Plunder Lv.1

Ability Description: Steal the abilities of anyone whose blood you completely drink. (Currently can not steal abilities that surpass E-rank.)

Ability Slots: 0/5


Titles: Prince of the Night

Title Description: ???



– Blood Claw Lv.1

Skill Description: Coat your claws with a cover of blood, amplifying damage from slashing and piercing with your claws. (Warning: Will consume your own blood if not covering your claws in the blood of others before using this skill. Using your own blood will reduce HP.)


– Charm Lv.1

Skill Description: Charm your target into becoming a slave to your will. The effectiveness of this skill depends on the level of your charisma.


– Highspeed Regeneration Lv.1

Skill Description: Passively increase the rate of natural regeneration significantly, but increases THIRST.


”Theres a levelling system… Its really just like a videogame! ”

Lucians inner gamer was thrilled at the revelation.

He was fascinated by the idea of living your life as if you were in a videogame, even wondering if some people had powers like that.

Sadly no matter how much he searched he couldn find another person with this unique power, making Lucian one of a kind.

Lucian recognized some of these abbreviations, but not all of them.

”Lv stands for level, Exp stands for experience, HP and STA stand for hit points and stamina respectively, ability energy probably means energy to use my ability, but what does Thirst mean? Is it how thirsty I am for human blood? I am a vampire after all? ”

”Also… I can let it hit the max value? What would happen to me if that occurred? Would I die from starvation? ”

Lucian wished these kinds of things came with a user manual.

Most games he played had some kind of tutorial option, but that sadly didn seem to be the case here.

”Def probably stands for defence, while SPD, STR and CHAR probably stand for speed, strength and character? Or is it charisma? ”

Lucian didn feel like the system would be quantifying his character as a human, so he was leaning on the latter.

He turned his eyes to the ability section.

”So I can steal up to 5 peoples abilities? But it seems that the abilities need to be only E-rank and below. ”

Lucians smile curved up into an icy grin.

”Having 5 abilities… There are people with multiple abilities, but none with more than 3. Even if all of the abilities are E-rank, having 5 different abilities would make me far stronger! But, where did my main ability go? ”

Lucian looked over the abilities section numerous times, but he couldn find it.

”Welp, I can just find another ability like it later on. ”

Lucian moved his attention to the title section, ”What does Prince Of The Night even mean? That names so edgy that makes me want to cringe. ”

Sadly, there was no other information available about the title forcing Lucian to simply move on and worry about it later.

Finally, Lucian turned his attention to the last section of his status page, the skill page.

”Blood Claw, Charm, and… Highspeed Regeneration? ”

Lucian looked at the last skill with a look of disbelief.

After all, that wasn a skill, but an ability.

Namely, Lucians F-rank ability!

”Wait… Why is my ability here? Also… Why does using it require me to drink blood now? ”

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