” They are still part of us brothers, we can do such a thing to them. Have you even consider the fact of making children fatherless, and women widows and even childless? please brothers, lets repent from this evil. ” Elak begged, but all his pleadings fell on deaf ears.

” We have made up our minds, Elak. We don care if they became orphans, widows or childless. The forest tribe are nothing but blacks. ”

Yes! Because they were colored, they were considered third class citizens. Many years ago, Emperor Sushmita, had four sons from different mistresses. Gera, father of the Shebians, Ham, father of the islanders, Dan, father of the Savagians, Nun, father of the coastal tribe.

His wife, Queen Helen, was not able to conceive a child of her own. After twenty years of marriage, the empress conceived. She gave birth to a son, but the child was born with a dark skin. The empress was accused of having an affair with a demon, as a result she gave birth to a colored child. The child was called Shamgar ( meaning son of a devil).

Shortly after his birth, his mother died. Emperor Sushmita blamed Shamgar for his mothers death. He cursed the day he came into the world, because that same day claimed the life of his beloved.

Growing up was torture for Shamgar, his elder brothers and step mothers made life difficult for him. He was lowered to the position of a slave. His father hates him. He was mistreated because of his skin color. Deprived of all the privileges given to royals.

Seventeen years later, Emperor Sushmita died from depression. Immediately, Shamgar was kicked out of the palace. His brother Gera, reigned in his stead. Shamgar, lived the rest of his life in the forest. He became the father of the Forest tribe.

The forest tribe waxed stronger and stronger as years went by. They were blessed with natural resources; timbers, gold, games, herbs and many more.

The other tribes feared that the forest tribe will decide to take revenge on them.

” We need to attack them in night when they
e fast asleep. ” King Shaka suggested. ” They will not see it coming. ”

” We need warriors from each tribe to join us, together, they don stand a chance. ” King Elick added.

” Count me out of your evil schemes. I refuse to partake in killing innocent souls. ”

” You don have to join us, but you better not stand against us. compared to us, your tribe is week. If you try to do anything stupid, be ready to bury every single soul in your kingdom, including your daughters. ” King Shaka threatened.

King Elak knew King Shaka was not joking, compared to the other tribes, the islanders were like bread.

” Don be silly, King Elick. We don have to attack them at all. If we should attack them at night, we might lose. Non of us knows the Forest like they do. It has been their home for a century. ”

” You
e right King Lemech, but what do you suggest we do? ” King Elick asked.

” We poison them. ”

” Poison, but how? ” King Shaka asked.

” All we have to do is gather them in one place, like a feast. we will poison their drinks. Its easy. ”

” How can we achieve this? it is impossible. ”

” King Shaka, one thing Ive learned in my thirty years, there is nothing impossible only when you believe it is. The forestians are naive, all we have to do is trick them. ”

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