We Are All Sinners

Chapter Two-Aria

*BEEP* *BEEP* *BEEP* Aarrgghhh I groaned as I turned over to turn off my alarm for the third time this morning. I really feel like at this point school is stupid and maybe I should just stop going. But even with my job that is illegal by the way Jody made me promise to graduate as a thank you to him for helping me almost 7 months ago now. He gave me a chance to be more then a homeless teen on the run to anyway but here in the middle of a thunderstorm June 15th, 2022. I was lucky that night he was the one to find me at the end of the mile and a half dirt road from my sperm donors shitty ass trailer; instead of one of a serial killer or rapists.

I sat up and grumbled a little more as I heard Jody yelling up from the bar downstairs. ”AJ GET YOUR ASS UP; you can be late again plus its the first day back from Christmas break. ” I ran my hand through my knotted brunette hair. Then flopped back down onto the bed. ”I DONT WANNA YOU GO! ” I yelled back down to him as I pulled the blankets back over my face. Second later I heard footsteps pounding up the stairs to my room. ”Im naked soo you can come in! ” I yelled quickly in attempted to stop him from entering. But it didn work he must have known I didn move from my bed yet and well living in a bar makes you keep clothes on at every moment you don have to be naked… you know fear of a drunken bastard breaking in.

Jody unlocked the door and walked into my room him having the only key up here besides me. Guess that meant he can just enter anytime. I quickly rolled and cocooned myself in the blankets so it wouldn be easy for him to steal them away. ”NOOO ” I whined ”Leave me alone! I don need you to play parent today. ” I heard him chuckle and continue over grabbing the edge of the blanket and yanking it hard it sent me in a twirl right out on it.

”Get up AJ, you need to go to school before you are late… again. Plus, I don know can you like be excited to go hang out with kids your age? Maybe you know make friends rather than just working here all the time and working on that old piece of crap bike you got? ”

I shot him a glance and looked down to my shorts and loose fitted band tee that hung off one shoulder. ”what if I was naked Jody….. this is my room you can barged in remember Im still seventeen. ” He gave me a smirk. ”You are seventeen for two more weeks. Plus, something tells me that you wouldn mind me wanting to see you naked. Sadly, for you, you are like a sister, and Im taken soooo I would just have turned away. Now get up get dressed and GO TO SCHOOL. ”

I huffed and stood from bed stomping over to my little dresser he gave me when he allowed me to stay here. Its filled with mostly goodwill clothes and some cheap Walmart or target clothes for when I saved up a little. Even though I work at the bar Im still staying here and eating for free. So, most my money is in the tip jar at the end of the week. I grabbed a pair of black holy skinny jeans and a leather jacket to put over my Greenday shirt. I turned back to Jody raising an eyebrow.

”Im changing so now I recommend you get out before you label yourself a perv. ” He smirked and turned to leave. ”I miss the days when you use to be all sweet and timid. What the hell happened there. ” He said as he closed the door once more leaving to go back downstairs. ”What happened was your southern charm doesn woo me anymore and Im basically surrounded by bikers 24/7 ” I yelled down to him and slipped into my jeans and biker boots a gift from Jody newest girlfriend Becca just like the jacket was from Stacy. Jeez this man is such a man whore. But then again, he makes sure they always treat me nicely, so I reap the benefits of his lays since they think Im important to him. I used to want to be one of those girls, but now I see him more as a friend or maybe like an older brother? Im not sure Ive never had one before but its definitely not sexual attraction anymore.

As I finished dressing, I brushed my hair leaving it down and a little wavy, I put on just a touch of makeup to cover a few zits I had haunting me and then eyeliner and mascara. I couldn afford much so I made do with the IDC looks. I walked down the stairs to see Jody had set out toast and scrambled eggs on the bar top for me. Pouting as I walked over, I picked up a piece of toast and took a bite out of it.

”You know Jody you work nights at a bar why are you always here to early? Its 7am on a Monday. ” He was leaning against the back of the bar arms crossed looking relaxed in his black sweats and white hoodie. ”Maybe so I can make sure you keep up you end of the deal. Or did you forget that was part of the agreement. ” He ran his left hand through his thick dirty blonde hair. ”No no I remember I just should have bargained better. ” I shoveled some eggs into my mouth and set down the fork before pointing to the dirty plate as I backed off to leave.

”You got this right? Yeah cool. Peace! ” I threw up a peace sign and pushed through the door ignoring his complaints. Yeah, I know that was shitty, but he will still love me later. I smiled to myself as I walked to my 1995 Suzuki GS 500F bike, I got off an older patron. He sold it to me for 1,0000 dollars and Jody has been helping me fix it up. She isn perfect but she is mine.

I climbed on to the back and put my helmet on before making sure my backpack was ready to go and clipping the front together. I put the key in the ignition and added some gas letting her purr to life. Ever since we cleaned the carburetor and resealed the engine seals. I smiled and patted the tank ”good girl ” I said out loud and pealed out from behind the bar where me and Jody parked to free up more room in the front for everyone else.

The ride drive to school wasn very long I just enjoyed the wind and the ride until I pulled into St Augustine high school. Since I had a motorcycle and most everyone else here did not, I was able to get a parking at the front where they had the motorcycle only parking except today the space, I usually use was taken by a shiny new Kawasaki Ninja H2 R. I pulled into the spot next to it and took my helmet off admiring the grey paint and the hulk green accents. I couldn help my self but to reach out and lighting touch the Kawasaki emblem on the tank.

A large hand with a ring on the thumb and the ring finger grabbed my wrist and turned me towards a large brick wall of a chest.

The grip was tight and even painful a small yelp left my lips as I looked up searching the face of the man that grabbed me. ”Do you make it a habit to touch things that you clearly can afford? ” The man I have never seen before said down to me. I squinted a little to see that I was now staring into deep blue eyes. ”Do you make it a habit to grab people that are obviously smaller than you? ” a scowl formed on his face, and he released my hand and pushing me back and away from both him and his over price bike. ”Hey ass hat you could have just said you think you are too good for anyone. Rather then throw me around. ” I lashed out as I straightened my self up and brushed off the ground when I stood up again.

”I don think, I am too good for the likes of you. Now take you and your two cents worth of a bike and leave. ” He said as he turned from me giving me just his absurdly muscular back that stretched his back tee teasing to rip it with his wide shoulders.

”Take your bike and leave, hey mr Im so cool! I go here you leave! ”

My gaze went from burning a whole into his back to his bike. I should check myself because Ive known to have a mouth that gets me into more trouble then its worth. I placed my helmet on my bikes seat and then take off to my first class. Trying to shake off those deep eyes.

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