Under SOLS

Chap 11: The Blackout

The situation was really unexpected.

Out of everyone in earth, MGU did not expect Tanzania to be an aggressor and launch attack on MGU border.

They didn fire yet so it can be taken as an attack.

But the fact that they sent so many men and machine itself is a sign of it.

The soldiers of the border guard post didn move a hair and stayed still with their guns ready to fire.

On the other side, Tanzanias forces stopped when they reached the river.

This side of the river isn really deep so tanks and trucks can cross it with ease.

The tanks aimed their cannons at the guard post keep.

A lot of soldiers came out from behind the tanks and took position across the bridge.

They brought trucks with long and wide containers behind them.

”Oh I seriously have a bad feeling about this, a really bad one! ” One of the MGU soldier said while holding his AR near shoulder.

Guns on both sides pointed at the other.

One side had 23 soldiers while the other had around few hundred men armed to teeth with tanks and wheels backing them.

Plus there was five trucks dragging containers with god-knows-what stuff in it.

One thing they did not have was aerial support while on the MGU side, they did not have anything except guns, some rockets and few explosives.

Tanzanian forces didn move and just stayed across the bridge and observed them.

”Yo, why aren they attacking? Did they chicken out? ” Seil asked on comm.

”Do you want me to go ask them? Do it yourself if you want! ” Solomon replied to him.

”Eyes open boys, we don know what they are planning and they still got those containers and these aren your normal African tanks! They are new gen Armata T 30s! These are Russian metal so don think about anything with the word east, got it? ” their lieutenant said.

”Roger. ” Everyone simultaneously answered.


The ground began shaking a bit as if its a small earthquake.

”Yo what the f*ck? ” Seil was the first to react.

The rumbling came from behind.

The MGU soldiers looked behind and their face brightened up.

20 MW89s MBTs (Main Battle Tanks) of MGU closely followed by 6 APCs (Armored Personal Carriers) came towards them at high speed.

These MW89s can be legit called as the ”Beasts of African armored vehicle warfare ”.

There was once a small fight between South Africa and MGU.

During that fight, these MW89s took the lead and crushed the enemies with their 130mm cannons and .70cals.

The SADF didn get any leeway and was totally annihilated.

Forget T-30s, even if it was American made M1A3, it would still get its tin popped up.

The tanks split up and took positions.

All the cannons aimed at the enemy armors (means tanks and stuff, not bullet proof vest or something) as the APCs unloaded the soldiers. Each APC carried 20 men inside.

So coupling with the previous 23 men, theres a total of 143 men without including the ones operating the armored vehicles.

All 120 of them hurried into positions.

”Wow, it haven been ten minutes yet and you guys are here already? Did you anticipate this? ” The guard post lieutenant asked over the comm.

”Thats half of it, but in reality, we were already on high alert due to the attack and every single military base in Mozambique has been put on high alert which is why we were able to come here quick. ” The tank leader said.

”Tank leader 01, come in. ” The one of the tank commander said.

”Copy 6, go on. ” he replied.

”Uh… Sir, it seems like there are Russians among them, with the Tanzanian force I mean. ” Tank commander 6 said.

Tank leader then looked at the few hundred men across the bridge and spotted a few tens of Russian soldiers.

”Guard post leader, come in. ” Tank leader radio the Lieutenant of the guard post who was lying on the ground with his gun aimed across the bridge.

”Copy. ” He replied with a simple word.

”Have you tried making contact? ” Tank leader asked.

”Negative, we didn get the chance. ” Lieutenant said.

”Got it. ” Tank leader said and looked inside.

”Skits, turn on the speakers. ” He said and popped out again with a mic (not the one used for concerts, more like a small square one).

e up. ” Skits said.


”This is the Madagascar United defense force, identify yourselves or we will consider you as hostiles. ” He announced.

The soldiers on the other side looked at each other and whispered something.

Then one of then got up from his crouching position and walked towards them on the bridge with his gun pointed down.

MGU soldiers didn move or change their aim but they were wary of the incoming soldier.

He stopped ten feet away from the end of the bridge and looked at them.

”Which one of you is a high ranking officer! ” The soldier asked in a loud voice.

He had a Russian accent.

Nobody moved except the tank leader.

He hopped out of his tank and walked towards the bridge.

”I am, state your business. ” He said hen he reached the bridge.

He didn step on the bridge and stayed five feet away from it.

”Major Polkav Datrin, Russian special forces, we have been chasing after a certain group of Mercenaries and today at 1100 hours they escaped to Mozambique, we came here with the Tanzanian armed forces assistance if things go south by chance, we request entry into your border with armed men and equipments, we can get the permission from General if needed. ” The soldier said.

”Ugh, great! More work! ” Tank leader, Deval said while rubbing the back of his neck.

He looked at the Russian soldier in front of him.

”How long have you been chasing these guys? And more importantly, why are you chasing them? ” He asked.

”Thats classified information. ” The Russian soldier answered with an expressionless face.

His look was stern, as if he wants to barbeque whoever they were chasing.


”Let me make some calls and we will figure out what to do so do not cross the border until then or we will consider you as hostiles. ” Tank leader said with a sharp tone.

Deval contacted his base and filled them in but they told him to wait for further instructions and cut off.

Polkav didn mind waiting and stood there patiently.

After 5 mins of waiting, HQ radioed them.

”Tank leader 01, come in. ” The voice in the radio said.

”This is Tank leader 01, over. ” Deval replied.

”Hand the radio to the Russian soldier. ” The person said. Deval was confused, but nonetheless, he still followed the order.

”This is Major Polkav Datrin, to whom am I speaking? ” Polkav asked.

”This is the northern sector commander of MGU territory Mozambique, Paul Hawkins, state your business Major. ” Hawkins said.

Polkav moved a bit further from Deval and spoke.

”We are chasing some Mercenaries who escaped into your border and we request permission to enter and continue our chase with your assistance. ” Polkav said with his Russian accent.

”For what reason are you chasing them? ” Hawkins asked.

”That… Its classified information so I cannot share it unless I have permission. ” Polkav replied.

”Then get the permission, Im not willing to let you enter our land without even knowing for what you are chasing them, we already have enough visitors troubling us and we don want more so if you want to enter our border, then you tell me what you know or you can forget it, get the Tank leader on. ” Hawkins ended his speech with that.

Polkav gripped the radio and walked back to Deval and gave him the radio.

He then walked back to his men.

”Tank leader 01, come in. ” Hawkins said.

”This is Tank leader 01, over. ” Deval replied.

”Tank leader, this is the sector commander Hawkins, keep the Russians on check and make sure they don sneak in without us knowing, if they are willing to tell us for what reason they were chasing after those Mercs, then let them in and assist them, if not then don ! Inform me if they tell you the reason, we will send out drones and choppers to locate those Mercs, we cannot let the same incident as the one which took place in the city three days ago happen again! Got it? ” Hawkins said.

”Sir yes sir! Solid copy! ” Deval replied.

”Good, Hawkins out. ”

*buzz* And then he hung up.

Deval sighed and walked back to his tank.

”What next? ” Skits asked.

”We wait till we get further orders. ” He then climbed inside.

”All units, be advised, we are to stay hot until we receive further notice from the tops so stay sharp, over. ” Deval said on the comm.

MW89s look like Russian T90s in looks but more advanced and dangerous than the T90s.

It has better armor and incredible firepower, it ranks 5th on the worlds top ten tanks ranking.

MW89 has a total of four crew members while T90s have only three.

On T90s, one for driving, one for shooting and the last one is for commanding while the MW89 has, a driver, a gunner, a tech operator and a commander.

Plus these beasts have AA(Anti-Air) missiles loaded in them as well.

Even though the Russians got Tanzanian forces and T30 Armatas which ranks 3rd among worlds top tanks for backup, they still wouldn want to go head to head with 20 MGUs MW89s, its like going on a suicide bombing mission.

The T30 might have good armor, but in the end, its not great.

MW89s rounds can still blow it up to hell.

While the MGU soldiers were keeping them in check, base Rodney have alerted other two nearby bases about the insurgents.

Since it was someone from Spetsnaz, it can be a lie totally, at least half of it shouldve been true.

All three bases have sent UAVs up in the air to look for any suspicious movements.

They are not willing to take choices in this issue.

If these guys recreate the incident from three days ago then they might as well eat sh*t for letting it happen.

A lot have already began blaming the defense force for slacking off.

They cannot let anymore bad remarks to be born.

The second UAVs were launched, strike teams have began prepping as well.

Choppers were fueled, guns were loaded, ammo was stacked, they were on high alert.

Right now, the whole northern sector has been alerted about possible insurgency and 10,000 men have been mobilized.

The ones that sneaked in might be less than 20 or maybe even 30 for all they care.

But, they won be let off easily for taking MGU lightly.

They might have thought that MGU is just another 3rd world African country so they won be caught even if they were to sneak in through their border, thats their first mistake in life which they will regret.

MGU spares no effort when it comes to defending their land and the people who put their trust in them.

Half an hour later…

”Alright, give me a sit-rep. ”

”Nothing on the UAVs so far sir, we are still looking. ”


”This is falcon 3 0, no movements found in point 39, moving to point 40. ”


”This is Delta team 2 5, nothing here, we don see any thing with two legs walking around with armed weapons, Over. ”

”Whiskey niner, I don see any human around these parts, over. ”

”Foxtrot Mike 7, no hostiles in point 73, moving to point 74, over. ”

”Copy all units, keep looking till you find something, I don think the Russians will want to get in without a reason. ” Base Rodneys commander, Rico, said.

Right now, hes inside the control room with his assistant.

He personally came here to oversee because this is tad bit too serious.

Ever since the last attack, they didn really slack off and sent soldiers all over the country to search for any hostiles.

And to their surprise, they found out that they did slack off.

Over 12 terrorists have been captured alive and more than 50 have been killed.

The causality rate is non existent.

Although there were injuries, nothing life threatening.

Looking at the screens with multiple feeds from everywhere, Rico felt a bit worried.

If they were to let anyone innocent get injured, then the defense force will have a hard time, so they had to capture these guys before they get to settlements.

”Sir! I got something! ”

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