Winterspell (Murder) 7/26

I ran hard, with snow (what I called the wolf) at my heels. I could have been sure I heard an explosion. Though why I suddenly started running towards the sound baffled me at first but soon after, I felt it.

I found myself fighting fear, it wasn fear for myself but someone else. This feeling of dread that followed me, the ache I felt in my chest, the feeling that something had happened, my thoughts were already mixed up as they were but to suddenly add worry to the already chaotic list of ingredients?

What was that explosion? I was breathing hard from running and even though it hurt all over I couldn stop, my body moved on its own.

I ducked under low hanging branches, slipped between huge trees, everything… every action and reaction, every feeling, even pain seemed unreal.

What happened? Why does it hurt so much.

My heart pounded in my chest and each beat hurt, it ached with the probability of loss.


I ran hard, even harder than I had ever ran, my body started to tingle all over and with it came an incredible lightness but I didn care about that, I couldn , the only thing I could think about was

”Please God, just let him be ok… ”


Soon enough I arrived, trees were ablaze casting a bright orange light opposite what the heavy dark clouds were doing.

The tent also burned but that didn catch my eye until later.

Snow had caught up.

He whimpered and licked my hand.

Slowly I stepped forward. I smiled and then laughed a little.

”This is a joke right? ” I asked trying to smile while the situation fought it back.

”Come-on I don even know your name, ”

Im sorry I hit you… so,

get up…

”Aren you gonna tell me? ” I asked slowly placing steps.

”It hurts, right her, ” grabbing hold of my shirt crumpling center of it with my left hand.


On my knees…

I sat…

I pulled him towards me so that his head rested on my lap.

Warm tears rolled down my cheeks.

He didn move.

My hands were covered in blood and so was the front of my shirt.

(Come-on tell me your name, say it… Please.)

It hurts. Being alone hurts.

”I don know why I feel this way, ” I started, ”After all, I barely know you. ” choking back a sob.

”But it hurts, so please don … ” He seemed so peaceful but he felt cold.

I don understand.

I don understand at all…

”I have so many things I want to ask you, ” I said after a hushed sob. ” and I finally felt safe again but instead of acknowledging it, I ran. ”

Snow whimpered once again.

”And now I can even… ”

”Don - ” I begged, my face probably as red as it gets when I cry.

”Don , don leave me! ”


Hey. Future me here.

I don know how this is coming across to you readers but Id like to tell you that, the only reason Im including this part is because, if I didn everything from his part onwards would seem kinda pointless.

Its not as if I loved him.

Cause love is, you know a really strong word, but the moment I laid eyes on him there, in a pool of his own blood, not moving something something inside me tore… I don know how else to describe it.

All those feelings that I usually keep behind a brick-wall (and with good reason) suddenly broke free with all its…everything.

I felt raw sadness and my chest ached with the ebb and flow of my emotions.

-It hurt-

was all I could say to express my feelings and my thoughts over flowed with the little time I spent with him.

How he took care of me while I was unconscious.

His honesty even though he knew that it would have led to this.

And his emerald eyes…

At that time it felt like love lost.

I mean, what else could it have felt like?

After that I just sat there crying for hours or at least thats what it felt like.



”Did you find her? ” The voice carried through the trees.

I looked up the voice seemed to have come from the left opening, opposite of the scorched trees.

I knew what I had to do and the fire of rage consumed me.

I slowly rested him on the grass and took he blade that rested next to him.

It was heavy.

Tears blurred my vision.

And even though my right hand was broken and my left hand weak I still raised the heavy blade until it was parallel to the ground.

”I found her! ” Said one of the men who stepped from the trees.

There were six in total.

e the ones who took him away from me!

e all murderers!

And Im gonna kill all of them ,and spit on their graves!

Suddenly someone grabbed me from behind and with a quick and fluid movement knocked the blade from my hand.

”Don struggle, ” the person behind me said with a feminine tone ”We
e not the bad guys. ” Her hands were soft but her strength seemed monstrous. I couldn even struggle.

Feeling the will drain from me I started crying again.

”Why did you take him away from me? ”

”We didn do that, ” she answered ”That wasn a kill by my team, we
e here on your fathers request. ”

”What the FUCK is that supposed to mean?! ” I yelled ”do you think thats some sort of cure-all? ”

She seemed startled, because she didn respond.

”Lemme GO! ” and she did.

I turned to face her. ”I loved him! And you took him away… ” At the same time she pulled her mask off.

And her eyes Echoed a deep and emerald sadness, ”I know how you feel after all- ” she paused ”-He was my son. ”

She let the white mask fall.

And a tear drop rolled down her cheek.

Her hair short and black.

And her physique slim and tall.

Her skin pale

a strange ambient color cast against her black gear.


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