” what! I can be a part of this madness. ”

He yelled, gaining everyones attention.

” clam down Elak. you have no ideal what advantage we would get from this. ”

” don tell me to calm down Elick, we are talking about wiping out an entire tribe, with women and children included. ”

” we don have to kill the women and children. All we need to do is kill every male, from age ten and above. ”

” That is too extreme. They pose no threat to us. ”

” King Elick is right, we don have to harm the women and children. King Elak , you speak of them not being a threat, but in the future they might. ”

” I support King Lemech, they might not be a treat now but in the future they might. The forest tribe are waxing stronger everyday. If we don tame them now, we might not be able to do so in the future. ”

” You all speak of them posing a threat in the future, but we all know that is not the main reason you want them gone. ”

” Mind your words King Elak, your tribe is the youngest amongst us. The only reason you were invited to this meeting is because you
e one of us. I will advise you to watch your tone. ” king Shaka threatened.

” With all due respect King Shaka, I know you
e after their lands and their natural resources. You all are greedy. ”

” Shut up! What land do you speak of? King Elak it is better you sit down and keep

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