An unusually looking dark elf had been summoned to the plains right outside Dark Wood Forest. His physical appearance would make him seem nine or ten years old but he was clearly a dark elf so his age could have been 60 or 70. He had heterochromia. His left eye was red and his right eye was violet. Most dark elves have violet eyes or magenta eyes. Heterochromia was a sign of royalty among the dark elves. His skin was a coffee color which was also unique because the dark elves had a bit of a lighter brown tone to their skin. His hair was a dark brown, almost black color. His ears were almost as pointy as high elves. His physique was surprisingly strong looking. He didn have a six-pack, probably because he was a child according to dark elf standards, but he was robust. He was definitely larger than most dark elf kids his age.

There were scouts on the outskirts of the Dark Wood forest who saw the unusually looking dark elf. The scouts were dark elves themselves too. One of the scouts called out to another saying:

”Oy, Zoren Sir! I found a strange dark elf child and he is just laying in the plains and he is naked! We need to help him and get something for him to wear. ”

”On it! I will go notify the Chief about this kid. You can give him your cloak for now and watch over him. We cannot let him in the village until we get approval from the Chief so watch over him there at the edge of the forest. Call for backup if your in danger ”

”Yes sir! As commanded! ”


Why was I here and not on earth? I had no explanation. All I knew now was that this world was reality. I could feel my body. I could smell the fresh air. I could see a blue sky up above. I could feel my dry throat and taste what was left of my saliva. I could hear the wind blowing and swaying the branches of the trees of the forest that was next to me. I knew it was reality. I also knew this wasn earth because the blue sky was so clear there were no signs of clouds in the sky at the moment and it was hotter than I expected. It felt like it was above 110 degrees. The grass was green and healthy not withering in the heat. The trees in the forest were darker than any forest Ive seen or heard about on earth. I looked at my hand as I reached up to the sky, still laying down on the ground. I realized my body was different from what it was on earth. I also realized I was naked and had no idea what to do next.

I saw a dark elf approaching me. She had a hood covering up her hidden face but as she was getting closer she took off her hood and I saw her long dark brown hair and her face was beautiful, though she had no expression on her face. But then I came to my senses and felt a wave of embarrassment come over. I stood up as quickly as a jack-in-the-box and covered my crotch with my hands.

The dark looking elf did not seem to change expressions at all but she did say something. But I couldn understand her words. But from her gestures and me stumbling to understand this person, I, more or less, understood she was giving me her hood. Looked like a nice forest green mixed with an almost black colored hood. It was a cloak that was too big for me, of course, that didn matter. I wanted to be covered right away and I didn want to be in an embarrassing and miserable state. I understood she was here to watch over me. Of course, she still was cautious around me and me, probably being an unknown to her, could tell that was a wise disposition. She was ready for anything much like the police academy instructors that I heard about from my former companions.

You are probably wondering what on earth happened. Lets go back about three days. I think it was three days ago.


I was three days away from my execution. There was not much left for me to do. Just the reflection of my life was all I could reminisce about. I was reciting my creed. I was thinking back to the first time I killed someone:

I had been looking for my missing younger sister who was thirteen at the time she went missing. I was 18 at the time, fresh out of high school. I had actually been saving up money with a couple of high school summer jobs. I had plans to go to college to study criminology. I wanted to study the behavior of criminals and be a consultant to police investigations.

The police did their investigation to find my sister but after some time, the case went cold. Instead of going straight to college to study criminology I used all my savings to privately investigate what happened to my sister. I did this as soon as she disappeared. It took three years to get to the bottom of who kidnapped my sister but it was too late. I found her body under an old bridge. Mutilated. She was dead. I had found her, but it was too late! I was so mad at myself and I was angry at the people who did this to her. I was so full of hatred for those rapers and killers, I had to do something about them. I had enough information on who they were and what slave market they ran.

This was no longer a missing person case but a homicide case now. The information about her corpse and autopsy was that she was killed anywhere from three to four weeks ago. These culprits likely froze her at the time of her death and chose a convenient time to dispose of her body alongside the old bridge.

The police obviously asked me loads of questions about the circumstances of how I found her. I answered obvious and direct questions but I didn go into many details and did not tell them I was investigating my sisters whereabouts. I disliked the police and did not trust them. I didn want them interfering with me and Im sure they wouldn want me meddling in their now-turned-homicide investigation.

Before the police came I found a message. The culprits had an encrypted message on my sister, which to say the least, made me more riled up to get revenge. The message was about blaming myself for ignoring their warnings to stay out of their business. Three long years of investigation, I had found out what group was responsible but the only interactions I made were through connections of connections of these people. In other words, these people were in the dark and hid their criminal activity so well by using subordinates to deal with the hard work. They were top of the pyramid but they had so many foot soldiers to do their work and hid their affiliations so well that often the foot soldiers would be the only ones to be charged and convicted. But many victims, like my sister, were never found and were in the dark underground of the slave trafficking organization.

I did some heavy investigation and was at the point that I had evidence that the leaders had my sister. Over the course of my investigation, I was given direct encrypted codes about the leaders and that they had my sister. It was all just a game to them. They gave me warning to back out but they always planned on killing my sister after the fun was over. I was very close to catching them. I had no way to collect evidence of their dealings in the organization to be used in court.

I was in despair for four months and depressed. I broke apart my family altogether, though, they had already begun to fall apart and split up. Even my closest brother who was a year younger than me left me. I had been drinking and taking drugs. I gradually came to realize that I needed a new drive. Instead of drugs and alcohol, I was going to get my revenge.

My rehab took another year. I was about to turn 23 and I was ready to approach my enemy. I was living my life like normal, or so it appeared on the outside and to everyone else. Over the next few years I gathered a team of eight to help me. Two of us were field investigators (Of course we were unaffiliated to the police) and two ex-police academy students who had decent combat experience and a former mafia gang member. We had three others who were part of our IT and communication team.

The first person I killed was actually someone I caught defiling a young lady. I killed them without hesitation. The young lady was probably older than my sister but she still reminded me of her. That is probably why I did not hesitate to kill my first time time. I told the young lady to keep my name a secret. Unfortunately we had to minimize our actions with victims. We could not do anything to compromise our work. We bugged her purse for security and to ensure we remained uncompromised.

Police had very little to work with to correlate my name to the killer of this sex offender. The young lady never said anything about my name or what I looked like. She didn need to and from the way we saved her she didn seem the type to betray my words.

There were others in my team who had also killed criminals that we caught before the one I had killed, but this was the point in my life that swayed me from a need for revenge to a pleasure in killing for revenge. We killed a few police officers too because some were closing in on our business. The Chief of police had caught wind of our activity. He was obligated to report it. I had to kill the Chief of police. It was the only kill that did not sit right with me. The only one that took a huge mental toll. His last words were: ”It is not your job to avenge the innocent. Vengeance is… ”

And his words faded and I did not hear the last part. Three weeks later I was brought to court.

Before I prepared to kill the chief of police. My team had come to an impasse on whether to kill the chief of police and try to cover our tracks or to turn ourselves in. It was a four to four vote but after a long moment of contemplation it was five of us who decided we wanted to kill him and three wanted to give themselves up. We had a creed for our group. Majority always won the plans of execution. The minority had to submit to the plan. In this case, in our group, we had the right to kill him. The two choices were whether we prolong our eventual arrest or cut short right then and there. The chances of covering our tracks after this kill was near impossible.

We showed up at court and I started with my confession along with all the people I killed; the criminals, the police that were in our way, random thugs, drug cartel members, but there were also names of people who were close to victims who were planning on giving to much information on us, and I even killed some of the victims. Our creed had rules for killing criminals of a certain standard (we had criminal records of all our targets) and we had rules for killing people who obstructed our job or those who could expose us.

The judge was surprised that I remembered all of the people I killed by memory. I had no papers for them at court. Usually the judge would name the victims of the serial killings but I had included all of them in my confession.

The rest of my team said their confessions as well. The three tech specialists (the IT and communication experts) of our group had never killed anyone. They were accomplices to all the killings the rest of us five did. The judge gave the five of us who were doing the serial killing; death sentences, and the three others had lifetime without parole.

This court case happened when I was 34 and our team had been doing our vigilante work for ten years. I had much to reflect on. The five of us were on death row for over twenty years.

There were many things in life I was remembering. I had three more days left before my execution.

Three of my buddies were already executed. I had three more days left. The other person became a very close friend of mine during my time in prison. His name was Jerome. We were all good friends during our work of vengeance but Jerome and I became brothers. He had one more day left before his execution.

The night before he was executed we talked all through the night. I finally opened up with the words the Chief of Police said to me before he died. ”Vengeance is… ” what?

What was he going to say? Was he going to say that vengeance was wrong, or that it was not my job but someone elses? He had a face that showed understanding to my circumstances but it also had a look of sorrow.

Jerome was executed the next day. I had two more days left.

My execution came.

I was strapped to the electric chair and for two minutes I was getting shocked. I was feeling loads of pain, probably more than I ever had felt before. After two minutes I somehow knew I was still alive. I don know how or why I knew this but I was alive, but it felt like my spirit was flying lightspeed across the universe. I felt bliss. The two minutes of pain which felt like hours were over for some reason. I woke up in an open field right outside a dark wood forest.

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