We Are All Sinners

-Prologue- Aria

One year, just one year left in this house I said to myself as I heard my fathers murderous footsteps cross the small trailer where we lived to my closet of a room.

”Aria! Aria, you Piece of shit! ”

His voice rang loud and shook my ear drums to the core I curled up into myself clinching my eyes shut to pretend like this wasn happening again.

”Aria! Get the FUCK up! ”

He yelled out as he kicked my flimsy door in. My body trembled as I shot up and scooted myself back into the corner of my twin bed furthest from him. It wasn fast or far enough as his wide hand raised above his left shoulder and then swung towards my face leaving a taste of blood in my mouth. I knew that this beating wasn going to end well. The way his breathing hitched, and his eyes darkened like he could kill me and love it.

”Dad no please I- I didn do anything ” I cried out as my hand covered my stinging cheek and busted lip. I knew it would leave a bruise it always did. Just one more to my collection of trials and tribulations. I tried to stay strong and keep my head from bowing to his abuse.

”You are a shitty excuse for a daughter, what do you mean you didn do anything!? ” he asked malice in his voice as he grabbed me by my hair dragging me to the kitchen. He opened the fridge with his free hand. I could see there was all of three can cokes and a packet of bologna in there everywhere else was barren. Well beside a few expired condiments and a empty carboard box that should have housed his beer bottles. Her grabbed my face by the jaw now making me look closer into the fridge I could smell the cigarette smoke laced in the skin of his fingers.

”You are telling me you don see whats wrong here! Where the ** is my beer, Aria! You think you can steal from me and not have me noticed! ” Tears threatened to push out has his grip tightened making just another bruise. The smell of alcohol from his breathed filled my senses, my teeth grinding as I held back every yelp, whimper and begging my body wanted me to give into. I wouldn do that I couldn do that.

”It wasn me dad! You drank it I don want your beer I promise. ” I yelled towards him unable to keep the fear out of my voice. I shouldn have said anything instead it should have held my tongue and just nodded or maybe did nothing? Im not sure anymore, ever since mom left us and we lost everything, including our house my dad can be caught sober. Its like he is allergic to a sense of self-respect and instead blames me for everything we loss. He acts as if I was the one secretly cheating on mom and drove her out with the infidelity. No instead I was the one abandoned with this monster.

At first it would just been him drinking till he passed out, that was easy to handle even when he lost his job due to him never going in. Then it grew to yelling, then slapping and now its beatings. The last month has been the worst its been summertime and with me not having school my dad saw no reason to go easy on me. Its only been a year, and in that year, we went from a happy family in suburban house; to living in a single wide and not an ounce of love in the whole place.

”Disgraceful liar! Just like your whore of a mother! ” He tightens the grip on my hair and threw me towards the sink. I tried to catch myself with my hands, but I missed just barely and knocked a glass the floor breaking it. My body froze in fear as the glass hit the tile and the look in my dads eyes went from pissed too murderous. It took him one stride to reach me grabbing me by the neck and throwing me to the floor.

”You steal my beer and break my cups! Do you have no ounce of respect in that stupid little head of yours! ” I let out a yelp as my head hit the ground and my arms and chest were cut by the glass. I fought the tears again not wanting to cry, crying meant weakness and I couldn be weak I just couldn . I felt a boot meet my stomach making me want to let my nonexistent dinner go on the floor. Reactively I rolled into a ball trying to protect my soft spots as more kicked meet my body.

”Dad please stop! ” I yelled out through the chaos of never-ending blows to my body. ”STOP? You want me to stop? ” He reached down grabbing me by the throat picking my up by it. I grasped his wrist and forearm trying to ease the pressure that was stealing my breath as he moved us to the front door. He opened the door and tossed me out into the cold wet rain. I tumbled off the steps and into the mud below. My skin yelled as the water seeped into the bleeding cuts fro

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