We Are All Sinners

Chapter Three-Damon

Walking into my first class I already regretted coming to school. AP calc was a stupid subject I mean when would I actually put these lessons to use in the real world? I already knew college wasn going to be a thing for me plus I preferred to open up my own car/bike shop close to Jodys bar. It just made sense in my life. I wanted to stay close to those I considered family and that included the group of overly hardheaded men in Jodys gang. They protected me as well as got me through everything that has gone wrong in my life for the past 7 months. I felt safe and I wasn going to throw that away to get into debt for a degree that would have me making less than the monthly loan payments.

As I sat down in my seat in the back, I pulled out a notebook and started to just doodle rather than pay attention to todays lesson of how to find ys x who ran away with fg. I may have As and Bs but that didn mean I actually tried. By the end of class I had successfully avoided al questions and made sure I learned nothing. The next two classes accomplished the same thing until lunch.

Walking to the lunchroom I snagged a apple and a coca cola escaping to the outside water fountain. I always enjoyed the quite rather then the bustle of the 200 kids all trying to get themselves seen by no one that would matter in about 3 months.

”Hey Ari! ” a young girl yelled out to me and waved as she came over to join me on the fountains side to sit. ”Hey jess, is Daniel not here today? ”. She only really joined me when her man wasn around. Much like many young people when they start dating, they think thats the only person in the world they can talk to anymore. ”He left early today something about his sister being sick again, so he had to stay home and watch her while his dad worked. ” She smiled as she picked up my coke can and took a sip from it. ”Ahh well Im glad I could steal your attention for a little while I didn get to see you all break. ” I grabbed back my can from her and took a sip as well. As I looked up at here i saw a unmistakable figure behind her. It was the boy from this morning that had his panties in a twist just because I looked at his bike. dick I thought to myself.

Jess followed my eyes to behind her and she formed a half smiled on his face. ”I see hottie with the body has caught your eye ” she wiggled her brows at me. ”Less of catching my eye and more like annoyed by his presence. What do you know about him? ” like as if he could hear he turned towards us and glared into my eyes. His ocean blue eyes caught my breath in the back of my throat and made me gulp. It was like he could see through me. I took in his features, big kissable lips and light perfect skin no acne to be seen. That just rude by the way. We are teens not models.

”Um well I know his name is Damon ford, he just moved here to his dads house in Vilano beach. I guess he is some hot shot lawyer. Other than that, I know he is a hottie with a major attitude, and he caught misss prom queen eyes. ” We both chuckled as I pulled my stare from his so I could breathe again. I could have sworn I saw him smirking at the sight of me turning away. ”How unfortunate for him that he has caught Elenas attention. I guess she got bored with brock again. ” She nodded in agreement, just as we saw the devil in question sashaying her way up to Damon.

”Welp we can only pray he doesn lose to many brain cells from their interactions. ” We both laughed again as we got up from the fountain and started to make our way to science class for fourth period. As we passed the gates that Damon and his new crew were leaning on, we saw him pull Elena into a way too much for school kiss that looked more like they were trying to suck each others faces off rather than show how much they adored each other.

”Well, its too late from him guess the blonde hair and perfect tits were to much from him to resist. ” This time I didn laugh as Jess did and grabbed me by the hand pulling me along. ”Come on lets at least go sit so we can stare at Mr. Ortiz from the perfect view.

She got us pulled into class and we went to go sit in our same seats from last year before the break. ”Ladies not this year you have to switch partners you know the rule. ” I sighed. ”Ugh come on Mr. O can you make a little pass for you two favorite students? ” I smiled playfully as he just shook his gorgeous head. ”Sorry Aria but if I bend to you two then ill have to bend to everyone else. New partners. ” He pointed between us and to the seats in the back. Man, he is so easy to give into. Hints why this is my second favorite class besides shop at least in this one I could stare at the tall, dark handsome man that taught my now favorite subject. Jess and I sat in the back close to each other but not technically partners.

As everyone filed in from lunch and found their new partners, I sat in the back reading To Kill a Mockingbird. Making sure not to accidently make others think I would like to be their partner for this semester. As the door shuts and the bell to start class goes off, I think I am in the clear that is until the door opens again and the seat that was vacant next to me is filled with an extremely strong aura a woodsy smell. ** I muttered to myself knowing exactly who just sat down.

”What no hey how are you or sorry I was being a creep and watched you as you kissed someone? ” I rolled my eyes and closed my book leaning forward to get ready for class to begin. ”One I didn watch you kiss anyone you just did it out in the open for anyone to see you contract herpes, and two speaking to you isn really on my list of to-dos so if you don mind go find another partner, Im sure Elena would prefer you to be with a male not a female. ”

I lifted my gaze to meet his eyes and kept my face impartial to him even if he raided a brow. ”Ah if that her name? we didn really get to talk much. ” He said in a deep sultry voice as he leaned closer to me. ”But don worry I don really care what she thinks I do as I please ” he pushed his thigh into mine making me hiss for annoyance. He may be God like in features but that doesn stop me from hating his every movement. ”Careful kitten I do bite ” he said in a teasing way before turning towards the front of class. ”And I stab ” I spat out before I could stop myself.

I stood grabbing my bag and ignoring Mr. Ortizs objections as I left the classroom. I don know why but I couldn stand being so close to him today. New or not he gets under my skin even if I hate to admit that.

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