes to disappear. ”

(Name) peeked through a bush, she knew they can sense her presence unless she decides to make herself known.

”Its almost as if she has disappeared into thin air! ”

”Thats the Chameleon for you, Richie. ”

(Name) snorted.

A siren wails, signalling they have failed to even take a glance at (name).

”Guys, its our turn! All ran in opposite directions, itll give us time and I repeat of meet her don engage. Just ran. ” Aves voice sounds shrill as she barks out orders.

(Name) grins and jumped a unsuspecting student knocking him out before he can alarm others.

She ran towards the two students who decided to ditch the orders given by the representative.

”Hey, I think— ” he was knocked out cold.

The other student shouted alarming anyone nearby but was knocked out soon.

As the students were fighting, Gojo was sitting on a plush chair; enjoying tea and treats.

He looks to his left where the teacher was supposed to be sitting and observing the fight but was sleeping like a baby.

Gojo ignores his snoring and looks ahead, trying to sense any trace of her curse energy but he couldn .

He rubs his hands together, ”she is not even using her curse technique. ” He murmurs.

The sleepy teacher replied, ”Well, she doesn need to. ”

”Are the seniors here that incompetent? ”

The redhead yawned, ”They are not, she is too quick on her feet, knocking them out before they can even lift a finger. ” Gojo was shocked, he knew she was strong but not so agile.

Gojo shifts his gaze back at the trees, and to his surprise saw her walking out unharmed.

She looks at him for a moment before saying, ”What time was it this time? ”

”Fourteen minutes two seconds, ” Simeon replied.

She pouts, ”Last time it was twelve, ”

”Maybe you are getting rusty? ”

”Haha, very funny. Aves abilities were quite surprising, she gave me a tough time. ”

”You do this every year? ” Gojo asked, curious.

”Yeah, its how I observe their strengths and weaknesses, ”

”Prof. (Name)! ” Some of the students who just woke up ran towards them.

”You were so amazing out there! ”

”Thank you. ” She smiles but it lasted for a moment and her stern expression was back.

”But I am not thoroughly satisfied with your performances, ” there was a murmur among the students.

”The next two hours we
e going to discuss each one of your weaknesses as well as resilience, in hopes youll do better in your finals. And Satoru Gojo will be helping as well. ”

Wait what— he corrects his stance immediately as she glances his way, I didn agree to any of this.

”Aye! ”

When they were done with training the students, it was already lunchtime.

”Thank you so much for joining today, (Name), ” Simeon said earnestly.

”Simeon I tell you this every year but you shouldn be thanking me, I enjoy training with them. ”

”How about joining them as an official teacher? ”

”The answer is always the same, no. ”

”Aw, come on. You can say stuff like that and not become an official teacher, besides we still have that seat empty. We are sure to never find a man as brilliant as him. ” he gave her a half smile referencing someone Gojo was unaware of.

”We sure never will, ” the aura around her shifted. He noticed her eyes had a faraway look in them, they were empty but still holding this sadness.

She shook her head, ”anyway, we should probably leave. ”

Gojo hoisted himself on his feet, ”Yeah, thank you for sweets, they were sweet. ”

”No, thank you, Mr.Gojo. I didn say this earlier but you are a good teacher for a beginner, you should look into this profession. It might suit you. ” Simeon holds a hand for him to shake.

Gojo chuckled, ”of course, I will. ” He heard (Name) snort beside him.

Gojo and (name) walked side by side till they reached the populated area where she parked the car.

Her phone rang, ” yes? Grandma. ”

He could not hear what was said on the other side.

”Nay, we are not coming for lunch. Tell father to rest assured, Im fine and he is not pulling any stunts. ”

”Yes yes, I know. He is worried. ” (Name) gets in the car, as Gojo follows.

”Grandma, can you stop? We didn make out! ” She whispered but Gojo has already heard.

To stop herself from making the situation more awkward, she turned off her phone.

”I see, your grandma has a very vivid imagination, ” he leans a little bit closer, ”but that doesn mean we can make her assumption true or are you one of those people who wait till marriage? ” His eyes were sultry as his voice seductive.

”You are too close, ” she grabbed his face and pushed him away.

He laughed, ”you are an easy tease. ”

”And you are annoying. ”

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