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What\'s Happening To Me?

”We still have 10 minutes before homeroom starts, giving you plenty of time to get there. ”

Stella stepped out of the portal she created, with Lucian following suit immediately afterwards.

Lucian who was busy nibbling away at an English muffin simply nodded his head.

Stella gave Lucian one last look before she turned around and headed in the direction of the 3rd year classes.

After seeing her leave his line of sight, Lucian began dashing frantically.

In the direction of the boys bathrooms.

Finding an empty stall, he started vomiting up the entirety of his breakfast.

While he only ate 2 full bites of the muffin, he spent almost 5 full minutes puking.

It was as if his body completely rejected the muffin, trying to remove every speck of it from his stomach.

After finishing his puking fit, fell to his knees with his back against the wall.

”So… I can eat normal food. Im not going to lie, I should have seen that one coming. ”

Lucian took a deep breath before slowly rising back up to his feet.

Flushing the toilet, Lucian went to open the door to his bathroom stall.

Only to find a group of boys staring at him with a menacing look.

”So, you had the balls to make the goddess personally drop you off again? For a piece of F-rank trash such as yourself, you seriously don know your place. ”

This is the exact reason why I don like being dropped off at school, Lucian inwardly sighed.

Outwardly, he pulled out his signature smile.

”Oh hey, its you guys! If you
e here to ask me out again, Im sorry but the answers still the same, ” Lucian gave them a wink, ”Im spoken for. ”

The boys shuddered when they saw Lucians wink.

Lucian looked at his surroundings and then back at the group of boys.

”But… If Im to be fairly honest, you should pick better locations to ask someone out. Being asked out in a boys change room or a public bathroom won make my heart flutter in the slightest. ”

Lucian shook his head exaggeratedly.

Suddenly, began carefully looking at each and every boy in the group.

”Wait… Is everyone in your group single? ”

Not expecting such a question, the group of boys nodded their heads without thinking too much.

”No wonder! After not feeling the touch of any woman besides that of your own mother, its no wonder you don have the skills to ask someone out! ”

At this point, the group of boys were seething with rage.

Dissing someone for being single was… Too far.

”Wait, but since you asked me out, you probably swing that way… ”

Lucian feigned an apologetic expression.

”Im terribly sorry for assuming your sexual orientation, I should have been more mindful! ”

One of the boys stepped forward and roared at Lucian in rage.

”We aren gay you f*cker! If anyone heres gay its you! ”

Lucian brought himself back up and gave the boy a confused look.

”But… Im the only one here who has a partner? Shes not just my girlfriend too, shes my fiance. ”

Lucians words were like a knife that stabbed through their hearts.

It was bad enough that he reminded them of their single status, but now he was flexing his fiance on them?

Someone that every member of their group had a crush on?

That was pure evil.

The group looked at Lucian with angered looks.

This guy… Hes the devil!

While many were tempted to beat Lucian up, they were forced to stay their hands.

Even like this, Lucian was still the heir to SanguineCorp.

No matter how bad their company was doing at the moment, if their young master was assaulted, they would strike back.

Even if it was just to maintain appearances.

This is also why no matter how much bullying Lucian endured, he was never actually physically harmed.

As long as the company could maintain appearances, the corporate vultures who were controlling the vast majority of the company didn care what happened to Lucian.

They welcomed it even.

However, if news got out that Lucian was assaulted, they would be forced to act.

No matter how much they didn want to.

The group had come to find Lucian in a fit of anger after they heard about him using his fiance as a means of transportation.


It was the eighth time just this month in fact.

They hadn come up with any cohesive plan of action for when they actually did confront Lucian.

Giving the target of their anger ample opportunities to play with them and their emotions.

At this point, it was honestly better to just back off and try to force him to annul his engagement at another time.

Their group wouldn give up so easily, especially when the goddess they all not-so-secretly admired was at stake.

There was only one person who deserved her, and it certainly wasn Lucian.

Knowing that the group couldn really do anything to him, Lucian slipped out of their encirclement and went to go wash his hands.

”Next time you want to confess to me, do it in a better place! Preferably in a more visibly aesthetic place like a meadow full of flowers or under the night sky. But, my response won change. Good luck though! ”

Lucian waved at them one last time before leaving.

”Guys, we can do anything to him… As much as I hate it, we can really force him to break off his engagement. We can coerce him into doing it, we tried that already. The only thing we could do is use physical force. ”

One of the other guys shook his head.

”We can hurt him without justification. Whether or not he is F-rank trash, we can afford to deal with SanguineCorp just yet. While the companys no longer at its peak, they still do command a fair bit of power. If only we had a way to hurt him without having to deal with the repercussions… ”

”Hmm… ” Another member in their group brought his hand to his chin, seemingly in thought.

He turned around to face the boy behind him.

”Andrew, you
e in his class right? ”

Andrew nodded his head.

”What of it? Do you have a plan, Oliver? ”

Olivers mouth curved into a smile.

”I think I do. ”

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