Winterspell (himitsu no yakusoku 2)

Heads up

Yakusoku is the Japanese word for promise.

Himitsu means secret.

And thus (himitsu no yakusoku) simply means -secret promise- .

This update includes one part of a two part side story essential in one way or the other to understanding Alices story.



Tsutchie; a small and frail appearing girl, who appeared to be no more than 12.

Long black hair, and a really defensive look about her.

Among the words she frequent is a phrase that is tag to everyone she deems unpleasant to her; human trash.

Her skill in verbal abuse is legendary among Vehrettas squad.

Out of them all Vehrettas probably the only one to not taste her abuse and for reasons apparent.

But after saying all that, I feel I must inform you that she wasn always like that.


She was a calm and carefree person, she didn scowl or frown. She was happy… Even though she wasn human born, and her clan was at war.

She was happy, because she was from a branch family, her purpose was simply to serve the main branch. No more and no less.

Even though she was like a mirrored image of the daughter of the head family whom was royalty personified she didn long for or want any of her lookalikes comfort.

She worked with her mother and father, it was a time she enjoyed.

It was all she ever knew, but she was contented.

However on the third day after her birthday a terrible occurrence had befallen both her and her and her lookalike whom were actually great friends in secret. She had been stricken with a terrible fever.

While the daughter of the head family who was to become of an age where her essence was awakened, so she could serve and carry on for her familys life line, didn .

Her lookalike was shunned for some thing she couldn control and locked away for bringing shame on her family.

This was custom.

And even though she hated being confined she knew that this was her way to atone and accepted it.

While Tsutchie gradually recovered from her fever.

A few days later…

The sun was in full blaze and the humid and seldom gust of wind made it no more comfortable to Tsutchie who had just recovered but still helped with the harvest. As far as the eye could see danced golden brown wheat, her mother and father working along with her.

”Mommy, ” Tsutchie asked ”where is princess Jiya? ”

Her mother a woman seeming to be in her thirties with fair skin and a few grey lines in her otherwise black hair, looked around to see if anyone heard her daughter.

”hush, not now ok? ”

Then seeing her daughters expression she sighed and stooped in front of her.

”Sorry tsu-chan but you know we can talk about that here. ” She said.



I didn do that.

I didn , I wouldn .

I stepped back but fell instead.

”Jus look at you now, ” blitz laughed ”Cowering for yer life. ”

(Get up! ) I told myself.

(You let Dylan die and even though not too long ago you wanted to join him you
e here shaking like a leaf because of someone who hurts your friends?)

(What happened to that resolve you had not too long ago? )

(Quit being weak and get up!)

Even my self chastising didn help.

Forget getting up

I couldn even stop shaking.


Vehretta who was suddenly behind blitz her blade raised high swung down hard.

A sudden flash.

And with that Vehretta flipped with disturbing likeness to a coin before falling hard.



Why are you getting yourself hurt for me?

I let your son die, don you hate me?

She coughed and I could see the trail of blood that ran down her chin.

Stop. You don have to fight for me anymore.


Ill give myself up.

Ill do it! So…

Slowly she got up, blitz watched her until she got up and kick her in the stomach.

She fell again but she still showed no sign of giving up.

”Surely you haven forgotten me! ” Tsutchie stated angrily ”You moron! ”

Blitz stopped and for a second his smile faded.



She breathed, short and out of rhythm.

Her gaze was far off and out of focus. Her fever had returned.

”What are we gonna do? ” Tsutchies mom wondered out loud. Her husband was mixing herbs in a small clay bowl, his expression some thing of deep regret.

”Shouldn we call for a medicinal rune master? Its been like this for three days now. ” Tsutchies mom stated seeming to grow more impatient.

”Calling for help from the main family? That would be the same as giving up the little freedom we have, ” the man noted before taking a look at the state his daughter was in ”but… We don seem to have much of a choice. ”

”No, Im ok, ” Tsutchie forced between short breaths.

”Don say anything tsu-chan just focus on resting. ” Her mom said stoping her before she could say anything else.

”Ill go get them, ” her father said getting up.

”Tsu-chan? ”

”Tsu-chan! ”

Tsutchies eyes closed and her hand fell limp on her mothers lap.

”Tsutchie! ”


Continued in the next update. 🙂

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